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    Why is it that this misconception keeps coming back around? The human brain (and the eye for that matter) don't perceive in terms of 'Frames' at all! There's no on/off! It's an analog system! The brain picks out DETAILS! Things like edges and contrast, NOT entire frames, much less any number at a given time!

    Not entirely the most accurate, scientifically or biologically (much less neurologically, we have a lot left to learn there!) but one of the BEST I have read at explaining it to the lay person! : http://www.amdzone.com/phpbb3/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=126189

    P.S. and before you ask; Yes, I DO understand, in detail, this concept. back in high school we had to do a double blind study as an assignment in science class. My team, being made up of my buds and I, and all being pretty geeky, chose this particular subject as ours. The subject fascinated me, and I later went on to do a LOT of independent research, as is my preferred modus operandi. (BTW, it's DAMN hard to set up a DB study around a topic like that!)

    It's true, some people can't tell the difference between 60fps and 600. But some people CAN.
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    I hate to say it, but he's right. People just aren't going to take you seriously without some indication that you aren't just going to use them to make a custom mod for your own enjoyment. You need not actually create a mod, but fleshing out your own mod idea would be very helpful to your cause. Sketch some pictures. Figure out how it's all going to work ahead of time. Try to understand how 'corner cases' would be solved, like what happens if you jump a ramp and your body/head hits an obstruction? What if you jump through water/lava? A well thought out and well planned idea will garner more interest than the simple application form you have there. You really don't need the form anyway! People with an interest will express it, and the rest will come from your conversation with them after that!

    A powerful and compelling presentation will work wonders in MANY circumstances!
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    OR! If you're looking for something that may help without destroying your visual quality..

    If you are running Vista or Win7, make sure your power management setting aren't throttling your CPU Cycles. Google that, too much to explain here. Also, Win7 power management settings will throttle CPU REGARDLESS of settings if it starts to overheat. There are 3rd party power management apps that will prevent this. I use Rightmark CPU Clock.

    Be sure your graphics drivers are up to date. As well as DirectX.

    CTRL-ALT-DEL or CTRL-SHIFT-ESC to open task manager --> end task anything you don't need (be sure you know what you are ending before you do it! You can easily crash windows if you just kill processes indiscriminately)

    Use the downloadable client, and switch to fullscreen F11. You should get a small FPS boost this way.

    If you are running Vista or Win7, end task on DWM.exe and Sidebar. That'll kill Aero and your desktop gadgets. When you are done playing, you can just Start --> search --> DWM.exe, and Start --> search --> sidebar.exe to get them running again.

    Turn off any 'Real-time' virus scanners or malware scanners. Including Windows Defender. Don't turn them off completely, but just toggle off the real-time portion. You shouldn't be doing anything but playing MC while they are off though, for security reasons, and be sure to turn them back on afterwards.

    Hopefully some of those will help...
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