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    posted a message on [1.7.2] Purgatory Correctional Facility
    Highly recommended. I love it. :Diamond: to you my friend.
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    posted a message on PVP is boring - Nerf max armor
    The PvE aspect of minecraft is too easy, and the PvP is just broken. You either have amazing internet, or you spam click and break your mouse. The enchantments on items that are obtainable is just really O.P. So people just enchant full diamond with prot 4 and unbreaking 3 and spam click their opponent, with a few splash poisons slapped inbetween the fight. And somehow, some people call that fun.
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    posted a message on God Help Me I'm Really Crap At PvP
    Strafing - Strafing is an important aspect of PvP in general. If you don't strafe, you won't win any battle unless you're lucky. This means to move side to side, or circle around your opponent in a random pattern, and not a continual pattern, because then your foe can easily memorize your pattern and take you out quite easily.

    Running - In some situations you may need to run away. To run at full speed, sprint and jump at the same time and try to lead your foe into another b attle, and either kill the last man standing, because they will most likely be low health, or continue to run. If you're running in a place where the ceiling is right above your head, tap the spacebar continuously and sprint to gain a farther lead on your opponent.

    Fishing Rod - This may seem weird, but if you ever get a fishing rod, it will help you out immensly. If you are chasing another player, get at an angle from them, to the left or right of them, and try to hit them with your fishing rod. The more you do that, the more distance to the right or left they will gain from you, which allows you to edge cut them and take them out easily.

    Fishing Rod Stun - The fishing rod stun is a great way to get combos on your foe. If you can time it correctly, switch to your fishing rod when you are running toward someone, land a hit with it, and quickly switch to your sword. This can help you out when you are facing someone with good PvP skills.

    Bow - When using a bow, you have to have a fair distance away from your opponent to get hits on them. Try pulling your bow back almost all the way, because its faster and it only does half a heart less than the critical one, (which is when you pull your bow back all the way) and try not to spam your bow, because that does not do very much damage at all.

    I hope this will help you out, whether you are playing Survival Games, or just any PvP minigame in general.

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    posted a message on FREQUENCY OF NEW STONE VARIENTS
    Very annoying indeed, I went strip mining and had to run back to my storage warehouse and fill 4 double chests with this stuff.
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    posted a message on What's the most useless item in minecraft?
    We all know that that bright blue stuff you find underground has no use at all. I have no idea what you guys are talking about.
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    posted a message on Snapshot 14w03a Ready for Testing!
    One thing about the skins, people could just make a hat all over their body and look really weird, or just put a hat all over their body except for their torso, and that would make from REALLY weird skins.
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    posted a message on Resource Pack Not Showing up
    I am using a Mac, although the process of creating a texture pack is similar between Mac and Windows users, and I have created my own resource pack. I have all the files, folders, textures, etc. included in my texture pack, I have compressed it into a .zip file, named it, and dragged it into my resource pack folder. I started up my minecraft client, and went into options and selected Resource Packs, hoping to see my texture pack in the Available section. But no, it was not there. It took me a long time to make, because I mixed up a bunch of different texture packs for an ultimate pack, and it took me about an hour. Any help is appreciated.

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    posted a message on [32x] Halcyon Days Resource Pack 1.1 [1.7.x Support]
    Awesome! I love the sky and lighting textures.
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    posted a message on OptiFine HD (FPS Boost, Dynamic Lights, Shaders and much more)
    I would like an OptiFine Light and/or Standard for 1.7.2 because OptiFine Ultra drops my FPS to 20.
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    posted a message on [Collection] Master Collection of PC Seeds
    Pretty awesome seeds
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    posted a message on MCSkin 3D
    Very well made, I like it!
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    posted a message on If you could add anything to Minecraft, what would it be?
    A new potion called Potion of Awareness allowing you to see mobs and chests through walls. Maybe even mossy cobblestone and stonebricks to find dungeons and strongholds.
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    posted a message on Christmas Decorations
    Maybe you could change the textures of villagers to elves, and the wither could be santa xD
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