About Me

Hello, thanks for check my bio! :)

I'm a gentle guy who likes to be funny but quiet at the same time, a retro gamer and (digital) music composer.
I like to make new friends, share hobbies and ideas, talk about things in common.
I'm also an amateur software developer, focused on video games (actually PC) using LÖVE or Unity.


* (MMO)RPG/Platformer/Rhythm/Puzzle/Shoot 'em up/FPS/Arcade video games
* Trance/Death Metal/Classical/Drum and Bass/Opera/Dance/Jazz/Alternative (Rock/Pop)/Chill out/R&B/Lounge music
* Art
* Science
* Technology
* Astronomy
* Nature
* Photography
* Compose music
* Develop video games
* Watch cartoons or anime
* Horror/Suspense/Mystery/Psychological/Paranormal/Supernatural/Fantasy/Sci-fi movies

Location Cancun

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