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    Quote from MrWubzy

    Does nobody here but Conker realize that piracy isn't the same as theft? It's actually quite scary, considering the fact that we're pretty much in the digital age as it is. A better comparison would be something like what hotlinking was a few years back, without providing credit. You'd take an image somebody worked hard on to create and upload onto their site and post it on to yours without credit or consent/knowledge to the original creator. That's pretty much what cracked Minecraft is. Except in this case Mojang staff have mentioned that they're fine with cracked users, just that they do not attempt to make money using cracked clients or accounts, and to buy the full version when they get the money (which, in all honesty, makes Mojang one of the coolest companies ever).

    If you really must argue about cracked users at least get your facts straight. It's not stealing, it's piracy, and piracy is completely different. Yes, we know it's against the EULA, but Mojang have said they're fine with cracked users. If you ask me, if it doesn't hurt me or the ones I care about, it's OK. But if it's such a huge issue with the community then Mojang should at least give their point of view on the case.

    I'm sincerely hoping that it's not just the vocal minority hanging in this topic...

    Well given a good percentage of users on this site may be younger kids around the 9-14 range, they wouldnt know much about the law other then what the tv told them. Due to the fact television has put out a lot of flase pretenses on the subject, thats understandable that most kids dont know what they are talking about when it comes to the subject. However its nice to see that not everyone on this site is like this. Ive been on this site for awhile now, and ive seen the piracy thread pop up a lot on the forums, ive seen the same arguments, and the same ignorant comments, some people who know what piracy really is and what they are talking about. Really its a old subject, that just seems to carry a lot of mis information due to the public tv information, bad sources on the web about the subject, ect. I expected this a bit, but I am just glad that others know what they are talking about, and maybe some of theses post clear up most of this misinformation and teach someone something true about the subject. Hopefully the future generation wont be as ignorant and misinformed when it comes to the subject.

    Quote from Blues22475

    using a cracked copy is too much work as you don't get access to some of the new material.

    Thats incorrect, if you pirate a certain launcher for the game, you can skip the log in process and get updates to the current game, instal mods, texture packs just like everyone else. There are some copies which are just of that current version, but not all of them are like that. Just thought I clear up this small misconception that people seem to think pirated always = an outdated game, when it does not. I pirated the game back when it was in 1.3 beta, and got every update when I was playing it. So really I had the same game as everyone else. But I dont want to go too off topic, I just wanted to correct that bit of false info you had.
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    Quote from ChickenEatersCentral»

    the original title of the topic is called "how do you feel about cracked users".

    The title should have been "What is your opinion on cracked users", as that makes the most sense. However your feelings are still irrelevant when it comes to piracy, and the current law of what theft is.

    >"Piracy is making an unauthorized copy or reproduction of an nonphysical thing, such as software." You forgot the last part. without the creator's freely given consent."

    I didnt forget anything, it was explained under what I quoted of copyright law. If you tried reading it without skipping over the details, you would know piracy falls under copyright law, which is why I didnt want to mention the same thing twice. Saying "without the creator's freely given consent" does not make it theft when its not a physical item, no one is taking said item away, its just a copy. Also by what quoted, you just agreed that piracy is not theft. So why are you still replying again on a subject you know nothing about? Just stop, its a waste of everyones time.

    >you still haven't come up with a lousy excuse to not use a benchmarking software yet. Benchmarking softwares often times are mathematically based scores. There's no reason why they wouldn't work.

    I already did, you just didnt read my post fully and skimmed over the details to things you think you can debate, I explained a few times now, try reading my post before replying so I dont have to repeat that the sites are a pot luck and sometimes don't work.Ive tried a few sites, some say I can run the same game, others say other wise. Its pot luck as ive said and they are not always right.

    >If you cannot pay the measly 25 dollars to pay for a game that is going to last you years, than you don't deserve to play it in the first place.

    I disagree, some people can not afford games due to low paying jobs and bills eating up all there money leaving them with nothing left. Why should they be deprived of a movie or a game when they could never afford them to begin with?Life is short enough as it is, and for people who could never afford to spend or even have extra money Piracy is the only way for them to enjoy themselves. Besides, when they can get the money they can always buy the game, so there is no harm done. You also cant bring up the "potential sales" argument when there is no money to begin with, besides if anyone buys the game after pirating it its a bonus to begin with. Piracy has its reasons, and isnt a "bad or an unmoral thing" morality and feelings have nothing to do with the subject. Its all merely opinion.

    >Other games are irrelevant to the subject.

    The current subject is video game piracy, so no other games are not irrelevant to the subject. I am starting to think you dont know what the word "irrelevant" even means at this point. I already know you dont know what piracy means at this point, so you should probably not keep posting on subjects you clearly have no grasp on. So in closing, if you dont like piracy, dont do it go ahead spend money and buy a game because you can and have the money to spend. Just hope its a game you would really like or its wasted money, but hey you got a lot of income and extra money to burn and flush down the crapper so go ahead enjoy yourself.

    However know these few things, its not even in the small ballpark as theft, there is nothing being taken away from anyone, there is not one less of something from it, and there are good reasons behind it. Lastly for us who have a limited income, (a word I know you are not used to with your parents credit card or decent paying job without bills to pay), most of us dont have that extra money to just spend willy nilly on thigns we either can never afford or on games that we dont even know that will work with our computer or if its even a decent game to spend money on to begin with.

    There are good reasons for piracy as I have said before, and if you dont like it thats fine and dandy, dont do it, but dont get on the people who do to it, as people can buy the game afterwords if they have the money, and if not they are poor, so what? Let them enjoy the comfort you can enjoy every day. Life is short enough as it is, let people enjoy it in their own way.
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    Please if anyone knows the link to that thread which still should be on this site somewhere, could you link it? The one I have 404'ed due to the site update.
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    Quote from gunwolf1121
    (quotes a virus link by a spam bot, virus site removed)
    -youtube link removed-

    Dont quote the spamming virus bot, that site is a scam to collect info and spit out viruses, they send a lot of these bots to this site to spam links like that one. Dont reply to it as it leaves the bad link in your quote. Just report the bot and move on.
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    Your picture is is not assisting your case at all. It claims that piracy is not stealing. Though that may be correct by definition, it is still very much illegal and an immoral thing to do. Is duplicating money illegal? Why yes, yes it is. Is it removing the original product? No, no it isn't.

    Piracy is copying things with no physical makeup, so no it is not like copying money, as money are physical things. The image I used is just for people who are all TL;DR, but it still puts out the point that piracy is not theft. Piracy is making a copy of a nonphysical object, it has nothing to do with "making copies of physical objects like physical paper money/coins" or "shoplifting a tv from a store"

    Also Morality has nothing to do with the subject, so saying its "immoral thing to do" is irrelevant, as each person has there own definition on what is or isn't moral. So this is a pointless thing to say.

    >These reviewers,

    Have been paid off in a lot of scandals, even some review things are just designed bad. Like for example, they have 20 reviewers, however the word of 1 reviewer is worth more points in the over all rating of the game because they have made more reviews than the others, and this reviewer's opinion about a game type they dont like takes over 99% of the reviewer's score for that site. So yes reviews have done bad for good games, and there is ways reviewers paid off to write good reviews for crap games.

    >can I run it sites

    I refer you to my other post where I said it was a pot luck due to these sites thinking a crap laptop that overheats running TF2 can run skyrim on full max. They are not to be trusted, sometimes they are right, other times they are wrong, its just pot luck as ive said before.

    >Piracy IS theft

    Theft is the taking of another person's property without that person's permission or consent with the intent to deprive the rightful owner of it. The word is also used as an informal shorthand term for some crimes against property, such as burglary, stealing, embezzlement, larceny, looting, robbery, and shoplifting.

    Stealing is the illegal act of taking another person's property without that person's freely-given consent.

    Piracy is making an unauthorized copy or reproduction of an nonphysical thing, such as software.

    In copyright law, piracy does not refer to theft of physical objects that take away the owner's possession, but an instance where a person exercises one of the exclusive rights of the copyright holder without authorization.

    Well it seems you have missed the entire point, and know nothing about what piracy is, if you keep saying its "theft/stealing" which its clearly not. Piracy does not deprive the owner of the item. By the way, these are definitions currently used when referring to laws on the subject.

    >based off an official source

    That website is not an "official source" and can be edited by just about anyone. However what I have quoted is used in law in account to way theft is, and as you can clearly see Theft is not internet Piracy. By the way, your quote mixed internet piracy with actual Pirates on the sea.

    There is a difference between the two. Pirates sail on ships, and engage in the practice of attacking and robbing other ships at sea. While Internet piracy does none of that, as stated by current law as I quoted above.

    Now if you continue to make wild claims on subjects you clearly have no understanding of, I will not waste any more of my time to respond to your posts as you clearly have no idea what piracy even means.
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    Quote from Aeroisticon »
    Yeah, it kinda is. Saying that is like saying - "If you're too poor to afford a car, than why not take it out for a 'test drive' until you have the money to pay for it? 'Test driving' it until you can work up the money for it really isn't that bad."

    This implies piracy is stealing, which its not. Piracy is making a copy, not theft.

    Piracy is not stealing. No physical copy of a disk was stolen, it was merely a non physical copy of the game. There is no theft. I swear most of the kids replaying to this subject dont even know what piracy is.

    >That, my friend, is why there is a such thing as REVIEWS. Ever heard of IGN? Metacritic? Gamespot? No? Well go watch their reviews.

    Most of those so called review sites kill off good games for little to no reason, and get paid off to write good reviews for bad games with big budgets. No thanks.

    >a "can I run it" system that will tell you if you can run it at an acceptable framerate.

    I have tired these sites in the past, some say I can run games I clearly can not run, while others say I cant run certain games when I can. Its a plot luck, and they are never 100% sure so they are not to be trusted. Only true way to test it is to run the game on your pc.

    >to steal to see how a game

    Again piracy is not theft, no property is being taken away. Piracy is making copies of an object which has no physical makeup. You can not argue my point if you are going to misrepresent the word piracy under false pretenses.

    >it never gave me the feeling that paying for games did. It made me feel like I didn't truly earn the game.

    Your "feelings" are irrelevant , as there is no difference between a proper pirated copy and a paid for one.

    >Piracy isn't something that a true gamer does.

    There is no such thing as a "true gamer" a gamer is someone who plays video games, if they are free to play, handheld, console, pc, paid, rented borrowed or free. Saying "true gamer" is just trying to make yourself seem like a special, beautiful, and unique snowflake. While in reality you're the same decaying organic matter as everything else. Lastly anyone can pick up a game and call themselves a true gamer, it doesn't mean jack crap nor is there any guide lines to being one that means anything. Its just a thrown together word to try to make inner groups of people who play video games which has no meaning other then trying to feel special.
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    Quote from Shadowfury333
    If you cant pay 30 bucks for a game, then you shouldn't be allowed to play it.

    A simple way to figure out whether you like it or not:
    Watch a few videos?

    You don't need to crack to 'test' if you like it or not.
    Or what, are you gonna do that with all games?

    That's my opinion.

    I disagree,

    >"If you cant pay 30 bucks for a game, then you shouldn't be allowed to play it."

    Why not? If you are dirt poor, and are going to be too poor to spend extra money on a pc game, then pirating it until you have money to spend is really not that bad. Now if you come across money and wish to support the dev by buying the game when you have cash, then theres nothing bad about it. One more thing to keep in mind, some areas of this world dont have certain acess to parts of the web to legitly buy the game, some due to blocks on certain sites, or a lack of ways to pay online for items. Pirating is the only way those areas are ever going to experience those games, and it does help as word of mouth and posts online spread it like advertising for others to buy the game.

    One could even argue a kid in China who's net is blocked from notch's site can pirate minecraft, and make a youtube video of them playing the game, then others could see this game and buy it themselves from watching that video. Which in turns helps sales of the game. There is good things in pirating games.

    >"A simple way to figure out whether you like it or not:Watch a few videos?"

    That really doesnt help a lot of people due to certain games, some games you need to try out and text for yourself to see if you like it, things like clunky controls and delays in key pressing can not be seen or experienced in a video. I say you need to play a game for a short while before seeing if its for you or not.

    >"You don't need to crack to 'test' if you like it or not."

    I again disagree, some games do not have demos for you to try out yourself, so playing a pirated copy is a legit way to see if you would work on your pc, how the fps is, to see if there are any game breaking bugs etc. Yes there are demos but some demos either dont have the full game so your pc can handle the demo but when the real game comes along your pc cant handle it, theres no way in testing that. Some demos like the MC one are timed, which is a not really a good way to see if you can like the game or not, due to the time limit you never get too far in the mid game to even figure out if theres more than just mining blocks. I think a temp map with a un-timed demo would be better for this, that way players can experience a bit of everything of the game in the demo, but then again pirating the game allows you all the time you need to see if the game is for you.

    >Or what, are you gonna do that with all games?

    I am a pirate, I pirate games to test if I like the game, to test if the game works, or has any bugs in it, etc. So I suggest anyone who is unsure if they should spend money on a game before buying it blindly that they should pirate it first, and if they like the game then pay for a legit copy of the game. Pirating isnt that bad for these reasons.
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    Wow this forum is dead now and days....
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    posted a message on Pixeludipack texture pack? Where is it now?
    does no one know?
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    Quote from greeface
    Im asking what can I do about it not reporting them. :P

    ...and I told you. Report it to the server owner, or move to another server. Thats all you can do.

    Lastly your claim about not reporting them is false, otherwise you wouldnt have posted their name publicly with screenshots. If anything you are trying to cause them trouble.
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    No one here cares, we dont run that server nor does this site have anything to do with reporting greifers. Most you can do is contact the server owner or move to another server. Protip, try going to a new server thats not run by 8 year olds. Cheers and good luck.
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    Okay I know the site's updated a lot, but its caused me to lose track of one of my fav texture packs. Does anyone happen to know whatever happened to the Pixeludipack texture pack? I know it was being updated, but once the site changed ive lost track of that thread or it even existing. Has anyone else noticed where it went to? I mean the updated one, not the outdated one. I really miss this texture pack as it was the best 16bit one there ever was.

    So anyone know? ps: sorry if this is the wrong place to ask, I wasnt sure where else to ask.
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    Yeah this has to be a mod
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    Just due to the name and it sounds alright
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    Sounds more like a pedophile who wants to hear young kids voices...
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