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    Welcome to Viveret High School! This is not a thread that I would normally create, but there seems to be a persistent interest in applying for High School roleplays that are long dead. It has become a mild bother for some users, so here is a High School roleplay that will actually be accepting roleplayers!

    For the purposes of this roleplay, characters will keep the same schedule until the roleplay reaches a rut and needs to be reinvigorated. So choose your courses wisely.



    *Science (For 11&12, this is Biology, Chemistry and Physics)




    Shop (Tech)

    Computer Sciences









    Classical Studies

    *You must include at least 2 (Grd 9-10) or 1 (Grd 11-12) of these in your schedule.

    Application Form:



    Grade and Age:

    Course Schedule (Maximum 6):

    Extra Curriculars?





    Current Schedule (Subject to Change)

    9 Amy------Math-----Comp Sci-----Spanish---Drama--Science---English

    9 Yui------Spare-----Comp Sci-----English---Music----Art---------French

    9 Nigel-----Math----Geography---English---Music----Science--Classics

    9 Nick------Math-----Comp Sci-----English--Music-----Drama----Gym

    10 Carson--Science-Comp Sci-----Math-----Spanish--Music----Dance

    10 Matt------Shop-----History--------Math------English--Music-----Drama

    12 Jikun----Spare----Comp Sci-----English---Math-----Music-----Art


    Wikia - As the roleplay progresses, we may need a wiki, to document the characters, teachers, staff and subjects. If someone wants to take charge of this, we'll all be very grateful.

    Signature - If someone here is half decent with an image creation tool, feel free to make a signature banner to help advertise the roleplay. See the one in my signature for dimensions.

    -More to be Added-

    For those interested, the school motto is:

    in schola mortuus, non scribit

    If anyone notices something missing, just let me know and I'll add it to this post. Enjoy!

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    Quote from Selene011»


    ((You've given the backstory, but what's the current plot? You know what, it doesn't matter. Some mystery will be good, and I'm going to give this a chance:

    Name: Iulix
    Age: 15
    Appearance: A typical teenager, Iulix has short, dark hair and dark brown eyes. He often wears dark, comfortable clothes
    Location: States
    Bio: Born to a working-class family, Iulix's parents are very busy, so he only sees them on rare occasions. He spends a lot of time alone, so sometimes he goes out to explore the town and study the actions of others. When he's at home, he occasionally makes "modifications" to his Sensorium, sometimes with his friends.
    Other: Err... I don't think so

    I'm looking forward to seeing how things pan out.))
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    Quote from smallpred»

    Mine is a saurophaganax :P so I can't really claim it :P

    If you want to claim it, I'll change it to a Saurophaganax.

    Korogan erupts through the trees, grabbing Barix by the spine while causing Scarlet to slam against a tree. He nearly lifts Barix off the ground in his fury. His decision to work for Set was not made lightly, but the only reason he had decided to support this army was because he knew it would give him a chance to kill Loki, that wretched, terrible creature who had ruined his life time and time again. Someday he would have the chance to make certain that Loki was dead, but first, he would make sure the death was perfect.


    Iapetus ripped the neck from this useless Camptosaurus.

    "Where're all the good fighters?!" Iapetus shouted, brandishing his teeth. Nothing responded from among the woods. Iapetus had been hunting for sport recently, as the day-to-day battles had become less and less common. If only he had been sent to conquer Guan island and not Shogun. She was a weakling, perhaps she could fight, and perhaps she had some common sense, but nothing akin to his own. Iapetus was sure that the decision had been made based on necessity, Lord Set required his assistance here more than he required it on Guan Island. But not anymore. Terratan was conquered, and no one would dare to deny that now.

    Time to move on for better pastures, thought Iapetus.


    "Why are we going north?" Scorl inquired as she followed Scarlet, crunching over the crystalline snow. Leila scurried around ahead of them, but they all moved at a hurried pace.

    "We don't need to be down there any more. If someone else has got the prize, so be it. We're going to go find those others that were with Scarlet earlier," Sekhmet replied.

    "Ooh, hehe, you mean the purple one? The purple one and her little friend?" Leila pitched in, coming to a stop directly in front of Sekhmet and Scorl.

    "Yes, Leila, that's who we're talking about. And it was a big friend, not a little one," Sekhmet replied.

    "Really? Hmph. He acted smaller. The flaming one was as large as sunset's dawn, and upon that sun the reign will end, and his evening will be no more," Leila said, going into a trance like state while saying the latter sentence. Scorl felt shivers upon her spine, while Sekhmet scoffed at the recitation, remaining silently disturbed. Leila was an interest creature. One could never be sure what she was thinking, or if she was thinking at all.


    Pollux moved through the underbrush, brooding over the recent turn of events. He had been so close to a breakthrough on the red jewel. So close! And then humiliation at the hands of this Troodon. A loss of his status, his position! Pollux stopped.

    Standing a few feet ahead of him, but out of the thickest leaves, was Loki, that vile creature, and his companion, the Dracorex, a silent, mysterious and uninviting fellow. They could not see him in his current position, even if they had been looking in his direction. There was a small Pterosaur there as well. He strained to make out a conversation, but alas, his auditory senses reached their capacity, and he could not hear what the three were discussing. The pterosaur flew off in a hurry, despite his evident exhaustion. What could this be? Only one thing. Espionage. He was a spy, and they were not just spies, they were double agents.

    (Little did he know it, but Loki was probably a dodecal agent by now)
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    9 Cthulhu

    12 Sauron

    10 Galactus (Marvel)

    10 Lady Death (Marvel)

    10 Loki (Marvel)

    10 Ultron (Marvel)

    10 Darth Sidious

    10 Thrawn (Star Wars)

    10 Darth Vader

    8 Lord Voldemort

    11 Anubis (SG1)

    10 Wicked Witch of the West

    6 Maleficient

    12 Q (Star Trek)

    10 Borg Queen (Star Trek)

    12 Kahn (Star Trek)

    10 Setrakus Ra (Lorien Legacies)

    10 Gagool (King Solomon's Mines)

    10 Gaea (Percy Jackson)

    9 Davy Jones (Pirates of the Caribbean)

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    As Karthra scaled the wall, Leif was somewhat relieved that she was showing it to be a difficult task. He knew that she was fully capable of scaling the wall even without the rope, but he had not known her long enough to be sure that she could lower herself to this level. Once she had reached the top, Leif grabbed the rope as well, pulling himself up using only his arms, just as he had seen some of the youngest recruits do during their training.

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    Odin is among the trees, moving towards the great plains. Before the arrival of Set, they had been chock full of creatures from all sides of the island, but now they are an empty wasteland. Odin walks there today because it is where his herd as killed. He feels an urge to visit the site of his herd's death, but he also has a more potent reason for his voyage. Suddenly, he realizes he is not alone. There is something else among the forest. He freezes, prey instincts telling him to call for help, but common sense reminding him there is no help to be called for. He looks around, and comes to see an Saurophagonax.

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    Quote from joshosh34»

    UUUhhhh, Santa is a little harsh.

    I agree! He shouldn't give coal to people just because they've been bad. That's discriminatory. Treat others the way you want to be treated, Santa!
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    Quote from barryonix17»

    The dust blew across town, but it wasn't hot, not Australia hot.

    The first thing Jesse noted was that Dog was gone. He reaches for his guns, but they are not there. Something must have happened, he must have been robbed, but no man west of alice springs would dare rob Jesse, not unless it was an aboriginal, but these people he had been friends with. Or had he? It escaped him.

    He found some coins in his pocket, but the governor's face was distorted. His forehead was too long, his eyes too large, something else was off to...

    He walked, with surprising difficulty, towards the saloon. He felt like an old man. But he had little time to think of that, he opened the saloon doors to see just what sort of scene he would see.

    The doors slammed open with a bang. Inside, the commotion of intoxicated patrons bounced across the walls, rebounding off the dirty tables and chairs. If the desolate exterior had shown one side of the town, this sight was of the complete opposite. An old man was sitting at the bar, drinking his tonic and gin. Another man, this one in his mid-30's, with a moustache and a blazier, was joking with the bar tender while they both lit their cigars from a lantern sitting on the edge of the counter. At one of the tables, there were three middle aged men being scolded by a woman, who made little effort to hide the gun holstered to her belt. It was a wonder any of the visitors could hear what their companions were saying.
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    Quote from barryonix17»

    Shogun stands her ground. "And what would the this formidable force want with the most powerful Warlordess of the nine seas?"

    She is unafraid. Her skill and power have kept her safe for twenty years of warring, this island will be no different. Sure Terratan had been a problem, but they had heroism, this island had worthless animals fighting to survive. Even with as evil as she was, Shogun knew honnor, and there was none here.

    "Don't mess this up, Shogun. You know what Set wants here, and you know that you won't have more than one chance," Gaul replies as the other soldiers who had been in the vicinity move away to re-occupy themselves. He himself has few doubts that Set made the right choice for the leader of this invasion, but he must wonder if their great Lord should have accompanied the force himself, to inspire the populace. This is a far more prepared island, and even their preliminary scouting reports had been capable of noting that.
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