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    posted a message on Looking for a Modpack I Saw

    I recall a Youtube video of a survival modpack that was in a cave world, all underground, there were tough mobs such as variations of Creeper and no readily available foods. The strategy for surviving early on was to make a shelter inside a wall or something and literally eat cobblestone soup. Oh and there was a terrain stability mod in there for good measure so thin structures could collapse.

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    posted a message on Looking for a World Gen Mod

    A while back I saw a mod that made the entire world fill to the brim with blocks and generated huge caves, which basically meant there was no surface space for trees, but there were ways to find wood underground. I like the idea of a Minecraft game where you can play entirely underground, but I haven't been able to find the mod. If anyone has this mod or something close to it let me know.


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    posted a message on Good screen recorder for Mac?

    A lot of Macs come with a free copy of QuickTime Player, which, oddly enough, has a perfectly good screen recording option. At least, the more recent versions do.

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    posted a message on [Alpha] The Aether II: Genesis of the Void (The Festive Update! Presents, new companions, and more!)
    *Sees ad for new update*


    *Sees note that it's "coming soon"*


    But in all seriousness this mod is still great, and it's always good to check in and see that it's still getting some love.
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    posted a message on Is jeb taking Minecraft in the right direction?
    Since the idea behind the Plugin API is to allow people to add only the features they want (including vanilla things), it practically removes any reason to complain. I just hope it reaches a state where we don't have to worry about mods becoming deprecated by official updates.. A guy can dream.
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    posted a message on [1.5] ☆~☆~☆ EMENBEE PvP ☆~☆~☆ " [Factions] [Auctions] [PvP] [McMMO] [Dedicated 24/7]"
    The IG name is


    and I want to join because this looks like a really good server.
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    posted a message on [Semi-Vanilla] GMG Minecraft Server (No Chest Locks, No Anti-Grief, No Economy)
    Looking good so far GanMatt! I'd like to see a few screenshots though.
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    posted a message on Terrain Seeds Are Useless! And Here's Why (Poll Added)
    This has to be one of the best threads I have found ever. It brings back memories of so many old maps...

    I remember building a house on the edge of a flat plain which turned into a huge valley, and not far away at the edge of that valley is an overhang above an interesting cave, and a ravine and then some cool mountains.

    I remember being inspired to make a cool tree fort with leaves as the roof and a lookout in the canopy. But then I had to leave a trail as I searched for a cave to mine and made an outpost in a hill. I eventually started work on a cart track to ferry materials back and forth.

    I remember building houses in the sides of cliffs with many stories and windows all the time.

    I remember what a big deal it was when I found this one map seed with like two dozen cave entrances clumped together in a little box canyon, with a bunch of monsters hanging out and tons of iron. Now tons of iron is easy to find and it's no sweat. Like you said, seemingly endless caves like that were rare. That was a truly great seed.

    I remember those seeds with the intense overhangs and floating islands and waterfalls and lava waterfalls.

    At least the Nether remains interesting for me, my friend and I went in Multiplayer and finally found a fortress. But even then, most of the Nether feels harsh and repetitive at times with everything being made of the same Netherrack and nothing useful to find besides glowstone and soul sand.

    And my two cents on generation: Deserts are the only thing that doesn't need big changes. Wide, flat sands would provide a stark contrast if there were a lot of extreme and fantastical terrain, making them interesting.. And they hide areas where sand can collapse beneath you into caves, and mysterious pyramids and even villages.
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    posted a message on SURVIVAL SERVER --- RAID PVP NO-LAG 24/7
    I'll check it out.
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    posted a message on SURVIVAL SERVER --- RAID PVP NO-LAG 24/7
    I am intrigued.
    See you there.
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    posted a message on nethercraft
    You got me interested in this one, so I found it! I don't know if the latest still works in 1.7 but apparently there's a way around it. Some kind of a "Nostalgia Mod" that allows you to down-grade Minecraft. :cool.gif:

    I think I need to try this, probably on Multiplayer.

    And you're right, it's pretty hard to find.
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    posted a message on Really Weird Mob -.-
    Quote from superdude243

    Can he teleport?And does he have a creeper-like face?Because in the videos of ishraphel i've seen he can teleport.And a creeper face.

    Yep. He has a white creeper face, and red eyes. And he wears a suit with a thing down the front. AND he shoots arrows at people. It has to be him.
    He no longer stays in Minecraftia. No world is safe! :ohmy.gif:
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    posted a message on Mod Spotlight: The Aether
    As soon as this comes out I'm gonna try to get a let's play made with my friends!
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    posted a message on The gravity well (The Nether Rift)
    I like the idea! Plus for the record it has 100% yes at the moment. A whopping 8 votes! XD

    It sounds like it would be hard enough to collect, considering you'd be moving while trying to catch it in a bucket. But...

    What do you do if you get stuck orbiting around really close to it? (LOL)
    And placing it and building around it could be hard because: A. You can't currently place things in mid air and B. You'd be stuck really close by once placed, like right there, having to escape the pull.

    But it would be fun to put in the Nether even if you couldn't collect it just as a creative obstacle to add.
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    posted a message on "Better Books" Suggestion (Making Books Awsome) V2.0 (Completely Revamped)
    I think it would make more sense if bookshelves acted like chests, and showed a sort of list of books that are there. (perhaps show the spines with titles like a REAL bookshelf!) It would be a better way to store and retrieve them than using 1 chest slot per book and it would be kind of fun.
    And why was it suggested that the shelf be required to read tutorial books? It's a bit odd.
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