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    Worldborders are set as a square area, based around a centre point which you can set.
    There's a good amount of information on them here: http://minecraft.gamepedia.com/World_border#Commands

    What you do is set a centre point, and then a size. The worldborder will be moved / resized dependent on what you set. What you can't do is have a non-square area, so if you want a wall 3,000,000 away from your centre at one edge, it will be 3,000,000 away from the centre point on all 4 edges.

    If you want to stop players getting to a specific area of the map I suggest using barrier blocks. They're invisible and unbreakable in survival.

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    That would get problematic on the occasions when the platform appears out in the void. People would try to pillar up and be confused why it doesn't work. Yes there's a workaraound of pillaring out first, but it'd be frustrating if you don't understand.

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    posted a message on Help needed - PotionUtils not behaving as expected

    Hello all,

    I'm using PotionUtils to use potions as a crafting ingredient, as follows:

    ItemStack speedIIPotion = PotionUtils.addPotionToItemStack(new ItemStack(Items.POTIONITEM), PotionTypes.STRONG_SWIFTNESS);
    GameRegistry.addRecipe(new ItemStack(ModItems.speedII_iron_helmet),
    'A', speedIIPotion, 'B', new ItemStack(Items.IRON_HELMET, 1, OreDictionary.WILDCARD_VALUE));

    However, the crafting recipe will always accept any potion, regardless of what I set PotionTypes to. Can anyone help?

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    Yup, exactly that. There's an area around the platform which is always cleared every time an entity passes into the end, and the obsidian platform is rebuilt. I can't remember exactly what the range is. I suggest going back to the end, and fill the entire area with dirt/cobble. Leave and go back, then see how much gets destroyed. That's your build limit.

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    posted a message on 1.11 Witch Farm Help

    Slabs make no difference, you're still perfectly fine there.

    From what I can find, there's no change to witch huts, other than the initial witches that are spawned as part of generation don't despawn. The fact that you're getting other mobs in there suggests that the NBT data for the world has become corrupted, and the witch hut structure is no longer in the place it originally was. This should not have happened.

    Do you know how to look at the NBT data for your world?

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    posted a message on MOVING MOBS IN A MINECART

    To get him in to a boat or cart, push the vehicle towards him. When it collides with him he'll get in. It can take a couple of tries.
    He can ride in a boat with you, but minecarts are single passengers only.
    To get him out, you can destroy the vehicle by punching it, and he'll bounce out when it turns into an item. If he's in a minecart, you can run that minecart over a powered activator rail to kick him out without destroying the minecart. This is generally safer, as you can't accidentally hit him.

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    posted a message on how to limit how many times a sign can be used and how to make it work like a button at the same time?

    This one's easily doable. You'll need a few components. I'll explain them and summarise at the end:

    Tracking uses:

    To track how often a user has clicked the sign, you'll need to set up a scoreboard. These are lists that Minecraft uses to track all sorts of things. For now we'll use a dummy, so that it only count up when we tell it to. Execute the following command once:

    /scoreboard objectives add NewbTracker dummy

    "NewbTracker" is what we're calling our scoreboard. "dummy" means the score will only change if we update it with a command.

    Creating a clickable sign:
    This website is a good generator for clickable signs: https://mcstacker.bimbimma.com/mcstacker1.11.php

    Change the options to /setblock with a sign (wall or standing dependent on what you need) and you'll see 4 lines appear for "1 Mode:" to "4 Mode:" These are for each line of the sign. Leave them set to "text" and choose what you want written on each line along with the text formatting.

    Now for the commands:

    Each line can have a command associated with it, which is activated when a player clicks on it. To check how often the player has used the sign, you'll need a selector for users with a low NewbTracker score that are standing at the sign, so the selector will look like this:

    This will only activate for the nearest player "@p" with a NewbTracker score of 3 or less, who is within a 5-block radius "r=5".

    Once the sign has been clicked, you'll want to increase the player's NewbTracker score. That's done with the command:

    /scoreboard players add @p[r=5] NewbTracker 1

    If you're using /give then you'll be limited to 4 item stacks, which probably won't be enough. The next best thing is to create a chest full of goodies when the sign's clicked. I'd suggest using /setblock to place a chest full of these goodies.Again, you can use the link I pasted earlier to generate a /setblock command which will place a chest with whatever items you want. For the co-ordinates I suggest using ~ ~2 ~ for reasons that will become clearer later. For example, to create a chest with:

    A stone sword

    A stone pick

    16 chicken

    16 oak planks

    64 cobblestone

    You'd use the following command:

    /setblock ~ ~2 ~ minecraft:chest 2 replace {Items:[{Slot:0,id:wooden_sword,Count:1b},{Slot:1,id:stone_pickaxe,Count:1b},{Slot:2,id:cooked_chicken,Count:16b},{Slot:3,id:planks,Count:16b},{Slot:4,id:cobblestone,Count:64b}]}

    Now, to limit how often a player can use this, you use the /execute command to execute the command on behalf of the player. Using the selector from earlier:

    /execute @p[score_NewbTracker=3,r=5] ~ ~ ~ /setblock ~ ~2 ~ minecraft:chest....

    When this command is executed, the sign will look for a player with a NewbTracker score of less than 3, within 5 blocks. If it finds one, then that player will set the goodies chest above thier head. If the sign can't find one (for example, the only player near enough has a high NewbTracker score), then nothing will happen.

    To summarise:
    Execute /scoreboard objectives add NewbTracker 1 once to set up a scoreboard to track newbs.

    Create a sign with the following commands on each line:

    Line 1: /execute @p[score_NewbTracker=3,r=5] ~ ~ ~ /setblock ~ ~2 ~ minecraft:chest.... (Where .... is the rest of your chest NBT)

    Line 2: /scoreboard players add @p[r=5] NewbTracker 1

    Each time the sign is clicked, the nearest player will get a chest of goodies above his head, but can't use it more than 3 times.

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    I support the concept, and think it'd be good if you increased your rate of sinking aswell as flying. Not as a curse, but to improve water mobility. I also think this should be wrapped into Depth Strider.

    Whilst you're right that we do already have variants for protection and damage, they'd be used for different applications. People may want one set of blast prot armor for one expedition, fire prot for another. Same goes for the damage enchantments. In the overworld I take Sharpness with me to deal with everything as a general. If I'm going to the nether I take Smite in case I accidentally hit a pigman. I don't see a use where someone would want depth strider but not riser.

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    posted a message on Invisible mob in 16w43a

    Texture looks like it might be the feet of a Zombie, don't know why only that would show.

    Have you tried using "/testfor @e[c=2]"? That will report on the name of the two nearest entities. That being yourself, and whatever your mob is. Also, using F3+B will show the bounding box, to give you some indication of the mob's height

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    posted a message on Better Enderpearls in Vanilla 1.10+!

    Hello again!

    I'm making a command block advent calendar on Youtube, showcasing a bunch of my survival augmenting contraptions. Would I be able to showcase this as part of the series? Credit will of course be linked back to this thread, or to your own Youtube channel if you have one.

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    posted a message on how do u allow cheats in multiplayer server?

    Opping does let you set gamemode, though you have to use the right level. By default I believe /op will only op you to level 1.

    Use /op <Username> 4 to give yourself full permissions. Op levels as shown on the Wiki:

    1 - Ops can bypass spawn protection.

    2 - Ops can use /clear, /difficulty, /effect, /gamemode, /gamerule, /give, and /tp, and can edit command blocks.

    3 - Ops can use /ban, /deop, /kick, and /op.

    4 - Ops can use /stop.

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    posted a message on Can i get some help, my game crashes.

    Okay, so you're still getting extra arguments being fed into your Java VM regardless of mods.
    This is not an issue caused by Minecraft. This is something else running with Java in the background on your computer which is interfering with Minecraft.

    This is where my ability to help ends, I simply don't know what setup you have on your computer. If you have some computer knowledge I suggest going through the startup options of your PC and disabling things which aren't necessary for your day-to-day operations. If you don't know how to do that, find someone nearby who does, you could damage your computer by blundering through.

    Good luck!

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    posted a message on Can i get some help, my game crashes.

    Right, it would seem that something is adding the extra JVM arguments outside of your control.
    That is assuming you deleted everything from the JVM arguments text-box before pasting the new parts in?

    So, something is interfering with your Java environment and inserting extra arguments into the JVM. Do any of the mods you use have external config files? (If you don't know, send me links to the modpack so I can have a look).

    This is a tricky one. I'm going to ask you to run through a few tests:

    Launch vanilla Minecraft

    Remove all mods from your folder, then launch forge.
    If the forge client runs, then start adding the mods in one at a time, and see when it crashes. If a mod's inserting the extra arguments, this will fix it.

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    posted a message on Can i get some help, my game crashes.

    Section from this report:
    Memory: 23624496 bytes (22 MB) / 259522560 bytes (247 MB) up to 259522560 bytes (247 MB)
    JVM Flags: 8 total;









    Before we start, "Heap size" is the amount of memory the Java virtual machine (which runs Minecraft) can use.
    For some reason, you're giving two values for initial (-Xms) and max (-XmX) heap size. You have one running at 4GB, another at 256MB. If the Java machine is using the latter, then you're going to run out of memory. 256MB is not enough.

    From your launcher, try setting this as the JVM arguments:
    -Xmx1G -XX:+UseConcMarkSweepGC -XX:+CMSIncrementalMode -XX:-UseAdaptiveSizePolicy -Xmn128M

    Report back with what happens. If it crashes again, please post the new log :)

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    posted a message on Cookiecrafting 02 - Revenge of the villagers!

    Hallo Crafters!

    We're back on the survival gameplay in my single player world. This week, we're building a super-simple zombie grinder:

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