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    posted a message on Mod Help.
    Quote from ElectricBlue123

    I do not know how to make mod PLASE HLEP ME.

    "Hlep?" ....what....
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    posted a message on Nyan Creeper Menu Title
    can someone confirm this is real and not a virus? i would try but the user has 8 posts is a red flag to me ._.
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    posted a message on We need a new ore!
    We have gold....why not sliver? :< if not just for pretty thigns could help a minecraft money system for servers and such
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    posted a message on Why wont my enchantment table work?
    Quote from Unihax

    here is a screenshot

    You hacked the exp meter.....if wont do a thing to that sword as weapons cant be enchanted to that hiugh of a lvl so the game cant handle it so it doesnt show anything within 10 lvls of it sicne there is nothing over 500 whatever -.- look what im tyring to say is there is a reason the exp meter has a max out lvl
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    posted a message on Minecraft 2?
    want Minecraft 2? .....just look at all the minecrfat clones out there on other systems with better adsvance textures :S

    same thing really :/
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    posted a message on more then 200 diamonds in just a map
    as anyone can tell the screenie has a mod in it to spawn in items, also that download link he left has a pretty nasty virus in it.....why do i say this you ask? ....well....if the post is fake.....the download link most be something even worse right? :< im not going to be the one to test it
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    posted a message on Worst minecraft day ever....
    Quote from southkore

    1st:On one of my servers my stuff disappeared and i was there in a random field. I was no longer in my faction and my inventory was cleared.
    2nd:Got killed on prison serer, lost ALL my stuff.
    3rd:Built a house on a new server :) when it was finished i had about 4 creepers outside :( then lightning struck so they were lightning charged outside my tiny house. Then my door opened somehow and i died and in the background who else......Herobrine.

    Yeah worst, day, ever. Comments on what i should do?

    Moral of the story: Dont play on servers

    Also just a note: Dont mention herobrine its a forum rule as its complete bs -.-
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    posted a message on Hackers & Modders that need to be Know

    None of that could be proven though -.-
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    posted a message on HEROBRINE HEROBRINE HEROBRINE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Ok just posting as this is the 4th tiem i heard this story....

    Quote from player

    Ok so no one please delete this post i just wanna go over something, when i was going back to my house,
    I saw something in the doorway and i didnt know what it was. then i found out it was Herobrine(but i didnt know what herobrine was so i looked him up). I was in Beta 1.5_01, i downgraded to do survival island with my friend without hunger bars and i managed to have a 1.5 server. then my friend had to go. so i played singleplayer for a bit, new world; Seed :102029182999 (random numbers) and i made a house, went to go get wood, then i saw him. I dont have pictures Because my other computer that had it, got wiped (idk why) and i dont have it anymore. Im not making this up this is real(not 100% right). What do you think, Real or fake, Please comment "fake" or "Real" you can put in a reason but you dont have to. I just want to see what you guys think.

    threads and storys like this get around the no 'him' threads -.- make up a story and act dumb and they dont get warned or anything this is getting tiredsome.....also this is the 4th time i hear this same story.....im tired of hearing it why people have not cought on they are reusing stories is beyond me
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    posted a message on Hackers & Modders that need to be Know
    Quote from AlonsoSwoon

    I'm not sure, but I recall that this sort of thing is against the rules.
    That might have been a different forum, though.

    You are correct it is a rule. You cant just blame people for hacking on here as think of it this way. Person A and person B have a fight....person B posts on the fourms person A is a hacker to get person A banned from other games :S

    thats why its a rule

    Quote from ijasonl97

    Well, that's the internet. Though people have tried to solve this with things like MCBans (global banning system) the truth is that people are going to continue hacking servers, it's inevitable.
    i hear the guy who made mcbans left a back door for himself.....so if hes banned from a server he can unban himself ban the person who banned them from there own server so they are banned from all other servers as well....the system is fail
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    posted a message on Extreme lag spikes
    ok....let me see if i got this right.....you complain about lag spikes.....however you are using a texture pack that is 64 or over 64 bit (my guess is 128) -.- ...seriously its called use a smaller texture pack try 16 :s
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    posted a message on Sheepman.
    I lol'ed
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    posted a message on Funny Death Messages
    Conker thought he was Link and was killed by a chicken.

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    posted a message on HEROBRINE HEROBRINE HEROBRINE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Quote from Beltir

    This has been suggested before, and what will happen is something like this;
    Hero Brine
    Herbal Wine (Was done a long time ago as a "joke" herobrine to show how ridiculous it sounded.)

    Long story short, the filter would become useless quickly because they'd just spell it differently or say "him", yet we'd have to try to keep the filter updated with whatever words they decide to use.

    You forget the old story of "The guy with a default skin but white eyes" destorsyed everything and banned me from my own server. :s
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    posted a message on LegendaryCraft "Warning to other Servers"
    Quote from Mecheon

    MCBans is a very bad plugin

    The maker of MCBans used to have a bit of MCBans where if you banned him from your server (For griefing, which he did a lot of) he could then ban you from that server and unban himself, no questions asked

    MCBans is not a good judge of character to use on people

    How in the hell did that pass? .....no wonder noone uses it
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