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    For the bajillionth time, it's not Jeb or the game, it's you.

    Believe it or not all games have a novelty factor. INCLUDING MINECRAFT. If you are bored of survival mode, it means you are actually getting bored of the game.

    It's not the old features that you miss, it's the noobish feeling, not knowing where to go or what to do. Your mind associates the feeling with the old versions of Minecraft. You can downgrade for nostalgia, play with mods, play adventure maps or play multiplayer.

    Stop blaming Jeb. The new features are great.

    I just wish we could have greener grass...
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    What I want back is the vibrant green grass from late alpha/early Beta. Not the BRIGHT bright stuff from classic-early Alpha, but also not the boring dull green-grey grass we have now.
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    The Team


    Cookie paintings

    And the file is here: http://i929.photobuc...kiefairy/kz.png
    Copy the picture. Go into minecraft.jar and into paintings. Replace kz with the picture and call it kz.

    Episode 1: REDSTONE, Y U SO MANY!?

    Story+Concept: Cookiefairy
    Artist: (No forum account yet)

    -There is so much of it.
    -It takes an age to mine.
    -It drops so much and fills up your inventory.

    Episode 2: Creepier than creepers!


    BONUS 1: Creepers gonna creep!


    Episode 3: Diamond + Lava = Rage


    Ep 4-5 Notes
    I had been sick on Tuesday and Wednesday and had not been able to see the comics, so Thunderpeace and my friend Liam did 4-5, and Liam has a different sense of humour than me, just letting you know.

    Episode 4: Endermen Evolution


    Episode 5: Minecraft Meets Terraria


    Episode 6: Adventure! Ft. Nyan Cat


    Episode 7: Diamonds: Dey so Precious


    Episode 8: 404 Error Ft. Cookiefairy


    Episode 9: Thunderpeace's First Time Playing Minecraft


    Episode 10: Minecrash


    Episode 11: What is this I don't even...?


    Episode 12: Creeper Tactic


    Episode 13: That's my Job!


    Episode 14: 1.8 Prerelease: Pigs...


    BONUS 2: Cows Gonna Moo!


    Episode 15: Cow


    Episode 16: (Not so Minecraft) Trolled


    BONUS 3: Cookie on the Street!

    Episode 17: Wheat


    Episode 18: Why? Just why?


    Episode 19: Merge!!


    Episode 20: Pyromaniac Fail


    Pixel skits

    Episode 1: 1.8 preview!

    Episode 2: Don't look



    Banners (For your signature)
    Banner one

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    Banner two

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    Comics (Story)

    Chaper one

    Chapter two


    Creepers gonna creep

    Cows gonna moo

    Pretty Coal

    I'll Pork You

    Enderman: Y U NO Scary?

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    Annoy my brother by growing mega jungle trees everywhere on his server.
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    Quote from Chro

    These are pretty darn well drawn, but in the humor department, they seem to fall flat more than half the time. I think this may be because there's no real punchline in a lot of them, just memes being overused or random things happening. Try using relatable situations in Minecraft that haven't been done a lot (bad example would be creepers blowing up houses, losing diamonds, etc). Like, for instance, episode 7 is a good one. I chuckled a bit, since I do it all the time, and I haven't seen many comics touch base on that. However, using both the me gusta face and the awesome face (twice) in one comic strip was a bit unnecessary - I think it'd be funnier without them, and/or with valid facial expressions in their place.Episode 12 is another example of a good one. I thought it was pretty clever, and I haven't seen it done before (it could have done without any dialogue, but that's just a personal preference).Now, an example of a sorta mediocre one would be...Episode 15, I think. Those kind of strips can be funny sometimes (extreme closeups, etc), but only if it's done right, or if it has an actual punchline. In this case, I don't think it was executed very well. To improve upon it, you could have made the cow's face increasingly realistic as it zooms in, or something like that. tl;dr version: The art's good, but the jokes could be a lot better. Of course, these are just for fun anyways, so by no means do you have to take my advice into much consideration, unless you'd like to improve upon them a bit. Cheers!

    Finally! A critique! I was beginning to think we were perfect XD. Yes, there are three idea people in the team, all with different senses of humour, depending on how tired we are (lol). LIAM did episode 15, and we were overdue so I said fine. Lol, Liam, you are so dry. Your best one was 12. That was great.

    If you notice, underneath each skit I put a name.

    But, thanks for the feedback. I'm sure Thunderpeace will read this soon.
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    Quote from nm_ghost »
    Ha! I grouped the bits from 'mojang' image in groups of five, and then each 5-bit byte is number 0-31 (1-st bit is least significant). Number 0 is ' ', number 1 'a', 2 'b', ... 'z'. The result is:

    d f or you taki ng the tim e t o decipher this he re s so me w onde rf ul m us ic t o li sten to h tt p assets m oj an g co m ma ni fest o ogg th is is no t an arg we a re just havin g some f un wit h th e fr ee ad

    (or more readable: "for you taking the time to decipher this here's some wonderful music to listen to http://assets.mojang.com/manifesto.ogg . this is not an arg, we are just having some fun with the free ad")

    So the next part of the riddle is: http://assets.mojang.com/manifesto.ogg :wink.gif:

    Source: http://www.reddit.com/r/Minecraft/comments/jevpy/someone_decode_this/
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