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    posted a message on ConfuseACat's Shipyard --- Updated 24/04/15 --- Several New Ships
    Quote from Tardis7321»


    "you know, the big blue wet thing?!?!?!"

    "OH! the blue wet thing!!!"

    Off to Zanzibar, to meet the Zanzibarbarians!
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    posted a message on ConfuseACat's Shipyard --- Updated 24/04/15 --- Several New Ships

    Hello ConfuseACat,

    Some of the pictures won't load with me, it begins good, but at ome point no more pictures load, I don't know if the problem is with me or with you, but if you see this, could you please check if it all works?


    Hey there. I'm not sure what the problem might be, all of the pictures are loading fine for me at my end. Might be something to do with the fact that there are rather a lot of them, perhaps? I'd forgotten how many ships I'd posted on the first page.

    In fact, I've finished another couple of 4:1 builds since I last updated, and I'm sure there's plenty of 1:1 ships that I never got around to putting on here. I should probably update the first post again at some point!
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    posted a message on Shipbuilder's Guild

    It's a real shame that this thread seems to have died. I've not been shipbuidling at all these last few months - until this weekend. I've updated my 4:1 SMS Derfflinger to include her post-Jutland refit version. Following the heavy damage she received at Jutland, Derfflinger underwent a full refit that made several changes to the ship. The anti-torpedo nets were removed, most of the 88mm tertiary armament was removed, an enclosed bridge was added and the pole formast was replaced with a heavy tripod foremast with greatly expanded tops. Unfortunately, the overall height of the mast would have put the build far over the height limit, so the version I've done is Derfflinger as she appeared interned in Scapa Flow in November 1918 to June 1919 - when the topmast/topgallant mast were taken down and therefore the formast was shortened enough to fit in the height limit. She isn't flying any flags because as soon as the German fleet surrendered, Admiral Beatty banned them from flying their ensigns. The two white rings on the top of Berta and Cäsar turrrets are intended to identify the ships as friendly to any German aircraft or Zeppelins, and were adopted in 1917.

    I'm still in the middle of taking renders, but I wanted to throw a couple in here and possibly revive the thread. I'll update the PMC project page when I'm done rendering.

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    posted a message on Shipbuilder's Guild

    HMS Queen Elizabeth is now finished in her original configuration, 1915 Dardanelles campaign version and 1917-1919 Flagship of the Grand Fleet version! I've put her up on PMC. <LINK>

    The main differences between the configurations are thus:

    The 1914 Sea Trials version has -

    - The aft casemate guns installed

    - The sternwalk in place

    - Flying a Government Service Ensign because she's not yet commissioned.

    The 1915 Dardanelles version has -

    - Aft casemate guns removed and two 6" guns in housings installed on the forecastle

    - Flying two white ensigns and a Vice-Admiral's flag (for the fleet commander Vice Admiral Sir Sackville Carden)

    The 1917 Grand Fleet version has -

    - The sternwalk removed

    - The pair of 6" gun housings on the forecastle removed

    - Flying three white ensigns and an Admiral's flag (for the fleet commander Admiral Sir David Beatty)

    - Flying a signal command to the fleet - the Compass Pennant, 'B' and 'I', instructing the fleet to make a course change to the East North East while maintaining their current formation.

    Screenshots top to bottom are Sea Trials 1914, Dardanelles 1915 and Grand Fleet 1917

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    posted a message on Shipbuilder's Guild
    Quote from VictorComix»

    Ahoy everyone I haven't really build anything particularly new stuff except tons of tanks. I might try building a modern ww2 ship, eventually. ConfuseACat you inspire me :D.

    not too sure if I should post this here but my latest youtube video features some of my ships and is basically all about sailing vessels fighting each other so I guess it kinda belongs here. Hope you guys enjoy it tho! ~Cheers


    here is a little update on my already long finished ship first rate "hms Gloria"


    more of this and other ships can be found here:

    It's an honour to think that I've helped inspire such a talented shipbuilder as yourself. :) I love the cutaway shot of HMS Gloria - the level of attention to detail throughout that whole ship is staggeringly impressive. I'm not sure what else to say, other than that it's one of my favourite ship builds.

    I'll be sure to check out the video too, maybe tomorrow. Sounds promising.


    I've been working on 4:1 HMS Queen Elizabeth tonight. Progress:
    - Mirrored the build
    - Topped out the mainmast and added the main boat crane
    - Completed most of the rigging
    - A bit of detail work on the superstructure at the base of the funnels
    - Added the searchlight platform to the aft funnel, and installed searchlights on the main superstructure

    I figured it was worthy of more renders, since it's now looking reasonably complete. Not that it is - I've still got huge amounts of detail work to do but it *looks* good! ^_^

    I've still got to do:
    - Some minor hull tweaking
    - More doors, windows, portholes, ladders, railings, hatches, life rafts
    - More searchlights
    - Detailing on the aft superstructure and around the bases of the barbettes
    - Tertiary armament
    - The ships' boats
    - Flags (likely at least two white ensigns and an admiral's flag for the Dardanelles campaign)
    - Any other 'asymmetric' features that I've been leaving off until the end - like the second anchor at the starboard bow.

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    posted a message on Shipbuilder's Guild
    Quote from Desdruktiva»

    *Ghost Ship*

    Brilliant! It's not often you see really good builders tackling the ghost ship concept. I particularly like the bone detailing down the sides - it makes it stand out above and beyond what I expect most people would do. Good stuff. :)


    I've been working some more on my 4:1 Queen Elizabeth build. I don't want to clog the thread up with WIP shots, but after the last one with the funnels floating in mid-air I feel I at least owe you guys one with the superstructure largely in place!

    Since last time I've decided that the funnels were a bit too chunky and slimmed them down slightly, blocked in most of the superstructure, done a fair bit of work on the foremast, added quite a bit of rigging to the foremast and funnels and installed X and Y turrets and the aft casemates - which were only ever on Queen Elizabeth herself when first commissioned, but since that's the first version I'm doing they've gone in there. Obviously it's still just the port side of the hull (I'll copy, flip and paste fairly soon, I think), aside from the gun turrets and funnels which are the full thing.

    So most of the major pieces are in place, it's mainly just a lot of 'detail' work I need to do now. And by that I mean doors, hatches, portholes, the top of the mainmast, searchlights, signal lights, spotting platforms, boats, davits, derricks, tertiary armament, liferafts, vents, more rigging, flags, winches, mooring points, etc. So a fair amount of work!

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    posted a message on Shipbuilder's Guild
    Quote from FORGE9unsc705»

    I'm glad you like the Fubuki, but is there something about Fuso that you don't like?(Other than what you have mentioned) Or something that could be improved on then? I would like to know, considering I put a lot more time into Fuso than Fubuki. If it is the lack of AA I understand, I just didn't add them in because it felt cluttered and overdone, and as for the barrels of the guns, I found that they looked nice tapered, plus full blocks seemed to be too big.

    I think the decision of what block types to use for the gun barrels is really a personal preference thing. Most builders tend to use full blocks, so I guess they're used to seeing them and it looks a bit odd to them when somebody takes a different approach.

    In a way it's really interesting to see the different decisions that two builders make in building the same ship - though I wouldn't rush to compare our interpretations of Fuso. For one thing, I did the original configuration while you've got the inter-war rebuild, and for another thing I'm sure mine could stand to be improved markedly if I went back to it!

    As an aside - here's a really cool larger scale interpretation (not one of mine!):PMC 4:1 Fuso
    I love seeing other builders working in the 4:1 scale.
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    posted a message on Shipbuilder's Guild

    As hinted at yesterday, here's the latest progress on Queen Elizabeth...

    I've built the funnels this evening. As it stands they're floating in mid-air, but I'll build around them soon enough!

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    posted a message on Shipbuilder's Guild
    Quote from FORGE9unsc705»

    Hello! As a ship builder that is working his way onto PC, I would love to join the guild and show off some of my replica naval warships. Here is the IJN Fuso and Fubuki, rendered out for all to enjoy.

    Hi, good to see you dropping in here. I like the builds - quite clean and crisp and captured the style well. :)


    I've just been doing a bit of work tonight on my 4:1 Queen Elizabeth, working on the casemate guns. I'd initially put them in yesterday, but when I looked again today I wasn't happy with them. I think I've got them to a much better state now. Tomorrow I'll probably start blocking out the major superstructure items - and ponder whether I should drop some more work-in-progress renders in here!
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    posted a message on Shipbuilder's Guild

    That pair are looking good so far, I look forward to seeing them finished. :)

    I've now reached the first point where I feel I can share some progress on the latest 4:1 project - HMS Queen Elizabeth. A complete half-hull. I've concentrated on shaping it and adding the shafts and rudder. I've not even considered some of the extra details like anchors and portholes yet, andthe casemates are effectively plated over at present.

    I'm not sure where I'll go next - whether I'll work on some of the hull details or whether I'll start installing the deck and blocking out the superstructure.

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    posted a message on Shipbuilder's Guild

    Nice! On to the Queen Elizabeths now? :D

    Let's just say I laid a suspiciously Queen Elizabeth shaped keel this evening...

    Very little progress though. Up to now I've been gathering reference material. Ultimately I'd love to discover enough little differences to be able to make unique builds for each ship in the class at various stages of their careers - even if the differences are as small as having HMS Malaya flying the Federated Malay States jack alongside her White Ensigns.

    My plan is that first I'll do HMS Queen Elizabeth herself, do her late 1920's refit, and then do her late 1930's refit. HMS Valiant's refits were virtually identical, so I may or may not be able to find enough differences to do a separate version for her.

    HMS Warspite will follow - at the very least her late 1930's refit was unique - the bridge tower was slightly different to QE and Valiant, and she didn't have all of her casemates plated over.

    I still need to dig up the little differences in the original configurations and their first trunked-funnels-and-torpedo-bulges refit cycle...

    And on top of that I still haven't got around to doing SMS Derfflinger's 1916 refit with the big tripod mast, and haven't got around to modifying my Derfflinger class hull into SMS Hindenburg.

    And I quite fancy extending my 4:1 set to an Admiralty M-Class Destroyer.

    I have very little time to spare to do all of this!

    Quote from Blu_Poision»

    so just a picture of what I'm currently up to, ship in foreground is the Moe Class Destroyer WWS Ellese, it may be modified at a later date

    Looking good! Have you been building much recently?
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    posted a message on Shipbuilder's Guild

    That's a pretty cool airship you've got there! :)

    I've just declared my 4:1 HMS Erebus finished. Here she is...

    **Disclaimer: May have been shooped** ^_^

    PMC Link

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    posted a message on 18th Century Naval Ships (Fleet Build in Progress) Yar Har Matey!

    Nice work, I can see a definite rolling improvement going on here. Quickly too! :)

    If I were to offer any thoughts on areas to work on-

    Your hulls are especially coming along nicely, there's not much I'd say there aside from keep doing what you're doing. I particularly like the way your beakheads are developing.

    The masts and rigging could perhaps use a better 'balance', if that's the right word. The latest one looks a little odd to me in that the foremast is much taller than the mainmast, and they're a bit light on the shrouds and stays. It's hard to get the lines right in minecraft, especially when you're working at 1:1 scale because anything you can conceivably do to represent ropes is going to be too bulky, but I think only doing small shrouds and a few stays looks weird; I've found builds often look better with 'too much' rigging rather than too little. Might be worth a try.

    Have you had a go at doing the ships under sail yet?

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    posted a message on Shipbuilder's Guild

    Progress on 4:1 HMS Erebus:

    - Added the tripod legs to the mast

    - Added the platforms at the back of the main superstructure

    - Built the funnel

    - Added secondary armament

    - Added cranes

    - Filled out the portholes in the hull

    - Added the stern anchor

    - Added lines/rigging

    - Copied, flipped and pasted to get the other side of the hull

    Still to do:

    - Add searchlight platforms

    - Minor deck detailing

    - Add ship's boats and davits at the stern

    - More lines/rigging

    - Anything else I've not thought of right now!

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    posted a message on Shipbuilder's Guild


    They're coming! ^_^

    The QEs were what I was planning when I started. However, just to be a tease I started building a 15" gunned monitor, HMS Erebus, instead. Queen Elizabeth will surely follow.

    Erebus is currently half a hull. The hull is mainly done, but the superstructure is still barely started. The turret has been tweaked by moving the guns a bit closer together. A lot of the details missing. So she's a little way off yet, but there's enough done that she's starting to look the part.

    As she stands:

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