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    Override the getItemDropped Method

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    There you go - Let me know if anything goes wrong

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    New version is going to be a big one, so it will most likely be a while before it comes out, When the update comes this page will also include recipes!

    ~~~~Furnace Backpacks are awesome

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    Quote from Shado47»

    Great concept, keep this up. Feels good to finally see a good mod be released after a while of only small mini lame releases...

    Thanks, and if you guys have any ideas feel free to let me know and i'll see what I can do

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    Sorry about that didn't mean to put it up before i was done making it!

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    Cool's stuff is a nifty mod made by Coolmanzz2. (Hence the name). Cool's Stuff adds random nifty items and blocks into the game. The mod will be more configurable in future versions but still is pretty configurable.



    Neon Blocks:


    Neon Machine:

    The image above shows how the Neon Machine is used.
    The dyes can be switched for the color you prefer.
    Pickaxe Condensor

    How the Pickaxe Condensor is used is shown can be swapped with wood or iron.
    To make the pickaxes put the same type pickaxe as the panes in the middle and the panes around


    Used purely for server owners

    Condensed Pickaxes:
    These pickaxes mine the next tier above the tier they are crafted with

    Condensed Panes:
    Used to make the Pickaxes

    Bag Upgrades:
    These are used to upgrade the bags (+104 slots per upgrade)

    Phoenix Core:
    Used to make the Rebirth armor/swords

    Neon Dust:
    Used to make Neon Blocks, 16 different colors.


    Coin Pouch:

    The coin pouch is used to store coins, stores coins up to stacks of 10,000 (currently a display glitch where if you go above a certain amount it will only show one coin but they are still there!

    Ultimate Bag:

    The Ultimate Bag is used for smelting items on the go and keeping all your items safe!
    When placed the Ultimate Bag turns into a furnace that smelts 1 item per 5 ticks (4 items per second).
    This bag holds 104 slots by default but can be upgraded via tabs, each tab holds 104 slots with a max of 5 tabs so 520 items at max.


    Rebirth Armor:
    The rebirth armor is above diamond armor and has neat features when wearing the full set. The main feature is 2 seconds of immunity after being hit however, the immunity has a 4 second cool down, in other words you are immune 33% of the time starting when you get hit.

    Rebirth Sword:
    The rebirth sword has a damage of 24 (about 16 hearts) and when shift-right clicked with a Rebirth Armor set it will consume experience while giving the player Protection III on all the armor and Feather Falling X on only the boots. The player will also gain Speed, Jump Boost, and Night Vision, and finally the sword will gain Sharpness and Looting X. The texture of the armor will also change when this happens. Shift-right click to turn off.

    Rebirth Dagger:
    This dagger when activated like the sword with a full set of Rebirth Armor, turns the player completely invisible even the armor and particle effects. However this is mainly used on MP as a ninja way to sneak up on players since mobs will still attack you. When a player gets hit with the Dagger it applies Weakness 10.


    Review by Me and SoupyPoop (Tim)


    I give everyone permission to use this mod in their modpack.

    No Redistributing


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    Quote from Sonicbrandyn»

    Im asking where do i find the folders? I know where to find gradle but nothing else ;_;

    look i'm gonna have to sound quite demanding here for a second... just know i am exaggerating...

    there are things you need to do pretty much a lot of things in life they are:

    1: Be able to apply common sense (if a 10 year old can do it then why can't you)

    2: Be able to do research (This means google. We have google for a reason don't bug us about things you can do research and find out

    3: Have an understanding of what you are doing (If eclipse is giving you this issue it's your first time in java don't start posting with the minecraft forums before you learn java)

    4: Find help in the places where more people know about the issue (having an eclipse error isn't a minecraft issue it is an eclipse one)

    5: Be able to read & understand! (don't tell me you went searching on google and you couldn't understand anything while this is alright and i'll probably still help you it's not what you want to hear from someone who is trying to make a mod)

    Follow these guidelines and we won't have any problems,

    Again i'm sorry for sounding like an mean i'm really not, I just cant handle people not trying

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    Quote from aspirine101»

    I want to make a mod (this will be my first mod) for 1.2.5 that makes it use the terrain/biome generator from 1.1. Can anyone tell me is it possible (I assume yes) and how hard is it to make?

    if i read what you are saying right and you are trying to do something for 1.2.5 the main problem you are gonna have is server/client modded sides (I believe they still existed back then) for your first mod, I wouldn't recommend it but if you want to no one is stopping you

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    Quote from Ohrm»

    I gave examples in my post. If you can't understand what i said there you really should not be modding. We are here to help you not explain absolutely everything

    This guy is my new favorite person on the forums ^^^

    And sonic, I hope both me and Ohrm can agree here, we are not holding you hands through this. I will give you helpful advice but you need to be able to not ask a question when i just gave the answer to your same question in my reply. Honestly I can safely say your problems have already been solved. I've said time and time again google is your BEST FRIEND! It may take searching time but if you aren't able to put the work in to search to fix your problems then no one can help you. Modding isn't all easy, it's hard stuff and sometimes it's just not right for people to start it up.

    Not trying to be uncouth I'm simply just giving you the truth

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    posted a message on (Forge, 1.7.10)-How to rotate block model on right click?

    Thank you for the help but how would i set up the meta data, and not to waste your time but what would it look like? I'm quite new to modding and do not know about this subject! If you could give me a link to help me learn about it I would very much appreciate that! I do understand GL11 though!

    I personally would use it by just accessing the Tile Entity or TE, mainly because when you render the block you get the tile entity, so...

    just create a public variable (or private) and make it the default rotation

    now all you need to do is on right click change the TE's rotation value

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    Quote from Sonicbrandyn»

    Uh okay what files do i delete?

    do you need someone to tell you every single step >.>

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    Quote from Ohrm»

    Just start again. Delete everything to do with gradle, eclipse and forge e.g. the .gradle folder, whatever version of eclipse you have, the java path variables and the forge src files. Then redownload eclipse and forge and set it up again while following a tutorial.

    ^ a wise man right there

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    Quote from CrimStar»

    Sure Thing! Also, I may release an API so you guys can add your own toppings, but I have still not decided! :)

    I'll make an addition to your mod if you release it as an API, we could be pizza brothers

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    posted a message on How do I create a Lucky Block mod?

    Hey guys, NoahConstrictor9 here and I am trying to create an addon to the Lucky Block mod. I know how, but I also don't know how. I know how most of the coding works but I would also like a little bit of help. Also, I do not know how to set up the mod. I need help with that as well. Thanks for the support, and goodbye.

    P.S. the people who help me the most get to test the beta stages much earlier on than other people! :)

    P.S.S. It is modded so I need help with that too!

    The way you set it up is simply download lucky blocks (preferably the dev version but if not that is fine) you might also need to get CCC. put CCC in your mods folder (defaulted to the eclipse subfolder) and also put another copy of CCC in libs folder (this one is out of the eclipse folder). Next put lucky blocks in only the libs folder and open up eclipse, right click your project and edit the build path. Point eclipse towards lucky blocks and then you should be able to start coding with it

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    posted a message on Stop Light Updates
    Quote from MarvinMC1»


    I would like to stop/not check for light updates so when lava is being poured (on a factions server) for walls, it won't make the FPS drop. What is the best way to do this and how can it be implemented?


    I don't believe the fps drop is because of the lights but instead because the lava is flowing... however I am not completely certain

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