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    IGN: CorruptedBase

    Skype Name: CorruptedBase (A secondary skype username is FailedProtocol, that's when I'm on my phone)

    Age: 16

    Country/Time-Zone: US Central

    Activity Level: I play whenever I feel like, which would be about an hour a day, sometimes less due to all of my hobbies. But on the weekends I can play for a few hours, maybe even more. Sometimes I play more than what I say, usually I do.

    Why Should We Accept You? I am (in my opinion) a nice person, and willing to help people when I can. Other than personality wise, I am decent at redstone, I made a map called Skyomes, and I am in the progress of making a texture pack (Been working on it since the end of 1.2.5). I am also heavily influenced by the ZipKrowd server (www.youtube.com/user/jl2579). If you want proof or references, you can watch some videos on my YouTube channel, which is www.youtube.com/user/failedprotocol. You can also judge my personality by the comments I leave on my video, replying to others (When it has comments :P ) That barely scratches the surface of what I do.

    I am looking for a server that is highly selective. And it also looks like you consult the other server members about accepting people, which is really good. That means you can get some of the best people there are :) I am hoping this is a friendly server where people would at least work on developing spawn town, and everyone's opinion is heard.

    Also, I think bow ties are cool ;) (Hopefully someone gets this)

    Tell Us a Funny Story/Joke (If you wish to; this is optional): I am not a funny person D: Ironically, quite a lot of funny things happen to me. But those are things that you have to be there to be funny, and if I told it in a little text box, then your facial expression would be duller (is that a word? Now it is :P ) than a brick.

    Pictures/Videos of Previous Builds (Also optional):

    After being accepted to Cydonia:

    Favourite word (Mandatory): Block. Not because of Minecraft, but because of what it is. You could jump over it, climb under, around. So many ways to face an obstacle. You can be creative, you can be straightforward, It is flexible, and always changes depending on how you look at it. Plus, it sounds cool.

    Just a little side note, if you do not accept me, I would like to know why, so I can improve a bit. Sounds like this server has a decent community, and you guys are having fun. Anyways, good luck with the new server! :)
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    [font=comic sans ms,cursive]Skyomes Survival Map[/font]

    [font=times new roman', times, serif]Skyomes- n. a combination of the word Sky and Biomes. There are floating islands/hemispheres that each have a different biome: Mushroom Island, Jungle, Forest, Swamp, Desert, Ocean, River, Frozen River, and Plains. It is a survival map by CorruptedBase that is inspired by Skyblock and Four Pillars Survival.[/font]

    If you make textures, and want FTB compatibility, check out my other post here!
    If you enjoyed the map, feel free to tell your friends about it by using a sig *more information below!*

    5000+ Downloads! This is amazing, thanks guys :D


    Survival v2: http://adf.ly/LIdyM
    Survival Hardcore: Coming Soon!

    Previous Versions

    Survival Version 1.0: http://adf.ly/BBorn

    Hardcore Version 1.0: http://adf.ly/BBp5v

    -Play on easy or higher
    -NO MODS
    -Doing the challenges are OPTIONAL
    -You have to trust me



    1. Make an infinite cobblestone generator
    2. Go to all of the floating hemispheres
    3. Make a melon farm
    4. Make a pumpkin farm
    5. Make a sugarcane/reed farm
    6. Make a wheat farm
    7. Acquire Iron
    8. Go to the nether
    9. Make a vine farm
    10. Find out what's in the secret chest. You'll know when you see it.
    11. Make a nether wart farm.
    12. Collect ALL of the music discs
    13. Make 15 bookshelves
    14. Make a cactus farm
    15. Make a bed.
    ]16. Make an infinite snow generator.
    ]17. Use all the monster eggs.
    18. Have an epic battle with the monsters!
    19. Go to the end.
    20. Kill the dragon
    ]21. Make a cow farm
    22. Make a chicken farm
    23. Make a sheep farm
    24. Mate wolves
    25. Mate Ocelots
    26. Make a mooshroom farm.
    27. Make a pig farm
    28. Mate villagers.

    Pictures (Note, some pictures may be outdated. I'll upload the v2 Skyomes ASAP)

    The Nether:

    Other Pictures:

    The Overworld (Chest Contents)


    The Nether (Chest Contents)

    Pictures from you guys :D

    By ShirleyHeartShaymin


    By CloudzOCE(Youtube)/SqueakieHD(Forums)

    By DrMeelo(YouTube)/MrShadowkillz(Forums)


    Survival Version 1.0: http://adf.ly/BBorn

    Hardcore Version 1.0: http://adf.ly/BBp5v

    How To Install:

    Step 1: Unzip the .zip file by using winRAR or 7zip. If you are on a mac, double click it.

    Step 2: Drag the unzipped file into your save folder. In windows, it should be in appdata/roaming/.minecraft/

    In mac, it should be under library/application support/minecraft

    Step 3: Launch minecraft, and look for it in your saves!

    Sorry, I do not know how to use a linux. If you do use a linux, odds are, you are good with computers and don't need my help anyways. If you do need help, I don't mind pulling out my first computer I'd ever had (back when I was 4), and trying to figure out minecraft on the linux/ubuntu/fedora.

    Feedback is appreciated :)

    Feel free to give me suggestions, post videos, and pictures, to show me your progress.


    Q: I keep spawning into the void. Is there a way to fix this?
    A: Yes, press respawn a hundred billion times. OR, you can open your world to LAN and press the "Enable Cheats" Button, and gamemode yourself to 1 (Creative). Be sure to gamemode yourself to 0 (Survival) again.

    If you don't mind downloading mods, then King Korihor's Fallfix will fix the respawn ^_^ http://www.minecraft.../#entry17458006

    Sig it to show support! I will appreciate it :)

     //i.imgur.com/yI2g8.png" width="" height="" alt="" />" target="" data-ensure-absolute>http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1379218-132-skyomes-v10/] 
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    posted a message on No compass with 32-bit textures after OptiFine..
    Optifine is buggy. MCPatcher is a better solution.
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    posted a message on Guide to texturing for 32x
    For beginner artists: It is helpful, yes, but don't be afraid of trying something new! You can always copy people, but one of the best artists "evolve" from these kinds of knowledge, if that makes any sense. I guess what I'm trying to get across is you can always add your style, your little touch to art. That is what makes textures unique :)

    Anyways, I'm glad you've made this post. Many people say how their textures are never any good, which pains me to see. Nobody start out amazing, we've all been terrible before.
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    posted a message on [32x32] [1.4.7] The End is Extremely Nigh/Vanilla! [Over 250,000 Downloads!][Featured on Curse!] NEWLY UPDATED FOR 1.4.7!
    I took a look at this texture pack. Amazing textures! I can't believe a 32x pack can look this realistic. I've been trying out some techniques to make textures, but I have not achieved the realistic look yet. I guess I need more practice. :)

    I'll give you some critiques when I start examining the textures more, so far this is based on my first impression :)
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    posted a message on Feed the Beast Texture Templates
    Feed The Beast

    This mod is very popular, and I don't see many texture packs being compatible with it. I decided to make a template. This template is a zip file of the folders you need to add to a texture pack to make textures for the FTB mod pack. Some folders are merged, because it would be extraneous if you have two folders - plus your computer won't let you have two folders of the same name in one place.

    Anyways, this template may be imperfect. If you experience any issues, please notify me immediately. It also contains the original 16x textures, so you may want to make an HD pack.

    I highly recommend being very ambitious, because this mod pack contains more blocks than the original Minecraft itself! :steve_shocked:

    Download link: http://www.mediafire...9mzep17cnhendco

    FTB creates a new .minecraft folder, but I'm not entirely sure where to find it. This is important because that's where you need to drag your textures folder. If you drag it to the normal .minecraft, it will only work for vanilla, not FTB. If you know where it is, feel free to tell me.
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    Quote from SuperTemplar

    I really liked this, though I kinda gave up because my luck stinks, I have killed zombies (when they accually spawned) for 5-8 minecraft days, and not one iron ingot O.o Ah well. I got plenty of bows from skeles though!

    I had provided you with villagers for a reason. Also, another way of getting iron is to build a mob trap. They are SUPER efficient on Sky Maps.
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    Quote from haveacold1

    That's cute, were you drinking a juice box when designing this masterpiece of a map?
    -Vertical means from bottom to top, up and down; contrary to horizontal which means side to side.
    -I never said you actually copied the map file, at least i never implied it. Your idea is a copy of that of which i have seen afflict this forum over and over<-- this means that your idea is ****.
    -These maps aren't sky maps from the fact that there is no ground so there is no sky, at the very most i would call them void maps but that's already a term for survival maps.
    Please tell me if i can make anything anymore simpler for you.

    I know what vertical means, I just didn't know what you meant by a vertical map. Do you mean just take a chunk of land, and erase everything else? Or just flip a world 90 degrees?

    I also know it is not an original idea. I just modified the original idea: placing a small island in the void. I added a few more islands, and changed some biomes. It doesn't sound like much, because it's not. That's the point of it. Also, the reason why there are so many of these maps on the forums is because they LITERALLY copy Skyblock and then add another tree, and a few more blocks. Just like how there are so many "SimpleCraft" textures.

    I know it's not a masterpiece, because it is only version 1, I want people's feedback on what should I improve.

    I called it a sky map because when most people hear the word "Sky Map" they instantly think of skyblock. So, they think that it is a floating island in the middle of nothing.

    I had always HATED the juice from juiceboxes. It just taste terrible.

    But, again, thank you for your feedback. If you don't like it, good for you.
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