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    posted a message on [Help] So i wanted to port a mod without knowing java...

    Right, question time:

    Do those other languages include C#, or heavy use of another OO language? If not, this task might be beyond your reach. Java's static / non-static and access modifiers can confuse a non-OO programmer, so you really need to know a language which has the same concepts.

    For actually doing the update, here's how I think about updating my own mods.

    Forge is essentially an API. That's a piece of software that's expecting you to make certain method calls and provide objects / resources in a particular way. The reason we need to update mods is due to Forge updating what it expects your mod to ask for, so you need to change your method calls / resources. That's what your 100 errors are, you're making calls to Forge methods or variables that no longer exist, so you'll need to find what their updated counterparts are (if they even exist).

    I have two pieces of advice here:

    • Don't try to port from 1.7.10 directly to 1.10, port to each major release a step at a time.
    • Write your own mods, if you haven't already. Follow some simple tutorials on your version for creating an Item / Block / Entity. Once you've seen how it's done, you'll be able to see the parallels in the code your updating.

    Coming out of 1.7.10 is tricky. A lot of hard-coded data and textures were moved out to .JSON files, and item registration changed to be event based shortly after. Feel free to keep asking for help with particulars here, I might be able to assist.

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    posted a message on ItemBlock model doesn't render properly

    I believe this is your issue: Main._MODID+":"+item.getRegistryName() in registerItemModels.

    getRegistryName also returns the domain as part of the string, so this line becomes "toybox:toybox:explmin". You've doubled up the domains. You can also see this in the screenshot, the resource thinks it belongs to "toybox:toybox:explmine#inventory". Remove The unnecessary "Main._MODID + ":" from your modelResourceLocation and you should be golden.

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    posted a message on Liquid Enchanting - Add potion effects to Armor and Weapons!

    Welcome to Liquid Enchanting! The mod that lets you enchant your armor and swords with potions!


    How does it work?

    Potions or nether stars can be crafted together with vanilla armor or swords using the crafting table. When this newly potion infused armor is worn, the player receives that potion effect for as long as they wear the armor. For swords, the potion effect is applied to the hit entity for 10 seconds.


    The crafting recipes for this mod are very simple:

    Place your piece of armor / sword in the central slot of a crafting table, and surround with potions of your choice.

    Armor Crafting Recipe Sword Crafting Recipe

    All potions must be of the same type, and must be either the base or extended strength varieties. Extended duration potions will not work in these crafting recipes.

    NB: If you're using Minecraft 1.7 or 1.8, you must use potions from the brewing stand, NOT the creative inventory.

    Beacon effects can also be applied to your items, at the cost of a nether star and some building materials. Surround your armor with iron blocks, a nether star and a pickaxe or chestplate to add Haste and Resistance to your armor. For level 2 effects, swap out the iron for diamonds.

    Haste I crafting Haste II crafting

    Resistance I Crafting Resistance II crafting


    This mod comes with a config file, which is auto-generated when the mod is first run. Crafting recipes can be enabled or disabled at the level of each potion. By default, all crafting recipes are enabled.

    Enchanting / Naming

    This mod co-exists with the vanilla enchanting system. Items that are already enchanted or damaged can be used as ingredients, and these potion infused items can be used in the vanilla enchanting tables. If used in conjunction with another enchanting mod, modded enchantments should also be transferred between items.


    Download from my CurseForge page: https://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/liquid-enchanting

    Supports versions 1.7.10 - 1.12.2

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    posted a message on Armour Expansion - Balanced new armours and effects!

    Hi 'crafters!

    Welcome to Armour Expansion, the mod that adds 5 new armour & tool materials to Minecraft without overpowering the game.

    To get started in this mod, you take standard lapis lazuli, redstone dust, nether quartz or glowstone dust and smelt them to make ingots.

    These can then be made into 4 armours, with strength and durability between leather and iron. Why not just make iron armour? Well when a full set of these armours is equipped, the player is granted with a boost effect unique to each armour:

    Lapis armour: Gives you the ability to breath underwater, along with walking and breaking blocks at the same speed as you would on land.

    Redstone armour: Makes you completely fireproof, useful for those trips to the nether, or maybe if you're just clumsy.

    Quartz armour: Gives mining haste 3 - Cut through blocks as if they were butter.

    Glowstone armour: Gives constant night vision, light level 15 everywhere you look. Can't be doing with torches? This is the suit for you.

    Now for the fifth armour. For when you're so rich making it rain just doesn't cut the mustard. You can now make Emerald Armour. This is stronger than diamond and gives you the strength to punch 130% harder than before when a full set is worn. Sure it maybe a little overpowered, but when you're this rich who cares?
    Each armour can be made using the new ingots or vanilla emeralds as per the vanilla armour recipes.

    Also included in this mod is a tools expansion, using the above ingots or emeralds to make tools by the vanilla recipes. These can harvest everything that iron can, have a durability and attack between stone and iron, yet break blocks faster than iron. They also boast an enchantability rating equal to that of gold, increasing your chance of getting multiple or high level enchantments when compared to iron tools. The benefits may be more aesthetic than practical, but at least you can mine with style...

    Mod Showcases:


    Future Additions:

    Increase the enchantability of the tools to yield better enchantments.

    Give an extended reach to tools to allow for mining slightly further afield.

    Render Glowstone Armor to always appear at light level 15 when worn (will not affect light level of other blocks).

    Generate add-in for sphax texture packs.

    Download links:

    My Curseforge Page

    Like this mod? Try some of my others out from my hub:


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    posted a message on Creativetabs doesn't shows icon.

    Right, here's your problem!

    public static ItemStack icon = new ItemStack(ItemInit.DIARY_BOOK);

    Remove "static" and this should work.


    The "static" modifier is used to tell the compiler that this variable should be used by the class, not specific instantiations. An instantiation is anywhere you call "new Blahdebah....". Non-static methods (such as your getTabIconItem) shouldn't really be used to access static variables.

    Personally I would have written the method like this, as you only use icon in the one place.

    public ItemStack getTabIconItem() {

    return new ItemStack(ItemInit.DIARY_BOOK);;


    Please let us know if that worked!

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    posted a message on chests in boats

    1) Tame donkey
    2) Put donkey in boat
    3) ???

    4) Profit!

    Jokes aside, we have minecart chests, and two person boats now. Crating a Boat with Chest (combine a boat and chest, like with current minecarts) and sacrificing a passenger slot would fit quite nicely.


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    posted a message on Crash on craft. Help pls!!!!!!!

    "Mantle Environment: DO NOT REPORT THIS CRASH! Unsupported mods in environment: optifine"

    Have you tried running without optifine?
    Does this crash occur when you try to craft anything, or specific blocks / items?

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    posted a message on New zombie mob in 1.11.2?
    Quote from SelectAbyss»

    That's a husk, they spawn mostly in deserts and inflict hunger when attacking. They don't burn and if unprovoked by players or villagers, they will avoid water. They can spawn wearing armour, carrying weapons, or as babies. It's possible for them to spawn with a baby zombie on its back, but only one has ever been found like that

    Baby on it's back is nonsense. That does not happen
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    posted a message on HELP. Multiple TP points on a server.

    Is there a reason you're using execute here? You can use co-ordinates inside your selector. For example:
    "/tp @a[x=12,y=63,1z=5,r=1] 1111 4 625" will teleport a player which is at 12,63,5 to your desired block. Change these co-ordinates to where you want your tp point to be.
    If the /execute is required, change the first set of tildes to your desired tp point. The command will only be valid when the player is stood at the right location, and will then check for a sea lantern block below them.

    To play a sound, place a chain, conditional command block on the output side of your teleporting command block. When the teleport is successful, the chain command block will be triggered, playing the sound.

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    posted a message on New world to test ideas

    "/gamerule doMobSpawning false" will prevent any mob spawns.

    Create a new world, then use the command. You'll have to use "/kill @e" to remove any mobs that were spawned in during world generation, but after that nothing will spawn. You can still spawn mobs using mob eggs or commands.

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