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    I didn't get to finish

    Thoughts of making it: I can build and I am learning the concept with redstone and I'm starting to build more complex contraptions

    Do you realize you could get banned: Ues do.

    suggestions for name: I'm not good with names.

    Youtube: Disney Craft I do record builds that I built but I would like to have a survival series

    Do you think you will make: Yes I do.

    You get in an argument because they think you stole. What do you do? I empty my pockets and show them my chests at home to prove it.

    you someone hacking what do you do? I take screenshots and take them to you.

    You see a chest full of diamonds. What do you do? If they're mine I'll take them. But if they aren't I'll walk away.

    you fall into lava and lose your stuff: I will continue with what I haven my storage system

    I really do hope you can invite meπŸ˜„πŸ˜„

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    Name: Steven M

    IGN: Cool_Creeper_145

    Age: almost 13

    Skype: I unfortunately do not have one but will get one if I must

    Do you agree with the rules: Yes

    Build Level 1/10: 8

    why do you want to join: Because Survival Gameplay is my favorite thing in the game and I could only do it in singleplayer currently and the ruins a lot of the gameplay. Also it sounds extremely fun.

    Do you think you will make it: I think so I don't know to be honest

    How many hours can you be online: all day but I can't play on school days

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