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    A friend of mine wanted to make the levels from Portal in Minecraft. "Wasn't there someone who was making Portal textures?" A response, from someone else: "Yeah, but he never finished/released them." Thus, was born this! I made a Portal texture pack that includes:

    -Normal and Companion cubes (on sand and gravel textures, so they fall)
    -Box droppers
    -Observation rooms
    -Elevators (and the doors)
    -Platforms, their pistons, and the pits under them
    -Metal grates
    -Energy ball launchers, catchers, and the energy balls themselves
    -Indicator lights
    -Metal (in all 3 sizes)
    -Concrete ceilings, walls, and floors (includes the checkered floor)

    Note that this texture pack is not meant to make the game look like Portal, it's meant to make it look like Portal in Minecraft. That means the textures are lo-res, the details aren't all there, (I couldn't fit them all in, originally you could have an orange glow in the pits) and everything is out of proportion (just like Minecraft, nobody makes things in the right sizes). But no, really; you can make some pretty cool stuff with this texture pack that resembles the real deal. the idea of this pack is to include every puzzle element in Portal, or at least most.


    Thanks to Nuthen for helping me put together the rooms in the screenshots!
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