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    I agree with Muncher that a Creeper with sunglasses walking slower would be odd, I do like the idea of having rarer "Uncommon" mobs that are more dangerous and powerful than their common buddies. But killing them gives you a bigger reward.

    You have about a 1:100 chance of finding one.

    Uncommon Creeper: Bigger explosion, more damage, slower, more health
    Benefit: More Gunpowder dropped

    Uncommon Skeleton: More health, faster arrows, more damage, slower, does not burn in sunlight
    Benefit: More arrows and bones dropped (Drops bow on death?)

    Uncommon Zombie: More health, more damage, does not burn in sunlight
    Benefit: More feathers dropped

    Uncommon Spider: More health, faster, jumps higher
    Benefit: More string

    Uncommon Ghast: Bigger (about twice as big as a regular Ghast), 2x health, fireballs do more damage
    Benefit: More Gunpowder dropped on death

    Uncommon Zombie Pigman: More health, more damage, will always attack you
    Benefit: More pork on death

    That seems like a better idea.
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    I know Notch is planning to be able to use stronger materials for better bows, so I have one idea for a stronger material.


    It grows naturally in forests, and is as rare to find as reeds.

    As we all know, bamboo is light but extremely flexible and durable, and a favorite material for making things.

    So why not a bow made of bamboo?
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