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    Known error: "Run Shell Script" error. It has been fixed, please download the current version.

    MacModder has been designed to make modding easier, something that hasn't been widely available on Macs. Since we launched as Minecraft's first Mac-only mod installer in January 2011, we've been trying new ways to make modding easier. With the constant updates to our software, we've now made it as easy as drag-and-drop installation since MacModder 5.

    Now, get ready for MacModder 6!

    We've taken a good look at everything you've suggested, and have rewritten the program nearly from scratch to give you a great, easy-to-use mod installer. One small program is all you'll need to get your mods installed now. Simply run the Mod Installer, then drag your mod files in to the folder. Simple!


    Download the new version of the application (6.1) at contrillion.com/macmodder
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    Just in from Jeb:
    We are aware of the login server problems! We've sent our best man on it!
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    "In a recent patch they added flat lands in, so instead of a procedural landscape, it’s just completely flat, which is ideal for creative stuff – this has been in FortressCraft since the beginning.

    Remember Indev? Yeah, there was a flat land option there too!

    Notch also recently re-wrote the way lighting works in Minecraft so torches are a different colour – we did that first

    So Notch is not allowed to modify his own game in any way?

    he added grass

    Notch was talking about the possibilities long before FortressCraft was even around.

    they added a map, we had those first.

    Again, I believe this was in planning before fortress craft released.

    The experience points don’t do anything

    You obviously haven't played Minecraft recently.

    There’s no manual or instructions

    That's part of what I think made Minecraft what it is today.

    The minecarts are buggy and broken. They also have no point at all (barring acting as some sort of tour guide – what does that have to do with survival?)

    The game's also a sandbox, and were added when Minecraft's sandbox elements really stood out.

    No mod support.

    Just you wait...

    Only one game mode (Creative adds flying and no limits on blocks – it’s more of a cheat mode than a game mode!)

    You forgot hardcore!

    No PVP (or, if you include griefing, ‘**** PVP’)

    You've never used the server software then, that's for sure.
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    Quote from Greenwindu

    Yes it is. Only because we need a Layout Editor. Can someone do it while we look for a full time one. One of the writers? One time? Jebus? Synth? Anyone? NOTCH?!

    I'll do it for the week. It won't be done by Wednesday but will by the weekend. If everyone can PM me their articles I will get started!
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    I'm starting to transcribe all the features of the magazine into archives based on sections. Also:
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    I put together a sample front page. Click here.
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    I love the server hosting here. It's very reliable, and I've had great responses from the support, let alone the speedy replies!
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    To make schematics, select what you would like to become a schematic inside McEdit, then on the left, click 'export schematic'.
    All of my schematics are at http://www.minecraftforum.net/viewtopic.php?f=1020&t=121408
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