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    posted a message on Nexus Productions Recruiting Many Positions

    Hello everyone, this is Brody, lead production manager of Nexus Productions. Nexus Productions is currently recruiting volunteers to assist in make new and unique Minecraft Machinimas. We are currently in the process of creating a new script and would love some help from fellow Minecrafters out there for not just this script but the many more in the future.

    We are currently looking for the following positions:

    Voice Actors, Body Actors, Builders, Writers, Cameramen

    If you have any questions message me on discord, CoolBanana27#5492.

    If you are applying for a position, please fill out the basic application below, and include the questions specific to your position. Then send your application to me on discord, CoolBanana27#5492

    Basic Application:

    First IRL Name (Or what you want to be called):

    IGN (In Game Name):


    Age (Note: There is no age requirement):


    Screen shot(s) of previous builds:

    What building style or theme would you say you are most skilled in?

    Voice Actors:

    Short demo reel:

    Body Actors:

    Can you and are you willing to change your MC skin for productions?


    Please provide a brief section of any previous scripts (If you have never made a script, please create a short piece of one now):

    What recording software do you use:

    Are you able to download and use resource packs and shaders?

    When recording, what is your average FPS:

    Please Note: If you are accepted, your will be required to follow all rules. If any rules are broken, staff members have the power to remove you from the group.

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    posted a message on Body and Voice Actors NEEDED for a Minecraft Machinima YouTube channel! Currently still accepting!


    IGN: CoolBanana27

    NAME (IRL): Brody

    AGE: 14

    SKYPE NAME: cool.banana27

    DISCORD NAME: CoolBanana27#5492

    EMAIL: [email protected]

    ROLE: Body Actor

    Why Do You Want to Join?: I would like to join because I really enjoy acting, as well as helping to create any form of video

    What Days and how frequent will you be online?: I will be online for around 2 hours everyday if needed

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    posted a message on Roleplay Series Help Recruitment (Actors, Body Actors, ect.)

    What you want to be called: Brody

    IGN: CoolBanana27

    Discord: CoolBanana27#5492

    Skype: cool.banana27

    Age: 14

    Activity: Voice or Body Acting

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    posted a message on [TRPN Official Recruiting Forum]

    Name: Brody
    Age: 14
    Discord: CoolBanana27
    Gender: Male
    Skype: cool.banana27
    Talent(s): Voice & body acting
    Availability(Times,Days): Everyday from 3pm to 8pm EST

    On weekends also from 9am to 1pm EST

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    posted a message on New to YouTube


    • Decrease game sounds
    • Talk more - Try explaining what you are doing in-game - Tell stories about your life (or simple facts for your viewers to get to know you better) or even just ideas about your channel
    • Interact with your viewers (Ask questions, get feedback)
    • Watch other popular you-tubers to get some ideas
    • Cut out boring parts, or places where you don't talk as much

    I also watched your other video, the editing in that video was great (and the overall message was hilarious.)

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    posted a message on Memeland: New server created just today looking for dedicated staff and builders!

    The server is still up and running. Lots more staff positions needed! Join now! edgymemes.myserver.gs

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    posted a message on Galactic Craft - Looking for Beta Testers/Maybe Staff

    I am interested in become a beta tester or your server.

    Skype: cool.banana27

    I am looking forward to helping this server out!


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    posted a message on Voice detection!

    [First off I just want to say, if this is in the wrong section, I'm sorry I'm not really sure where to put it.]

    So recently I came up with an kinda crazy idea for minecraft. Basically I want to create a voice detention system in minecraft. So when someone talks (actually talking, not chat) it will activate a command block, or just place a block, ect. Now I know this is not possible with just minecraft but I think i could combine another program with it to possibly make it work. The only issue, I have no idea where to start. So I'm asking you guys for comments, suggestions, ideas, programs, whatever you have that could possibly help. I think this is a very unique idea and I want to try it out.

    Thank you!

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    posted a message on Need server port

    Can you please explain your issue a bit more. Are you making s server by port forwarding? If so, what have you done so far? If not, are you using a host (A website where you buy a server).

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    posted a message on PremissonsEX Perms to give to Members, Mods,Head Mods, Helpers and Builders

    You have to decide what you want certain ranks to have. You could give helper the perm to ban or you could give a regular player that. And for some of the plugins just look up the permissions for that and see what you want.

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    posted a message on Roleplay + Behind The Scenes Help | girlsquadgaming youtube (MORE HELP STILL NEEDED)

    Name (or what you want us to call you): Brody or Banana
    IGN: CoolBanana27
    Timezone: EST (eastern time zone)
    Age: 13
    Have you had any roleplay experience: I have a great deal of experience in real life but not in game
    Do you have a YouTube Channel? If so, what’s the link: https://www.youtube.com/user/MrCoolBanana27
    Applying for Voice or Body actor? Or Both: I could do both but I would prefer Body
    How many hours a week on average can you put towards the roleplay: Agbout 2-3 hours a day so 14-21 hours a week. I would say around 18.
    Do you have Skype, Teamspeak, and/or Trello: Yes all three.
    What is your Skype Username: cool.banana27
    Anything Else: Thank you for reading my application.

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    posted a message on COUNT TO 100,000,000 FOR A WORLD RECORD!


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    posted a message on Q/A Questions Needed + Game Giveaway

    1.) What’s better, having high expectations or having low expectations?

    2.) Would you rather go without junk food for a year or go without TV for a year?

    3.) Describe your perfect man/woman.

    4.) Thoughts on school dress codes?

    5.)Any strange phobias?

    6.) At what job do you see Donald Trump best fit?

    7.) Who was your first crush?

    8.) Who was your first best friend?

    9.)What is one weird thing about you?

    10.) Top 5 TV shows you like to watch?

    11.) What are your favorite boys names?

    12.) What are your favorite girls names?

    13.) Do you have any tattoos? If so, what are they?

    14.) Do you plan on getting (more) tattoos? If so, what do you want to get as of the moment?

    15.) Do you have any piercings? Do you plan on getting more?

    16.) Do you like hugging people?

    17.) Think of ANY person on earth right now. Who did you think of?

    18.) Do you have an iPhone?

    19.) What is the worst thing that could happen in your life right now?

    20.) Do you watch anime?

    21.) What brings true happiness?

    22.) What is the most expensive thing you’ve ever paid for?

    23.) If you could have any job in the world and get paid millions of dollars a year for it, what would you be and why?

    24.) Do you want children? If so, how many?

    25.) Name and describe someone who you feel most comfortable around.

    26.)If you could invent a holiday, what would it be?

    27.)Would you rather have summer weather or winter weather all year round?

    28.) If you could make an alien race, describe what they would look like.

    29.) What was the first thing you learned to cook?

    30.) Describe your sense of humor.

    31.) What is the key to happiness?

    32.) How many phone numbers do you have committed to memory? Whose numbers are they?

    33.) Name three songs that make you want to dance.

    34.) What job did you want to have as a child?

    35.) Do you have any talents or skills?

    36.) What was the worst punishment you’ve ever had?

    37.) Did you ever do anything weird as a child?

    38.) What is your dream car?

    39.) Describe something that made you laugh this week.

    40.) Did you have a dream last night? If so, describe it.

    41.) Do you ever have repetitive dreams? Describe it/them.

    42.) Describe the worst/ scariest dream you’ve ever had.

    43.) Describe the best dream you’ve ever had.

    44.) If God himself gave you a choice of either having unlimited money for the rest of your life or finding your one true love starting tomorrow, which one would you choose (keep in mind, you are still able to make a ton of money if you choose love, and you are still able to meet your soul mate if you choose money)?

    45.) If you could do anything (and I mean ANYTHING) right now without consequences, what would you do and why?

    46.) Do you have any recipes that you know off the top of your head? What is it/ what are they?

    47.) Do you have your license? If so, do you have a car?

    48.) Have you ever had a near death experience?

    49.) Do you personally know anyone that has been to prison?

    50.) Have you ever been in a physical fight?

    51.) When you get out of the shower, do you towel dry, blow dry, or air dry your hair?

    52.) When you go to the movies, what snacks and drinks do you take with you?

    53.) Do you like going to the beach? If so, do you like to stay dry or go in the water? If not, why?

    54.) Do you untie your shoes when you take them off?

    55.) If you could have a superpower ASIDE from being invisible or being able to fly, what would you have?

    56.) If you were able to live for however long you wanted to (i’m talking thousands of years without aging), when would you choose to die?

    57.) What do you think happens after you die?

    58.) Do you believe in aliens?

    59.) Do you believe in ghosts?

    60.) Do you believe in spiritual things like ouija boards, tarot cards, and crystals? Do you believe they are portals for evil entities to enter the mortal world?

    61.) If you could make one mythical being real, who/what would you make?

    62.) Do you get tan, or do you burn?

    63.) Describe your shower routine.

    64.) Do you enjoy school? Why or why not?

    65.) In your opinion, what is the worst way to die?

    66.) Do you get carsick, sea sick, or airplane sickness?

    67.) What’s one memory that you wish you could live again and again?

    68.) What were some of your stuffed animal’s names from when you were a kid?

    69.)Do you have any pets?

    70.) Describe your daily wardrobe.

    71.) Describe what your daily wardrobe would be if you were rich.

    72.) Create a character right now. Give them a name, age, and character description.

    73.)What was the last thing you bought?

    74.) Have you ever bought a CD? What band was it for?

    75.) Describe your perfect ice cream sundae.

    76.) If you could make ANYTHING happen right now with no cost, trouble, or obstacles, what would you do?

    77.) What are some of your favorite physical activities to do?

    78.) What were some of your favorite shows as a child?

    79.) Describe how you would survive the zombie apocalypse.

    80.)What are some things you shouldn’t say at work?

    81.) If you were told that if you killed someone, you would save 100 people, would you do it?

    82.) How’s the weather right now?

    83.) What is the background on your cell phone right now?

    84.)Is it better to work at a job that you love or a job that pays well?

    85.) What do you have within arms reach of your bed?

    86.) Have you ever been fired from a job? If so, why?

    87.) Have you ever won a trophy, prize, or medal? If so, for what?

    88.) Do you have any posters, pictures, or art hanging on your walls in your room? If so, what are they?

    89.) Are you afraid of the dark? If so, why?

    90.)What is something that you’ve never done but would like to try?

    91.) If you could choose three famous people or characters to be friends with, who would you choose and why?

    92.) Do you smile at strangers when you pass by them on the street?

    93.) Do you have a favorite TV commercial? If so, what is it?

    94.) Do you like your handwriting?

    95.) Cable TV or Netflix?

    96.) What are your favorite smells?

    97.) Do you consider yourself physically strong?

    98.) Describe a time where you said something really rude or mean, whether intentional or not.

    99.) Do you ask strangers to pet their dogs?

    100.)What is your most embarrassing moment?

    101.) Has anyone really close to you ever died? If so, who was it and how did you handle it?

    102.) Describe your plan of action if you were home alone and you heard someone break into your house.

    103.) If you were to be born again, would you want to be born male or female?

    104.) What shampoo do you use?

    105.) Guess the meaning of this word: ulotrichous.

    106.) Do you let messages (phone, email, text, social media, etc…) build up, or do you have to look at them right away?

    107.) Where is the nearest McDonalds to your house?

    108.) If you had $1 billion and you had to spend it in exactly one week, what would you spend it on?

    109.) What is the best thing you’ve ever eaten?

    110.) If you could go on a trip around the world with up to three people, who would you bring (they can be people you know personally or famous people).

    111.) What expletive/ explicit phrase do you say most often?

    112.) What is your personal definition of success?

    113.) How was your day today?

    114.) What is the closest Big City you live by?

    115.) Have you ever been in a car accident?

    116.) Do you hide anything from your parents?

    117.) If you could possess one talent, what would you be able to do?

    118.) Ugly and smart or beautiful and stupid?

    119.) What is the worst thing you’ve ever seen in real life?

    120.) Use only 3 words to describe how you want your future to go.

    121.) QUICK! give me a few things a brick could be useful for

    122.) If you could make a dream society, describe it in great detail where it would be, who would be in it, and what rules there would be?

    123.) If you could make any animal miniature, what would you make and why?

    124.) What are your favorite candle scents?

    125.) If you HAD to have one plastic surgery, what would you get and why?

    126.) Do you prefer to hang out with the same sex or the opposite sex?

    127.) If you could make a charity, what would the profits go towards? How would you raise money for it?

    128.) Describe the body you wish you had.

    129.) If you were a famous director, what would your next movie be about? Describe the plot, characters, and possible title.

    130.) If only women were to rule the world, how different would the world be by 2050?

    131.) What is your favorite alcoholic drink?

    132.) Do you have a problematic friend?

    133.) Are you more spontaneous or more of a planner?

    134.) If you could change your full name, what would your name be?

    135.) What is one song that describes your life?

    136.) What is one show you’ve been meaning to watch but can never find the time for?

    137.) Do you find it easy to drop toxic people from your life that you’ve known for a long time?

    138.) Do you like children? Why or why not?

    139.) What is your zodiac sign?

    140.) Do you like to dance? Do you dance often? In front of other people?

    141.) Name some of your favorite colors.

    142.) Have you ever shoplifted? If so, what was it?

    143.) If you could speak three additional languages, what would they be?

    144.) Have you ever been in legal trouble?

    145.) Have you ever had surgery?

    146.) If you could change 2 things about yourself, what would you change and why?

    147.) What do you want done with your body after you die?

    148.) What three physical features do people compliment you most on? What do they say about them?

    149.) If you could have your own business, what would you do?

    150.) What current friend do you have that you’ve known the longest?

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    posted a message on The Repeat, Minecraft Roleplay

    Body Actors

    Ign: CoolBanana27

    Age: 13

    Skype: cool.banana27


    What you use to record: Fraps (Paid Version)

    What is your FPS: When recording: 60-80

    Age: 13

    Ign: CoolBanana27

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