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    Since it is a mapmaker oriented item, I would normally say to not be craftable buuuut I bet those hardcore redstoners would find a way to make something crazy with it in survival somehow. Possibly some kind of super advanced sorting mechanism.


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    While this does get annoying, I think it should be kept intact. Mobs fighting eachother is not only hilarious at times, but is a great strategic thing to do.

    Once I was in a horde of skeletons, one of them was in full diamond. I got the skeletons to attack their diamond clad leader thus making the fight much easier.

    No Support, but I would like to see it as a NBT tag of sorts.

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    posted a message on (Player) was hit by a Minecart.
    Quote from manofmen12»

    would this make the zombie pigmen mad at you for hit and run?

    If you were directing the question towards the thread itself, the answer is no. Thank you for saying this though as it warrants an Update to the OP after a year :P

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    While I do get annoyed by having to break my misplaces glass, I do not think this is the way to fix the problem.

    The idea itself is fine, it is just that Glass Shards would ONLY have 1 purpose: To craft glass. An item's purpose should not only be to be a gateway item to make another. It needs uses in of itself.

    No Support (until the item gets more uses)

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    posted a message on Throwable Ender Pearls in Creative!

    This has always annoyed me, and it is already on the console editions (as Seirios said), and it is no problem there.


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    posted a message on Make Spiders Immune To Fall Damage

    While it is fun smacking these guys around, I do say that they would be much more intimidating if they were to just climb back up the cliff over and over again.


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    posted a message on Potion Pouches (An offhand item for the magically inclined).

    I wanted to avoid using any GUI's as it makes the item less user-friendly. We also do not currently have any items in the game that open GUI's within your inventory. This is something that I respect and something that suggestions should avoid doing.

    Also, having them go from your inventory ruins a big part of the balancing. Being able to draw every potion from your inventory would only make potion spamming the way to go. That is NOT my intention. My intention is to make potions more feasible to use in combat while still keeping them balanced.

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    posted a message on Potion Pouches (An offhand item for the magically inclined).

    Could you "repair" these pouches by crafting a potion of the same type and the pouch together?

    Other than that, I see some potential in this.

    Partial Support

    I actually completely neglected to mention anything about repairing, I will do so now.


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    posted a message on Potion Pouches (An offhand item for the magically inclined).

    Potions are Minecraft's take on magic.

    Potions offer helpful effects to support and hinder.

    The main drawback of potions is the fact that you can only store them in single "stacks".

    That is where Potion Pouches come in.


    It would be crafted with 3 Rabbit Hides in the shown formation. This would make 1 Empty Potion Pouch.

    What Does It Do?

    The Potion Pouch is an item that will automatically fill your offhand with potions. While this may seem overpowered at the moment, give me some time to explain.

    How Does It Work?

    1) Take your Pouch and combine it with 3 of the same kind of potion. These potions must be of the same type (Instant Health, Poison, Fire Resist., etc.) and must be in splash form and it does not matter how they are otherwise modified (Potion Level, Extended Time, etc.). The Recipe is shapeless; you just need to put an Empty pouch and 3 of the "same" potion in a crafting bench. The Pouch will now be named " Potion Pouch of (Potion Type)". Examples of names are: Potion Pouch of Strength, Potion Pouch of Harming, etc.

    2) Place the now filled Pouch in your offhand slot (It will NOT work if placed in any other slot in the entire universe).

    3) The Pouch will NOT appear in your offhand, instead when you right click you will have a potion that is the same type as your Pouch in your hand. This potion will be named "Pouched Potion of (Potion Type)". As soon as the potion is used you will need to right click again and another will take it's place. After the Pouch has supplied you with 3 potions it will break and be gone forever.

    4) The Pouch has a durability meter, if it has never supplied a potion it will have full durability. After supplying 1 potion it will have 1/3 missing, after supplying 2 it will have 2/3 missing, and after 3 it will be broken.

    But This Is Overpowered!

    1) You would need to kill tons of rabbits to make good use of these Pouches.

    2) I Know. I have thought of that. That is why I made a tweak to these potions.

    What Is This "Tweak" You Speak Of?

    When you use a "Pouched" Potion, it will be slightly weaker than normal splash potions. Modifications are as follows:

    Weakness: Reduces Damage by 1 Heart ---> Reduces by Half Heart

    Strength: Adds 1.5 Hearts damage ---> Adds 1 Heart damage

    Regeneration: Restores 1 Heart every 2.4 Seconds ---> Restores 1 Heart every 3 Seconds

    Swiftness: Increases speed by 20% ---> Increases by 15%

    Slowness: Slowed to Crouch for 1:30 ---> Slowed to Crouch for 1:00

    Healing: Heals 3 Hearts ---> Heals 2.5 Hearts

    Harming: Does 3 Hearts of Damage ---> Does 2.5 Hearts of Damage

    Fire Resistance: Fire Resistance for 2:15 ---> Fire Resistance for 1:30

    Night Vision: Night Vision for 2:15 ---> Night Vision for 1:30

    Invisibility: Invisibility for 2:15 ---> Invisibility for 1:30

    Water Breathing: Water Breathing for 2:15 ---> Water Breathing for 1:30

    Other Stuff

    • If you remove a potion pouch from your offhand slot before it runs out of potions, it will retain it's durability from when it was removed.
    • If you remove a pouch while you are holding a Pouched Potion, that potion will be gone forever.
    • There is NO way to get back the potions you put in the Pouches. (This is to keep you from using them simply as storage)
    • You can repair your Pouch by crafting it with a potion of the same type. This will restore 1 durability.

    But this has already been suggested!

    I searched and everything I found was regarding potion storage with 9 slots while mine is more weaponized and makes use of the 1.9 offhand slot. If there is still too much in common please feel free to PM me.

    Something you really like? Something needs a change? Please do not hesitate to comment!


    • Added a way to repair Potion Pouches (Thanks AThingWithAThing)
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    posted a message on The Soul Sponge - A new way to soak up fiery blocks [32 Supporters!]

    I approve of this greatly.

    *Looks at Soul Sponge* : Only YOU can prevent wildfires!


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    posted a message on Minecraft Food Changes!
    Quote from Ningaella»

    You know how when you eat something in Minecraft, the player just holds the food to his mouth with particles coming from it to represent eating? Well I was thinking that we should change that a little bit, instead of the food instantly disappearing, while the player is eating the food, little chunks of pixels from the food should disappear, so for example if the player was eating a carrot, segments of carrots will disappear while the player is eating it, so it looks like the player is taking bites from the food, the same should go to drinking potions except the player should actually tilt his head up and pour the potion into his mouth, instead of looking like he's just magically sucking it out of the bottle.

    So yea... that's my idea, hope you read through before you try to hate on it :lol:

    While this would be a visual improvement, what would happen if you only ate half of it?

    Would it suddenly become whole again, would there be a bunch of different sized foodstuffs in your inventory? How would this new system handle half eaten food?

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    posted a message on Clownfish {Useless No More!}: Loved By Ocelots, Bane Of Guardians!


    Because squids are so boring, and since it has been brought to my attention there is really no drawbacks to using a clownfish, I added a part about squids + clownfish!

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    posted a message on Third Person Shoulder View

    More views are always welcome, Support

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    posted a message on Clownfish {Useless No More!}: Loved By Ocelots, Bane Of Guardians!


    I like the ocelot one, not the guardian one. The ocelot one should definatly be added, clownfish are so useless. Maybe they could start telling jokes or something.

    What do you find wrong about the 'guardian one'


    But theyre too hard to get dissolved in 1 use... only 2%

    Please explain what you mean.

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    posted a message on Clownfish {Useless No More!}: Loved By Ocelots, Bane Of Guardians!
    Quote from Don52»

    Don't you think 60% is alot, how about 40%

    If I though 60% was a lot, I would of made it lower. I considered the rarity of clownfish, the quantity of guardians that would most likely be attacking you, and how much damage they do and thought that 60% seemed food.

    Why do you want 40%?

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