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    What!? you destroyed a pretty cool looking cave. Why not build with the terrain, rather than turn it into a giant box? Why not make a glass dome that completes the already spherical form of the cave?

    I guess the skylight is kinda cool, but

    I mean.....you built ........a BOX. Not really impressed, sorry.

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    You have a couple of options for temporary file hosting.

    You can use MediaFire to host, but it requires a free account to be set up first. Plus side it makes it easy for people who want to download. Haven't used it myself to host, but it looks like a decent tool.

    You can use FileFront (now called Gamefront). Pro's are you can upload instantly, but your file will only be hosted for up to 60 days without a download. As long as it gets at least one download within each 60 day period, it will continue to be hosted. If you want your file to remain available, then you'll need to maintain the DL link from time to time. Great for just quick file sharing though.

    Another option is to document your project on planetminecraft, and instead of a world download you could provide a schematics link to your uploaded zip. I think the file will be hosted on that side indefinitely. Also requires an account.

    My recommendation is to use MediaFire, it will take a moment to get set up, but the download link should remain stable. Read the file hosting info for that site though to be sure.
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    Hey, I'm Counter_Point, and I'm fairly new to these forums. Been playing minecraft for a bit over a month. I play a lot of survival, and usually spend a lot of time looking for designs to automate that world, as well as making those machines look aesthetically pleasing. I also like to fool around in creative, and I have a sandbox world where I play around with new ideas, practice new building techniques, and exercise my ability to build good looking structures without any planning at all.

    This thread is dedicated to showing off my sandbox creations. I don't plan them, they just happen, which sometimes makes it quite a challenge to fit everything together. I also enjoy working with redstone, so most of my structures feature integrated redstone features. I'll give a little backstory for each structure as well.

    My first completed exterior for a building, this structure has been a WIP for a few weeks. I've been at it off and on. I started with the square tower on the corner, but kept going. The original inspiration was loosely Waterfall city from the Dinotopia books, which I enjoyed as a kid. Here I practiced blending different roof shapes, which influenced heavily the wall footprint. Since this is just for fun, I used different but stylistically similar techniques for each wall facade. If the wall didn't have a symmetrical counterpart, then it ended up different from the rest. I never was happy with the floorplan of this structure, but you learn by doing I suppose. The redstone feature for this building is fully wired interior redstone lamps, that automatically toggle on when it becomes night. This is accomplished by the rectangular tower with the flat roof you can see in some of the shots. It contains a redstone day/night sensor, based on the 12x design by last_username. I'm still working on the interior, but it features windows that feature views underwater of the canal surrounding the structure. I'll post some pics once that is complete.

    I don't have a name for this building, and I don't know what it's purpose is. Some kind of public structure, I'm sure. I just followed what the building wanted to do.


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    I decided one day to go exploring for a desert so I could bring back some cactus to my base. I decided not to craft a map, or compass, as I only planned on going a single direction. I brought a stack of steaks, some torches, a crafting bench, a bow and a half stack of arrows, and a well worn Iron sword. I planned to stay out as long as it took to get that ever elusive cactus. I wasn't worried about nightfall, since I had started getting pretty good at mob slaying.

    So I wandered to the edge of the swamp biome I had made my home in, and reached the coast of a large ocean. I placed my crafting bench, built myself a boat, and took off across the ocean. I chose to skirt the coast of the swamp, and discovered a sizeable jungle island, which I bypassed, and made a mental note to use as a landmark. I continued past, and found a desert, with all the cactus I could ever need to start my own farm back home. I looked up at the noontime sun, and figured I had plenty of time to get back in time before night. I retrieved my cactus, took my boat, and as an added bonus passed a birch tree (which I needed to complete my collection of each tree sapling), so I stopped to chop it down and grab the sapling.

    I navigated to my jungle island waypoint, but beached further north than I had thought I initially launched from. I wandered straight, but I didn't see my house. I passed through a taiga biome, and thinking it was the same one to the north of my base, I turned south, right as the sun set. I came in view of the mountain that overlooks my home, but it looked far different, as if I had come around what appeared to be the back side. As I skirted the mountain, I kept evading the skeletons that were spawning all over the mountain, which prevented me from a simple crossing of the mountain, as they would shoot me to pieces. As I wandered, I started taking damage, and turned around to come face to face with a very pissed off Enderman.

    It was probably that same ******* that keeps teleporting into my base from a cavern entrance I have blocked off, and the same one who keeps messing with the blocks in that blockcade. I keep attacking him everytime I see him, but he just teleports away (presumably to the cavern I have blocked) before I can kill him.

    Anyway, this Enderman (who I had not recalled provoking in any way), won't leave me the hell alone, so I start attacking him. The commotion attracts the attention of every other hostile mob in the area, so in addition to fending off an Enderman, I'm dodging arrows from Skeletons, sidestepping Zombies, and sprinting away from creepers. I can hold my own against Zombies, Skeletons and Creepers, but you add an Enderman to the mix, and suddenly I can't spare any attention to the other mobs, 'cause this ******* Enderman keeps teleporting everywhere, and I have to keep my eye on him since his punches hurt....a lot.

    I keep up my slash and dash going, and get chased into a desert! I mean, really, a desert on the other side of the mountain that overlooks my base? There, a creeper explodes behind me, and I didn't sprint far enough away so he drops me to a single heart. despite this, I kept slaying mobs until my sword finally broke. And low and behold, that Enderman teleports in front of me, and slays me out there on the sand. I lost everything....my Iron tools, my Iron armor, a 60 stack of steaks,......and that cactus that had gotten me in this mess in the first place.

    To make it worse, I never did find that desert I got killed in. Apparently, that was a different mountain. Explains why everything looked so strange.
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    Quote from CaptainJake

    How do you do upside-down stairs?

    'Place' the stairs underneath a block, and Minecraft does it for your.
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    Those are pretty cool. Especially the first one. I look forward to more
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