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    posted a message on So I haven't played in 18 months.
    New world because updated old ones have biome problems and chunk errors
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    posted a message on banned from sever?
    We have nothing to do with server bans, try asking the ones who banned you
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    posted a message on Record disk machine :D
    You can do this on survival, but with pistons and luring mobs on a button in the middle with a block over head.
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    posted a message on lava
    I live in the Nether, so I love my lava lake :3

    It looks great
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    posted a message on Buying Diamonds With REAL Cash?
    Who would buy it? a 10 year old with his mother's credit card.....

    No one else with sense with buy pixels on a server where the seller (most likely) spawns the items in
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    posted a message on [1.12] Minecraft Minions - evil always finds a way
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    posted a message on If minecraft was a planet...
    Quote from Sir_Veillance

    Not seeing it on earth has nothing to do with Minecraft. This is flat.

    That doesnt prove its flat....that is just a map.....maps dont say the world is flat. Maps are just flat, and the people who made the mapo probally thinks the world is flate, thats how many early maps started to avoid falling off the edge of the earth

    soo ha :P

    It be like If i posted the world map

    and say "the world is flat see?"

    I map doesnt prove the world is flat...see my point?

    Quote from SpartaMercenary

    But it's not. Each block is one cubic meter, which makes 1 block dozens of times larger than your average mouse (whether it be the animal or the computer peripheral). And in case you don't believe me, look here.
    It was a what if question......but damn it notch >.> but yeah as the other user said that post was 2 or so years old the world has changed since then
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    posted a message on I think Minecraft is a BIG waste of time, do you?

    The same could be applied to any game. Why target Minecraft?

    Besides, like someone else said; Minecraft fuels your creativity, unlike *some* *Cough*CoD*Cough* games.

    Well some people love games more then others.....

    this video is a perfect example of this lol
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    posted a message on Since when do Zombies pick up items?
    Since the last update, mobs now drop gear
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    posted a message on I think Minecraft is a BIG waste of time, do you?
    Quote from Arsenios

    Heres the huge point you are missing. Are you enjoying minecraft the entire time you are playing it? You say it's not a waste of time because it entertains you. I appreciate this. If you aren't being entertained, that means you are not using your time productively, or not wasting time. If someone could please address the point of not actually being entertained the entire time you are playing minecraft, it would be great.

    By the way, once again, thanks for the post. I like where this post is going, and i'm getting a nicer view of what people see as wasting time and what people dont.

    Yes, when I play minecraft I enjoy the whole time playing. I love designing mines with by digging tunnels, putting up signs, railroad systems, shipping it back to my base ect.

    The fact that I enjoy complex mining with stairs, signs, minecarts, rails ect. Means while getting stuf I enjoy that time i use to get these ores and items. (some find that boring but I dont)

    When I'm done that I build stuff I like make new red-stone machines ect. I enjoy every min of it. Figuring our complex redstone machines, makes you think of whats possible, then you go and try it and see if it works or not when it goes I feel great, if it doesn't work i find why it didnt and fix it. Its enjoyable every way I think about it.

    If I got board of it there are tons of texture packs, mods and other things to make the game even more enjoyable. Heck even changing the texture pack can make the game more visually appealing and more enjoyable. If not then mods are the way to go as that brings in new machines ideas mobs ect.

    If I didnt enjoy the time when I was playing the game, I would just turn it off and play another game then go back to it later. Its that simple
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    posted a message on Can't find any cow?
    Quote from EvanxCraft


    How to downgrade minecraft btw?
    Dont do that its not needed.
    and ignore his website add

    Heres what you can do. Instal the mod too many items, spawn in what you need. its so much simpler no need to downgrade a thing
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    posted a message on I think Minecraft is a BIG waste of time, do you?
    Well I could write a huge wall of text to explain why its not a waste of time like others might and explain why you are wrong to say it is but I wont (or maybe I will anyway)

    To each person how uses their time is up to themselves to say if it was a waste or time well spent.

    Now for me it's not a waste of time as it gives me entertainment, its fun to play and I overall like it, (like many other videos games I play.) I get enjoyment out of it, and in this world some fun enjoyable time is all I could ask for. Video games being me that joy fun and excitement. So If im getting that from simply playing a game then its not a waste of time its time well spent (for me anyway.)

    For others it might be a waste of time but we all have our preferences of how to use our time. I dont think 3 hours out of a few weeks is wasted time if i get hours of enjoyment out of it.

    I dont tell you off on how you use your time the way you want, if you tell me off for using my time the way I want.

    Thats all

    edit1: I looked at a few replies you posted wanting to know why its enjoyable out of the game? Well thats up to the user, some like seeing grass grow cows moo and pigs oink......others like to explode caves build castles and red-stone machines.

    Me personalty? Building complex mine-shafts, building huge farms, building red-stone machines, and killing zombies. Along with about 100 other things to do in the game I cant think about at the moment.

    Just because we dont list what we like and enjoy most out of the game doesn't mean we dont enjoy it. Enjoyment already gives us that joy and excitement sometimes. Yes it doesn't really help us young bodied with old age (not yet) but each person likes doing different things in the game for this enjoyment.

    ....but back to my point...To put it short: I or anyone else dont need to "justify" why we enjoy the game and think its not a waste...

    because in the end...

    If we enjoy the time we spend then it isn't wasted time now is it?
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    posted a message on ~!{ New Block (for tools) In the Nether }!~
    Quote from Spaceboot1

    Yes, and by whorship, I do mean I prostitute my body for cheeseburgers, and then throw them at the ceiling. I have perfect faith that ceiling cat will catch them and eat them, so I never look up.


    Quote from Spaceboot1

    Okay, new idea: how about a Nether Shrub based on the Dead Shrub from desert biomes. Maybe bigger? Maybe like a tangled thing, like Nether Brambles or something. Thorny Nether Brambles that hurt the player, but you can climb them. And they like lava, so they always spread toward lava.

    Well I think spreading would be a bad idea, like the day mushrooms almsoto ver took the nether.....but maybe have the mspoawn near lava or fire for light but just have them fireproof so they dont burn up. As for how it might look....what about bushes? Like in jungle bios bushes grow near to the ground yet have a certain shape to them, im not saying it should be as big ot spread out but the basic idea is there i think.
    Quote from Pxex

    Unless you want to add ores for tools and plants for food in the End, I do not really see the point. The exact same argument could be used for that as you are doing with this thread.
    Why does the plant need to be for food? If there was a fireproof plant for the nether you could make tools out of thats better then normal wood then the nether wouldnt really need a ore as the wood is sorta one. But more things the better the nether is kinda empty besides a fortress or two.

    But for food? I think i got food covered, bacon, mushroom stew, wheat....I was more manly thinking a plant thats block can be made into nether wood/brick like in a nether fortress, then you can make stairs anf fence out of them like in a fortress. But tools also.....have them better then normal wood though. Fire proof plants make sense to me as its the nether full of lava.....that and it would explain where the fortress's where made from.
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    posted a message on Gravel Texture
    Quote from Cruncheon

    You are making a big deal out of something that is barely even used in game. This is the same deal with emerald ore. People complain too much because it doesn't have much of a purpose.
    Barly used? Are you kidding? That stuff is ALL OVER CAVES systems...and because it looks like cobblestone I think its cobble just to find out it isnt :/
    Quote from nivram

    "Old pink gravel"? I have never seen pink gravel. Do you happen to have an old screen shot that shows this?

    No wonder you like the new gravel.LOL

    I know what hes talking about, He used a texturepack that wasnt updated, so the link was just the background of the outdated texture pack
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    posted a message on I Found a Leprechaun in Minecraft (Real)
    Quote from MoutainDew2k11

    One would like to know what texture pack one is using
    Looks like one of them high rez over 120 ones
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