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    FYI for those interested, I'm forward-porting the mod to 1.12.x. No feature changes (none for users anyway, there is also default-disabled API capability for modders to detect/control JAS spawn events and entities).

    No ETA, maybe a few days. Will be very alpha but we'll be testing it on our own server.

    Will post here again when a test build is available.

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    Just an FYI for followers

    I was working on this for quite a while and adding a lot of features and improvements for our modpack, the AW2 fork I made became too dependent on other mods as a result of this though so it's not really usable. 1.7.10 is just too old now, and the original AW2 mod was trying to do too much for me to understand. I lost interest a few months ago and gave up because the AI code in 1.7.10 is so bad and all my fixes to make NPC's half decent was just too heavy.

    But since 1.12.1 has had a lot of performance optimizations, and it seems like it might be the "plateau version" for modding (i.e. the next upgrade from 1.7.10) - lots of big mods are being updated for it or planned to.

    So, I'm working on a brand new mod for 1.12.1 which will be heavily inspired by AW2. It will only contain automation NPC's at first (couriers, farmers and other workers) but will have a strong emphasis on building an empire/colony with territory and management mechanics. First though, baby steps - there will be NPC's that help you do stuff.

    Eventually there will be addon for combat NPC's, or it will be in the base mod.

    And eventually, MAYBE, I will make another mod that adds siege weapons. It may be based on Open Modular Turrets. It could also have integration with the combat NPC's. But this is very low priority and very far future - like a year - because I have real life commitments and will be doing this all myself. I would prefer if someone else made a mod for this so I can focus on the NPC aspect instead, though....

    I also want to make a mod that re-creates the kinetic energy system (gears and shafts) of AW2, maybe with a little bit more technical involvement with it (but not as crazy as RotaryCraft's power difficulty). This is of higher interest to me than siege weapons and will almost certainly come before it (as a different mod though).

    I'll post here again when I have an initial release of this new mod. Maybe it can catch the attention of another modder who wants to create siege engines.

    Or maybe,crazy thought, one of you many people complaining could learn Java and make one yourself. Because it seems nobody else really wants to.

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    Nice to see that this is still being worked on.

    Curious if anybody has had any success with using shaders lately? Trying to use OptiFine on 1.12.1 with Chocapic shaders, I still get GL error spam with StellarSky. I don't want to ruin players ability to use shaders on the server so unfortunately I still have to give StellaySky a pass because of this.

    Surely there is a way to get OptiFine to avoid shading the skybox or something...?

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    Quote from rogerwsands»

    A| <-- no typo, it is what tells JAS you are using an "attribute" group not individual
    That post shows ANVIL PUNCHER using an attribute group of biomes but it shows how he uses the A|
    in your case you would want to put it in one of the CFG files in the SLE folder. I don't know if it matters which one since it embodies a group of mobs, the entire group will be applied.
    the only issue may be the CFG where the original mob is listed, you may need to zero those weights so you don't get dbl spawning...

    Once you are in a biome and JAS reads the biome and processes weights, then chooses your group, it will not care what another CFG says, it will process the one as listed.

    as for torchlight ... e.g.
    "Spawn Tag": "!lgcy.height(0,63)&&!lgcy.light(0,3)",

    This reads "Spawn unless NOT height 0 to 63 and unless NOT light 0 to 3." Literally takes advantage of double negatives to say spawn between 0 and 63 and spawn in light level 0 to 3. //This is the spawn requirements of the bat, by the way, for vanilla Minecraft.

    lgcy.torchlight(int minLight, int maxLight) <---this is what you need I think
    obj.torchlight() <---returns light level of torch where you want to sent min and max spawn requirements or despawn requirements.

    more blah blah blah

    Oh cool, I'll try out that attribute thing sometime - thanks!

    Yeah, I'm aware of how the spawn tags work. Actually we set a few MoCreatures to "CREATURE-false" and they still rarely somehow spawn, even though "/jas canspawnhere MoCreatures.Goat" for example correctly shows that they cannot spawn.

    I made a thing in my own mod which records the original spawn position of an entity and I can get this spawn info value with an item, and something is still spawning creatures randomly where they shouldn't be (i.e. jas canspawnhere does not pass). I'm not sure what the problem is - we have tried both the "empty spawn list" as well as the "disable spawning gamerule" options, but entities from various mods - including vanilla itself - are still rarely spawned. It might only happen when a player freshly logs-in after a server restart, or if an unloaded chunk is re-loaded (not generated) though.

    It's really baffling us, there's no single mod that could be causing this - it's definitely an issue with the vanilla spawning not being properly blocked or a bug in JAS itself. We've tried to figure it out for weeks, but I give up. I'm just going to code my own thing that blocks entity spawning if torchlight is greater than a certain value. If it STILL has a problem after that, then it must be some kind of race condition with a chunk loading and the block light not being updated/applied before the game has an opportunity to spawn something.
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    posted a message on Lycanites Mobs - Strange and Deadly Creatures!

    Hey mate,

    I'm working on a modpack/server with @Dulciphi (she said to drop her name lol) and I have a bit of bug a report/suggestion...

    ...is your Kobold AI ray tracing every update tick????

    Behold, screenshots of a WarmRoast snapshot:

    ...that's an extremely high share of the server loop your Kobold's are using (there were currently 22 kobolds existing in there).

    Please consider adding a rudimentary "ticker" (not a static int, let each kobold have it's own delay) where the max can be set in the config. It makes perfect sense to have the kobold only look for dropped items every 20 ticks by default IMO.

    Also consider adding a "range" config option for the entity raytrace. Maybe it's a combination of both the update rate and the cone size.


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    posted a message on Monster Swarm 2.0.1 - aggressive AI for monsters, they can destroy walls on their way

    Using 1.7.10 version.

    So mobs will target Villagers, but Villagers do not run from them. A bug or an oversight?

    Probably should inject EntityVillager spawn events with a new EntityAIAvoidEntity instance, with the parameter of EntityMob.class instead of the original EntityZombie.class (and whatever other classes you've set to target Villagers).

    Kind of broken/annoying without that change, villagers just sit there and take it.

    Regarding the blacklist/whitelist thing, definitely would be useful. Not sure how you currently do this AI injection since your mod isn't opensource, but you can look at some sample code here that I use to inject new AI tasks (this is a part of my AW2 fork that automagically makes all Mobs hostile to the new AW2 NPC entities): https://github.com/cosmicdan/AncientWarfare2/blob/e143250cf0f4207f04a100e4b8af9d60b813c573/src/main/java/net/shadowmage/ancientwarfare/npc/event/EventHandler.java#L35

    Just above on line 32, you can see where I call a method named shouldEntityTargetNpcs which is the whitelist/blacklist for whether a specific mob should target my custom entity. It just compares the entity string to aa few ArrayLists of entity strings that are populated from config on mod load.

    Pretty simple, really. Good luck!

    EDIT: It also seems that you hard-code the strings for attackers/diggers/targets in your mod postInit (yes I decompiled to confirm this issue, sorry). Please offload this to a config too!

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    posted a message on [1.7.10] Ancient Warfare [Forge][SMP][WIP][D/L]

    It is rather conclusively dead unless you hunt down one of the github repos and build it yourself, which requires some know how. There is no one properly maintaining it anymore to any official capacity. If can can respond to this with the specific features you want I can tell you of any mods I know of that may be an option.

    GotoLink is trying to maintain it, you can see activity on the repo here - https://github.com/shadowmage45/AncientWarfare2/commits/2.5

    He is literally maintaining, though. Just keeping it alive.

    I have been implementing some significant additions and improvement on my fork, which you can see here - https://github.com/cosmicdan/AncientWarfare2/commits/2.5_work

    I am not willing to release a new version not spend time on working to such a goal as I expect to spend a few years in military service very soon.

    But the mod is open source, literally anybody can contribute if they want to. The problem is partly that nobody skilled enough actually wants to help, but also that Shadowmage's code is kind of difficult to understand in some places and the mod is quite large. Like, really. It does help that the mod is modular, but still - it's big. I get people asking me for help with vehicles or automation or worldgen stuff, but I know absolutely nothing about them because they are literally all separate mods that just integrate with each other.

    If I had the time, I would personally re-write the whole mod from scratch. But I would only focus on the NPC part. The project is too ambitious for one person to maintain, in my opinion. I don't think most people realize how committed and brilliant Shadowmage was for working on such a mod all by himself.
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    posted a message on No Cubes 1.0 | Realistic graphics

    I have reversed it, and I have it working 100% in my Eclipse environment (that's a program most of us use to code mods, for those who don't know) and I also removed the Mojang copyrighted code so it's "legal" now, but... sorry to get your hopes up guys, but this code is WAY over my head. The math involved is insane, lol. It probably doesn't help that decompiled code is always messy and much harder to read than original code.

    But, it DOES work. And it IS the source code. So....

    Quote from Click_Me»

    I'm sorry, I will make this open source but haven't had the time yet.

    Quote from Click_Me»

    That's okay, you can decompile it and put it on GitHub :)

    As we all know, Click_Me gave the community permissions to reverse engineer and open source the result. So, here I am doing so. Hopefully he doesn't send a DMCA Takedown my way and tarnish my name :P

    I have the mod the MMPL v1.0.1 license (an opensource license which is vaguely copy-left, also the same license as Buildcraft) - I hope that's OK by Click_Me.

    Repo link for all, fork and share as much as you please (just don't be a jerk and claim it as your own work): https://github.com/cosmicdan/NoCubes

    I wish the best to whoever decides to have a go at maintaining or improving this mod. May you have better luck than I do!

    FYI, Click_Me, I trust that the following clause listed in the repo is to your satisfaction? ;)

    While the original mod was closed source and had no opensource license, the original author "Click_Me" has given permission for reverse-engineering and redistribution of the result. I, Daniel Connolly, declare that, to the best of my knowledge, in good faith and agreement with all interested parties, have lawfully and rightfully recognized this software as an orphan work, or "abandonware", volunteered to perform the desired liberation of the work, and have taken it upon myself to do so - while claiming all responsibility of any legal repercussions if or when any of them should arrive in future. In doing so, I hereby relinquish and redeem Click_Me from any possible issues regarding the law, copyright or otherwise, in regards or relation to the liberation of this orphan work. I also declare that I will, to the best of my ability, uphold and preserve the identity of this software being an original work of Click_Me and that no other person may claim ownership of this authored work, excluding that which involves claiming legal responsibility for implementing, compiling, distributing or otherwise utilizing any of the source code contained in this repository, as described in the Liability section of the MMPL (see LICENSE).
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    posted a message on Underground Biomes Constructs

    Ok guys, I have an unofficial build for y'all. I assume Zeno is OK with it since it's GPL, and the source is public too. Just be aware that there is ZERO support for this - that's up to Zeno for if/when he merges fixes into the official version. Feel free to try and test.

    Changes (by me):

    - Ores with multiple OreDictionary tags (.e.g TiC's Aluminium) will be correctly set on UBC ores

    - All UBC ore variants will now have OreDictionary tags, not just the base blocks

    - Fix setting wrong tags on subblock ores, e.g. Metallurgy ores (every ore block that was a metadata subblock had missing/wrong oredict tags - no longer).

    These changes will solve problems with automated miners, and any other mod that relies on the OreDictionary tags of ores in the world rather than the drops. Some of these problems were reported over a year ago and never fixed, they were quite easy and I'm surprised they weren't done sooner :\

    There are other changes by LemADEC and NotGyro too, such as support for more mod-added ores (there is some overlap with UBC Ore Registrar) and code cleanup. These are not significant IMO, they can be seen in the commit log on my fork repo.

    I have tried to fix UBC ores for Ore Flowers mod, but I can't figure it out. I've spent hours on both sides (HarderStuff and UBC source code) and still don't know why Ore Flowers randomly has positive oredict matches for UBC-ified ore blocks when bonemealing. It has frustrated the heck out of me so I've reluctantly abandoned my efforts, and settled on a custom build of Ore Flowers that has bonemealing disabled. I don't know which mod has the problem there.

    Download: https://github.com/cosmicdan/UndergroundBiomesConstructs/releases/tag/1.12
    Fork Repo: https://github.com/cosmicdan/UndergroundBiomesConstructs

    EDIT: I derped up the release, oredict tags were not applied to subblocks (silly mistake, I left testing code in). Jar file is the same name but it's fixed now.

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    Quote from Lethosos»

    Yeah, been running Minetweaker logs, and UBC, UBC Ores, and WTF's AdventureCraft are all suffering from the same problem. It only registers the first of the ore-->type of each stone in the Ore Dictionary. Basically, this:

    to name an example. There are no other types of igneous_oreCoal listed.

    You have to register the metadata as well, Zeno.

    This is still a problem.

    I see there are two forks on GitHub, one of them I built from source in order to fix Ore Flowers. For whatever reason the ore dictionary registration in the official UBC is horribly broken, and has been broken for over a year, which I find very strange. Surely it only happens with certain mods.

    EDIT: OK I apologize, the problem seems to be a depreciated code that breaks in the later Forge versions. I will fix it, but I am forking LemADEC's repo since his one is the version that works with Ore Flowers - I will do a PR to his.

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