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    posted a message on --QUESTCRAFT SURVIVAL!-- [BUKKIT]
    The I.P adress?
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    posted a message on A Recap: Mojam, the Marathon, and More
    Quote from Julian_GameMaker

    Nuke, Nuke, and more Nuke... am I the only one concerned here?

    Well, people voted on the theme...

    Out of the ones I seen, I like Nuclear Pizza War the most.
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    posted a message on Did the Fishing Become BORING?
    I like the ideas about spawn rates, little perks, depths. But some of the stuff like the baits and ect is pretty useless. Well not useless but overly complicated, and we could do without it. I like fishing, in minecraft. ^.^
    I do support.
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    Craft it like that? I like the idea, but then again I'm not sure. Can you provide some examples of design improvements? You can just word them, you don't need to create pictures.
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    Rule 1: No Hacks.
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    posted a message on A new way to make glass: lightning.
    Ok everyone saying just smelt it. This is not practical, it's not supposed to be. I find it to be interesting, but I get annoyed enough if I see a stone block poking out of a grass area. But it's rare. I don't really see a problem by adding this, but I don't think it will.
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    posted a message on (1.5.2) Rich, Creamy Vanilla Bean Craft - Closing June 14th. Thanks for the good times! Details in thread.

    Crazy, I'd recommend making sure your brother doesn't go on a rampage on your account, that's happened before and we don't want to take actions for a problem that can be solved by yourself.
    (did that make sense?)

    Sorta. He won't join this server, we use different computers (and diiferent MCforums accounts). I plan on possibly buying a new account sometime when I can.
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    posted a message on (1.5.2) Rich, Creamy Vanilla Bean Craft - Closing June 14th. Thanks for the good times! Details in thread.
    Whew took my time with this.
    In-Game Name:. CrazyzT
    Age: 18
    Time Zone: Pacific Time Zone (UTC-8)
    Have you ever been banned?: Affirmative, well no. I share my account with my brother who is a butt and has gotten banned before. So yeah there are bans on my account.
    Why do you want to join this server?:
    Honestly my favorite type of servers are ones with a strong sense of community. I am kinda hoping for this also to be a mature server, as I was not allowed in sever due to 'my' bans.I'm just hoping to make some great friends and to have a great time.
    What sets you apart from other applicants?: Well besides being me, haha. I always try to help out others and am for the most part mature, doesn't mean I can't have fun. I feel like I can bring a friendly presence.
    What can you bring to the server?: Well besides what I stated above about being helpful and friendly. I am great with giving ideas and yeah lending a hand.
    Tell us a bit about yourself: Well yeah I'm a male. I like to read books, and honestly still like Piano music. (Strange for a kid my age?)
    Additional Info: I do have urges to explore a house, or a chest. But I don't touch or steal anything. Yeah hope that won't be a problem.
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    posted a message on ***NO WHITE LIST*** (1.4.5) WarAtCraft - Claims - Raiding - Building Zones -Safe Zones - Clans - Multiverse - PVP - Shops - Econ
    Ok, so. I tried joining the server, and has this /password deal. Ok I thought, protection. Until it kept spamming and wouldn't accept what I typed: /register password ConfirmPassword
    Then I somehow kept jumping while typing and got kicked by the server.

    I've seen servers run quite well with little people, maybe no with all the stuff listed. But until you start getting a more populated server, it dosen't need to be so well populated oriantated. I would also suggest to add more to the thread. Like the rules, a pic or two. list of staff. Descrisption. Repeating the 'features' from the title.

    PM me when I can well join I guess.
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    posted a message on What gaming console should I get
    The Nintendo Wii U. Cheap and Powerfull. Many good games are coming too it, its not going to suffer like the wii did, its getting the newer titles. 1080p.
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    posted a message on LawlessCraft. Survival. Whitelist.
    Hey Million. Why am I no longer Whitelisted?
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    posted a message on 1.4.2 Vanilla Survival. White List. Regular Survival. No PvP.
    How many diamonds do you need for an enchanting table:
    How many blocks of Iron does it take to make an Iron Golem:
    How much gunpowder does it take to make TNT:
    Carrots are a rare drop from what Mob:
    What is the name of the new boss that is in 1.4:
    How many string does it take to make 1 block of wool:
    How many seeds do you get from 1 pumpkin:
    What is the Email provided in the thread:
    [email protected]
    What do you plan on doing on the server:
    Hoping to have a fun time with a new and great community. Build a home, find a wife, have kids. Lol joking LawlessCraft513.
    Have you been banned and what for:
    I myself haven't been banned. My brother who also uses this account has. (I had the Account first, planning to buy a new one sometime)
    18 1/2
    Last but not least your IGN:

    Dang Curse making me make a new profile, oh well. Heres my application!
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