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    Nothing new......moving on.
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    Quote from BrokenEye

    Is there a link to the new thread? I don't see a link.


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    Quote from FreezeFlares

    you trying to make me look like a dumba**?

    No, You can already do that without anyone's help.
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    Quote from bgraybr

    2. 'Cause it's okay to steal as long as the person you're stealing from can afford it. To correct you, Notch made a few million, lost a bit to taxes, and then used a good chunk of it hiring his enormous commercial army of ten people and founding his company (which is actually enormously expensive).

    Eh had to stop you there.....Notch didnt lose a penny from people pirating minecraft. No CD or any real item in stock was stolen, only a digital copy of it, and as notch said its free way to get the game out there and for people to buy it.

    Also before you try to yell at me for the whole "its not a real item ect" thing.....Notch said that himself about pirating :/ Sooo yeah, people pirating the game doesn't make him lose a dime.
    Quote from XterierK

    the game is 20 bucks. ****in broke pirates.

    Your missing the point of being a pirate. "Take all you can give nothing back!" Pirate's code :S Pirates dont pay for anything thats why they are pirates duh :tongue.gif:
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    Quote from Banegregory

    Notch is guilt tripping them into buying the game

    Your missing the point....Pirates where able to REMOVE that message within a day. Now all that crappy DRM is effecting is people who BOUGHT with there own money the game :/

    Notch should just rip out this buggie drm, its doing none any good.
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    Quote from Shaniqua Rotanesha »
    Oh look you call me a jerk for posting the wrong section and then you post in the wrong section. There is a screenshots section for a reason.. Please and thanks you.

    This IS in the right section. This is a topic about old minecraft before beta and what you remember about it. Its in the right section.

    Your posts/threads however are not. QUIT TROLLING! QUIT POSTING!

    Enough already everyone is tired of your crap.


    Now on topic. Remember when wood used to burn forever? Forest fires never went out =s

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