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    I personally like this idea very much. Thanks for taking your time to create this thread. There are some things I would like to suggest and some ideas that I would like to critique.

    *Sailing big ships might not be too efficient in MC. Why?

    Image result for earth

    This is the map of earth. It's 78% water and if you have a great fleet, you rule the seas.

    http://mineatlas.com/?levelName=5594587715470630109&seed=5594587715470630109&mapCentreX=-656&mapCentreY=-568&mapZoom=14&pos=&Player=true&Spawn=true&Likely Villages=false&Ocean Monuments=false&Jungle Temples=false&Desert Temples=false&Witch Huts=false&Slime Chunks=false

    That link is to my vanilla generated Minecraft Server world's map. There are no ocean. They are all technically salty lakes. Sailing a 5000 blocked ship in so many landlocked lakes create a lot of inefficiencies. If you plan on traveling thousands of kilometers like Columbus in a naturally generated world, you're gonna have a lot of fun digging thousands of Panama Canals.


    I love the pirate idea, and I love the idea of sea warfare with cannons. But isn't raiding an entire pirate ship with golems and pirates all by yourself a little too weird? To fix this, you should add mercenaries. They should spawn in villages and they should look like Steve. You can hire a mercenary by paying him a handsome amount of emeralds and you can hand him some equipment and assign it to guard a place. These comrades could then be brought on a ship as sailors. They can get experience and their combat skill will improve the longer they live. Another solution is to be able to put a bed on the ship. You could just respawn every time you die in an invasion on the ship. When you give up, you can just destroy the bed and abandon ship and spawn at the world spawn.

    Another idea that could go along with this pirate theme would be the addition of new weapons. The swords already in minecraft are intended for knights, as they usually only carry swords that are straight and could be used for stabbing. The new kinds of swords I suggest would be cutlasses, the ones pirate use are curved and usually one sided. These cutlasses very good at being drawn and used for slashing. Because of this, cutlasses should deal high damage and able to damage multiple mobs at once, but at the expense of taking a while to charge up. This weapon would have the same enchantments as a regular sword. Another type of weapons that could be added along would be very early firearms. Since pirate captains carry pistols, we should also add it into Minecraft. Pistols would have to be obtained by killing pirate captains, which should be hard, as it took 20 cuts and 5 shots to kill Blackbeard. This new pistol weapon could then be loaded with gunpowder and a nugget and stored in inventory for later use. When used it should take 3 shots to kill a player at the effective range of 10 blocks, regardless of the amount or quality of armor on the player or mob. The reload time should take 10 seconds, more than long enough for a swordsman to kill you without resisting. To nerf it, it should not be able to fire in water. Another weapon that could be added would be a musket. A musket is only obtained by finding it in a buried treasure in a pirate cove with a 1 in 10 chance of generating with a musket. It will have an effective range of 20 blocks and it will be able to kill a player regardless of armor with 2 hits. Unlike the pistol, it will require 20 seconds to reload and a craftable item called a reloading rod with durability to reload. Like the pistol it will also use gunpowder and a nugget and will not fire underwater. These weapons would be enchanted with rifling, which improves accuracy, power, and piercing, which allows bullet to go through multiple mobs.

    Another mechanic to add would be warfare with cannon. A cannon will fire the projectile like you described and explode, destroying the surrounding blocks based on blast resistance. It will have a 1 in 5 chance to set fire on the surrounding blocks, making it easier to destroy a wooden ship if not managed carefully.

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    Minecraft update 1.13, potentially the greatest update to be ever introduced to the lands of Minecraft, not only is about the addition of many features from the underwater, but it could also opens up many new possibilities and opportunities with these additions for the next coming update. But with many more interesting idea may come great controversies, so some of the ideas mentioned should be put into debate if great disagreements happen. Here are a few ideas I have to add on to the 1.13 update.


    Yes, one of the most feared marine creature should be up for addition to this update aquatic. If Minecraft decided to add phantoms to hunt us in the nights, why shouldn't we expect sharks in the new waters to bite our flesh too? In my opinion, sharks should be a rare hostile mob that attacks the player exploring the Minecraft waters on sight. Upon death, it should drop it's fins, which later could be crafted into many potentially useful gadgets.

    Although many would argue how sharks would give kids wrong idea about engagement with such a creature, this logic is heavily flawed. If Minecraft teaches kids to kill pigs with swords, pigs should be subject to removal, as wild boars in real life will maul anything that attacks it.


    Yes, addition of another fossil fuel in Minecraft. Why might you ask, well understand how oil is made naturally. It all begins with the sun, which brings light to the earth. The light is absorbed by plants known as phytoplanktons living in water, which through photosynthesis, stores the energy. As these organism die off, they sink. As they decompose, oxygen is gradually used up as layers of sand would cover them. With no oxygen left, they are to be buried and under immense pressure and heat, they will form fossil fuels. Ones that experience the most pressure will become coal. Ones that experience the least pressure will become liquid oil. Since a large amount of oil is drilled from the coast and deserts, it should be added following the update.

    Crude oil itself is to be found in pockets underground. Any oil 5 blocks away from sea floor underwater should emit some black particles (Oil floats in water). Oil must be picked up by an empty bucket, and it can't be dumped in water. If it flows into water, it will float on it and behave as if water is a regular block. Fish will suffocate in oil. Liquid oil on the ground will not be flammable and cannot be used as fuel without refining. Oil in bucket could be smelted into kerosene in a bucket. Kerosene will be flammable in physical form and could be used in furnaces to smelt 50 units. Other uses could be making plastic and other modern things, but that may be too much.

    The only problem I see some players thinking about would be the medieval fantasy theme. Refining oil was developed in the late 1800's. TNT was invented in the 1800's. Electricity also became widespread in the 1800's. Iron golems = Modern Japanese Robots? There should be exceptions to the nature of Minecraft. Minecraft is a world where you can do almost anything you want.

    Oh yeah, one more thing. I think this wouldn't advance Minecraft way too much, since I didn't add gasoline in the refining process. (Gasoline was dumped as trash before Rockefeller discovered it's use in combustion engines).


    I am not going to talk too much about this idea, as steam66 already covered it. Basically, a fair ranged musket firing nuggets as ammo with a long reload time is what I'm looking for. Iron nuggets will deal more damage, but gold nuggets shall be accurate, as it can replicate the lead bullet effect. Muskets will break if fired underwater without enchantment. Why add this? Since tridents are going to be added as a powerful weapon in the water, I thought why not also have a powerful weapon on land, or the hell?


    It's been a long time since Minecraft has added consumables hasn't it? With the kelp in the upcoming update, we shouldn't just let it be and feast on seaweed all day. We should add something else to go along with it. By this, I suggest adding another crop, rice. Everyday, billions of people consume this calorie dense crop, and we haven't seen them added. Rice is to be grown submerged in water, and harvested in piles. These piles can then be crafted with water into steamed rice chunks. These with fish and seaweed could be made into sushi.

    These are my ideas as of now. This list may be updated at later times, so please feel free to critique the ideas or suggest some improvement to get mojang's attention down below.
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    Density of diamond is 3.5 grams per cube cm.

    Density of gold is 19.3 grams per cube cm.

    Making diamond slower than gold wouldn’t make sense. In fact, putting weight into this would likely over complicate matter, as Steve could be holding stacks of cube meter gold blocks while running, which would theoretically crush Steve.

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    Overall, this idea is very interesting, however it also has many flaws that would probably make it very hard to get into the actual game. '

    My greatest criticism to this update might be the popularity idea. Who would want justice in Minecraft? Minecraft is the land of the free, and also the place of great potentials. Even if it means looting from villages and scorching the wooden buildings to build your own metropolis, If massacring one village could lead to villages in the entire world to hate you, I really think you're doomed in this world, as they would hire their hitmen on you.

    Speaking of which, I don't think many people, especially stupid kids, would want to experience how the overwhelming justice system by golems or wars between factions work. These special events are pretty over-complicated in my opinion.

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    We should add a riding damage buff. Sword fighting has always in history been enhanced by the power of horse-riding. I believe this would be a good addition to combat that we can use in Minecraft.

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    The drop of this mob should be a brewing ingredient that enhances player's flight experience. However, it shouldn't be so overpowered that it destroys the use of horses.

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    Hey steam, thanks for making this thread. I myself have been waiting for Minecraft to implement some sort of firearms for like um... 3 years now. (I'm getting so old...) Your efforts only raises the chance for that to happen, through your explanation of how guns could be justified in Minecraft, thank you.

    However, I have also seen a few flaws in your idea of a musket. If you're talking about a musket in the late 1700's, it's going to be very inefficient and inaccurate. That's why they used linear warfare Napoleon's age, where soldiers would dress up and stand in a line and shoot each other like men. This type of weapon would be close to useless in Minecraft, as hitting mobs would be a challenge, even from a few blocks away. Also, the best of the best soldiers serving Napoleon could only get 3 shot fired in one minute. There was also a good chance of misfiring before percussion caps were invented. If you wanna upgrade the rifles to the ones used in the American Civil War (Around 3 Shots/min) when they had good rifling and proper bullets, it would be fine, but there is a big problem. The American Civil War is 1861-1865. Ben Henry already made the first lever action rifle (As fast as you can flip the lever) in 1860. Right after the Civil War ended, another conflict in Europe flared up between Austria and Prussia. The Prussians got their hands on early bolt actions (Common in sniper rifles nowadays) . So yes, you can't make the weapon too modern without having a near future reasonable upgrade, while also carrying the risk of it being too useless if it's too old.

    Another flaw I noticed is that the Ammunition is too expensive. 5 ingots for 4 bullets? It's so expensive. I think that 1 iron or gold nugget should be reasonable.

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