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    posted a message on Texture Artists' Union

    Guys! I is here!

    What do you think of this:

    And a bigger one:

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    posted a message on Minecraft and how it has been for me

    Hi guys, I just thought it would be fun to have a thread where everyone can share their stories about how they got into Minecraft.

    If there is already a thread like this, apologies!

    Ah. Minecraft. Maybe the first game I seriously played a lot. Back in 2012(?) my buddy told me about this game he found, and it sounded stupid at first (I somehow understood it as a 2D flash-game), but when I saw the first video, I was overwhelmed. The first Minecraft videos I watched were SeaNanner's. Minecraft seemed just so darn cool. Then, I got into paulsoaresjr and his "How to Survive and Thrive" -series. So amazing. Then, I got into Yogscast, and I was completely taken into Minecraft. I didn't really know anything about the game, so many things seemed bigger than they were. For example, I thought that the things that happened in Yogscast's Shadow of Israphel (RIP) could actually happen in Minecraft.

    My days were pretty much filled with just watching Minecraft videos (back then it was of course not as popular), and I really enjoyed seeing Minecraft develop as it went. Around Beta 1.5 or something like so, I got Minecraft, althrough it was some sort of a weird cracked launcher thingy. I still got to play the game, and I had a great time. I remember how one of my other friends had Minecraft too (while I still only had my not-updating crappy launcheramathingy), and his was already in Beta 1.8. I went to their place and he asked if I wanted to try it out. Of course I did. Giant mushrooms! Hunger (I actually thought this was great at first), and abandoned mines, strongholds! All that! Then, I finally got an actual Minecraft account going.

    Minecraft of course still developed, and I was still excited about it for maybe half a year after I got it. My hype was at it's peak back when had only seen videos of it. Then, it kind of got stale. When I got back to it in about half a year, I started making texture packs. Minecraft, however, never really felt the same as it did when I watched it on videos as a kid. Even though I never got to play it before halfway of Beta, I still feel super nostalgic when I see Alpha material. Oh, also, I forgot to mention; I also had the PC Gamer demo, and I hacked it so that I could play on it infinitely. I hadn't touched it in maybe two years or something, and when I logged back on to the world, it was just... I don't know... nostalgia just rushed in so hard I could physically feel it.

    Even though Minecraft will never be the same it was on it's golden years (even though I really wish it was), I still feel it's a great game. I like many new features and even though it has kind of became a mess, I still feel it's the same game that made the 12-year-old me super excited. Thank you Mojang and especially Markus Persson, for giving me and countless others the same experience.

    And on the end, I just want to say that even though Minecraft (and it's community) has technically only gone downhill since Beta 1.7, I think the game would be forgotten by know if it wouldn't constantly be updated. I hope that Minecraft will still be alive after 10 years.


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    posted a message on Smoothcraft - Vanilla - Pack V.1.7.0 16x16 (For 1.9 Minecraft)

    While the pack looks good, it's nothing original. This type of pack has been done before, sorry. :(

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    posted a message on (Unfinished) my texture pack, noname
    Quote from Hello87337»

    This texture pack is still being edited, so this is NOT the final version.

    I do have some edited swords,golden apples, bows, etc.

    (also, this texture pack was made off of faithful x32)

    These are things you should avoid.

    A ) Releasing a pack with only a few textures done (I mean, how is that a pack?)

    and B ) this texture pack was made off of faithful x32 (grrrr)

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    posted a message on Booger Pack

    Hey, kingboogers!

    It seems you have uploaded a pack that doesn't really appeal to people, but don't worry, you can always learn more and make beautiful packs in the future! I recommend you take a look at pixel art tutorials about shading, colour choices and other stuff.

    If you feel like it, you can report this thread to a moderator to remove.

    As criticism on the pack, right now it's pretty much a mess. The colours are too bright and they don't fit together at all. Also there is hardly any shading, and it seems you have only painted a neon green over the already-existing default water.

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    posted a message on Name Ideas For Rescource Packs (Need a name? Use one)

    BubbaBuilder123's Pretty Much Perfect Pack sounds amazing doesn't it?

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    posted a message on Dream Realm 32x

    Looks like a nice start, but you definately need more shading than that! Look around for tutorials!

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    posted a message on Texture pack ;)
    your skype

    Did I win?

    (Sorry for being absent, everyone. Busy life.)
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    posted a message on Is their any girly texture packs?
    Necroposting with 46% more calsium!
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    posted a message on PLZ help someone D:
    When does it crash?

    Possible reasons: Wrong McPatcher patch version, something BADLY wrong with the texture pack (if it crashes your game, it's probably totally messed up) or maybe your Minecraft tried to load some mods that crash it?
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    posted a message on Harris Johnson's Custom Faithful Texture Pack 1.7 and 1.8
    Not happy. Small edits on default (or Faithful textures for that manner) are not okay.
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    posted a message on Taurner PvP Resourcepack 1.8 / 1.7.x 64x
    Project not found.
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    posted a message on Anyone know of a good 16x16 Apocalypse resource pack?
    Well, there aren't many, but I su
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    posted a message on Cartoon Delux Resource Pack (WIP)
    Few things:

    1) You have pretty much just bucketfilled a lot of textures. That's a big no-no.

    2) Getting pictures that aren't yours in the pack is also a no-no.

    3) Are there even that many blocks changed? Most of them seem default.
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