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    Hey forum, it's been a while but I've decided to pick up Minecraft again. Thought it might be a good, mostly relaxing alternative to ranking up in League all day for those times I need to take a chill pill. Might also be fun to start modding it as well, now that my computer can handle it.

    Although I haven't played since beta so it looks like there's quite a lot to learn and relearn, and hec, looks like a lot has changed about this forum too.

    Ugh, so much re-learning. Anyways, hello again forum.
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    This thread is like a pessimist magnet.

    Thank God for the people who came and aren't.
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    To give meaning to life for those who feel lonely or feel that they are a missing piece of a pie, a feeling that is so very common inside the mind of a human being.

    With only one, we are weak, but together we are strong. That's how it's always been, that's how people work. Love is just one of the many emotions that keeps us together, and though frustrating at times, I would argue it to be the best emotion despite the trouble it can cause.
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    posted a message on Politics, Philosophy, News & Society only to Debunk Things.
    Quote from Taupo


    Well I generally skim over boring posts and look for people to disagree with, because debating is fun.
    Debating is fun when people use their brains and not their guts and emotions, and that's not exactly what happens here a lot of the times which is why I stopped coming here so often.

    The majority of debates here are brimmed with a large amount of stupidity regardless of topic, whether it be the people new to the forum section that are generally rather naive, or the forum section veterans who have problems getting past their own personal bias, single-mindedness, and/or stubbornness depending on the person in question.

    And no matter how long any person has been browsing this section, the majority of people have problems taking the odd opinion out as personal attacks if it relates to them, which is why generally everything here gets near-flamed instead of being talked out like civilized human beings.

    I have only seen a few discussions here that have not been that way and they were great, but sadly the majority of them all happened a while back.
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    posted a message on Who will win WW3?

    WW champs back to back, ain't gonna stop at 3.
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    posted a message on Online Friends and "Joking" around with them
    Get to know your friends before you start joking around in a way that has a good chance of annoying them.

    If you don't, he has all the right to yell at you.
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    posted a message on Anyone else here LGBT?
    For the record I'm a heterosexual if I didn't make that clear already.

    Quote from AkiDesura

    But we're not looking for special attention. It's not like we're going "HEY NOTCH GIVE GAYMERS RAINBOW CAPES" or anything, we were just trying to find people who we identify with :c
    I'm aware, but it's one thing to look for conformation from others around you to make yourself feel better, and another one entirely to look for people that you have things in common with to do things like be-friend them, but that's not the case here. This thread is here for the purpose of making the self-proclaimed "inferior" to find others like them to make them feel better about themselves.

    You should be proud of who you are, and if you need confirmation from others to make yourself feel better about yourself, then something is wrong and in need of fixing. In this case, the problem that needs fixing are the people who have been led to think that homosexuality is an inferior sexuality, because they are wrong.
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    Quote from Appamada

    I haven't read your story or how you feel, but this is kind of the thing I say. So I'll say it.

    Stop caring what people think about you. Improve your self-esteem, your self-talk, and motivate yourself to do better and become a better person.

    I used to love hating myself. I thought I was justified! I thought that because I was a loser and because I didn't like myself and that other people didn't like me, it was right for me to hate myself. Guess what? It isn't. No one deserves to hate themself. I became aware of that problem of liking to feel good and gloomy all the time and I started working towards bettering myself. I improved my wardrobe, my hairstyling, my social skills, my school performance, and how much I know. Work towards bettering yourself. You can do it, and I know any damn person reading this right now can. Because I did. And you know what I thought I could do at that point in my life? Nothing. Nothing at all, because I was a loser and that I couldn't pull myself out of my position, but I did and now my life is a whole lot better.

    Don't ever let depression chain you from experiencing life. It's so short and precious and something like depression is really not necessary at all. You have to be the igniting force in your life. There will be many positive forces in your life pushing you towards your goals, but you in the end are the one who decides whether or not you will succeed. Don't push your family away from you, love them as much as you can and try to show as much kindness and love as possible. You can do it. And I know that everyone can.

    I'm sorry if this didn't have any relevance to your problem, Waffle, but I just felt like ranting about depression. I hope that whoever reads this gathers as much as they can from it. I don't like seeing people in the same gutter I was.

    Good luck, everybody.
    You kinda remind me of me and the story I posted on the "Thank you, OT" thread, and you're right, it's a lot easier to pull yourself out of a low spot than people make it out to be, it just seems a lot harder than it actually is.
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    posted a message on Thank you, OT
    It's sappy but it's the truth. I am what I am today because of you guys.

    Much love to most every single OT community member for being there for me when for the most part all I had was myself.
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    posted a message on Animal Personality Test
    You can take it here:

    I liked this one a lot better because it called me a bear.

    That's a scary accurate description of me actually.
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