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    That's one of the problems I find myself facing, too. I agree to write long posts, then find there simply isn't that much to write about every once in a while.

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    SparkytheHellcat, TheNinthOne, 1accountforumroleplaying, Darthrafael, and RokudoMitsuru have all been added to the Roleplayers Index. Abandoned was added to the Roleplay Index.

    I'm glad to see there's some interest in this tool.

    @1accountforumroleplaying, out of curiosity, what's HOI?

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    Totally agree with everything you've said, MafiaDog. An interesting setting can definitely make a plethora of engaging plots.

    Another question, anyone's free to offer their thoughts: the Writing Ability Debate.

    A lot of people, especially on larger RP forums, are very strict about ensuring long posts in their roleplays. They would argue that this ensures the roleplay's survival by ensuring that each post has enough information to keep people interested. It also ensures that roleplayers are committed to the roleplay, and to improving their own writing skills.

    Others disagree, believing that mandating a large post length will discourage less experienced but very interested newer members from joining. They also argue that by requiring more time and effort to be expended on a single post, people will get burnt out and lose interest.

    So, where do you stand? What would your arguments be?

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    Active Roleplays Index.


    Description: Rumours about the abandoned town of Waise have been becoming more and more common, rumours about a town with supernatural incidents. The town has been quarantined by the government, which makes it more likely that the rumours are true. The player character travels to Waise for a reason only they know, likely in an attempt to get to the bottom of the mystery and become famous for resolving the Waise Mystery, though solving the mystery is more difficult than it sounds...
    Start Date: June 27, 2017
    Genre: Fantasy
    Status: Accepting
    Activity Level: Varies greatly every day. Sometimes multiple posts a day, at other times it's slower.
    Writing Level: Technically any is accepted, though people tend to complain about people with a low writing skill (Lack of good grammar, first-person sentences, etc.)
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    Active Roleplayers Index

    [b]Interests:[/b] Animals, Homestuck, whatever roleplay I happen to be in at the moment, some other things probably
    [b]Roleplays:[/b] Abandoned
    [b]Preferred Genres/Themes:[/b] High fantasy, sci-fi, basically anything with player interactions and the supernatural to spice it up
    [b]Preferred Post-Lengths:[/b] One to three sentences. Will occasionally go for a few paragraphs when describing, which is also fun.
    [b]Preferred Activity Levels:[/b] Varies, but one roleplay that posts hourly to daily is usually good. I don't post all that much, but I like to check for updates a lot.
    [b]Interests:[/b] Writing, roleplaying, breathing

    [b]Roleplays:[/b] ...

    [b]Preferred Genres/Themes:[/b] I don't really care about what a roleplay is about, as much as I care about how well it's run, how active it is, and how unique or interesting the plot/concept is. I am, though, generally more interested in sci-fi and fantasy roleplays, and I don't think I'd ever join a majorly romance-based roleplay.

    [b]Preferred Post-Lengths:[/b] I don't care how long others' posts are, as long as I have something to reply to. As for my posts, I think I usually have about two to five sentences in my average post.

    [b]Preferred Activity Levels:[/b] For roleplays that I join, I appreciate if at least one person posts at least every other day (otherwise I tend to lose interest very quickly)


    [b]Interests:[/b] Writing, Vidya games, DnD, Vicky II, HOI series

    [b]Roleplays:[/b] Abandoned

    [b]Preferred Genres/Themes:[/b] Fantasy is no.1, nation strategy and Sci-fi are also very high up there

    [b]Preferred Post-Lengths:[/b] No particular preference, as long as people roleplay properly and don't godmod or be [b]that guy[/b]

    [b]Preferred Activity Levels:[/b] also no particular preference, as long as people are dedicated and post, it's enough for me.

    [b]Interests:[/b] Fantasy, History, Magic, Games, Touhou, any Roleplays I made/am making/am participating in
    [b]Roleplays:[/b] Abandoned, to which I'm also the GM
    [b]Preferred Genres/Themes:[/b] Mainly Fantasy (As long as it has magic I tend to like it)
    [b]Preferred Post-Lengths:[/b] Varies. Sometimes very short ones, other times longer ones.
    [b]Preferred Activity Levels:[/b] As long as it doesn't go too slow I'm okay with almost any speed.
    Rokudo Mitsuru
    [b]Interests:[/b] Anime/Manga & Games


    - Eidikos Academy

    [b]Preferred Genres/Themes:[/b] Fantasy, Academy & Supernatural, but i'm willing to give any interesting Rp a try.

    [b]Preferred Post-Lengths:[/b] Usually a paragraph or so, but it also depend on that specific Rp.

    [b]Preferred Activity Levels:[/b] Medium, I don't really prefer slow pace ones since it will eventually leads to many inactive players then death of the Rp, however I've also been a part of a fast Rp where it's usually almost a page per day which is just too much so i'll go with a medium activity level.

    [b]Interests:[/b] I consider myself a jack of all trades, so you can talk to me about most things and I'll probably have some info about it (albeit spearheaded in the science and history departments). Except for sports. I don't know much about them.

    [b]Roleplays:[/b] Abandoned (participating in)

    [b]Preferred Genres/Themes:[/b] Any, but mainly sci-fi

    [b]Preferred Post-Lengths:[/b] Variable. Really variable.

    [b]Preferred Activity Levels:[/b] 3-6 PM US EST, Monday-Thursday


    [b]Interests:[/b] Science Fiction and Fantasy, as well as Dinosaurs and prehistory, generally. Social observations. Science and politics both interest me, as does the art of fiction (film, literature, etc.)

    [b]Roleplays:[/b] N/A :(

    [b]Preferred Genres/Themes:[/b] Open-world, character-focused roleplays. I really want to try a Western, and I haven't been part of a good science fiction for a while. High Fantasy is also good, but it must be of a very particular vein. Mostly open-world.

    [b]Preferred Post-Lengths:[/b] For others, enough that I have something to respond to. For myself, about two-four paragraphs, except in dialogue situations. Then, maybe a few sentences.

    [b]Preferred Activity Levels:[/b] Everyone posting about once a day.

    [b]Interests:[/b] Gaming, Modding, Fantasy, (Alot of other stuff i cant think of right now)

    [b]Roleplays:[/b] None. I recently left Eidikos Academy because of high writing levels and post lengths.

    [b]Preferred Genres/Themes:[/b] I like nation themed ones thought I failed last time by making myself too op. I also enjoy fantasy.

    [b]Preferred Post-Lengths:[/b] I like small post lengths since it gets very boring to read 10 pages of walls and walls of text.

    [b]Preferred Activity Levels:[/b] I like medium since slow is really boring and fast is well too much to read.

    [b]Interests:[/b] Basically, anything that seems to have good plot and potential, though I'm mostly towards adventure, Sci-fi or Fantasy.

    [b]Roleplays:[/b] The Unbreakable Box, Eidikos Academy, Abandoned

    [b]Preferred Genres/Themes: [/b]Basically, anything that seems to have good plot and potential, though I'm mostly towards adventure, Sci-fi or Fantasy.

    [b]Preferred Post-Lengths:[/b] Depending on what the situation in the roleplay is, basically at least one paragraph.

    [b]Preferred Activity Levels:[/b] It would be preferred if people would be active enough to participate in player-to-player conversations regularly.

    Interests: [/b]Sleeping. Reading, Writing a bit, Strategy games, Fantasy games, Laying in the sun, Science Fiction, Science, Some prehistory, Wilderness, Drawing, being active for periods of time, and more.

    Roleplays:[/b] Abandoned

    Preferred Genres/Themes:[/b] Fantasy with magic for seasoning, High Fantasy, Historical Fantasy, Dark Fantasy, Pretty much any fantasy, Nation Strategy, Sci-Fi Nation Strategy, Nation Strategy like thing.

    Preferred Post-Lengths: [/b]Above a sentence, but below 5 paragraphs

    Preferred Activity Levels: [/b]Once or Twice daily

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    For those whose desire it is to find active roleplays, and for those whose desire it is to seek out potential roleplayers.

    Imagine a world where an active roleplay could be distinguished as easily as with a single glance at a simple, contemporary list. Imagine a world where we could keep track of who is looking to join a roleplay, and what kinds of roleplays they are looking to join. Where statistics could be easily gathered about what interests are current, without inspecting countless active and inactive roleplays, stalking countless member profiles, or creating interest check after interest check.

    Some might say, let roleplays live or die naturally. But many others suspect that if nature is to have its way, then this forum will someday soon be all but extinct.

    So, I present to you, an index.

    This index will have two, possibly three sections.

    Active Roleplayers

    For this part of the index, roleplayers will submit short bios, in the form below.


    Interests: (General interests, so people kind of know who you are and what you might want to chat about)

    Roleplays: (Current, active roleplays you are participating in)

    Preferred Genres/Themes: (Sci-fi, Western, High Fantasy, Magic Academy, Nation Strategy, Supernatural, Horror, etc.)

    Preferred Post-Lengths:

    Preferred Activity Levels:

    These will be compiled into a list form, probably with names first, and then spoilers afterwards, containing the detailed information.

    In order to keep the list current, roleplayers will post an update once every two months. They can simply copy+paste their old information, or tweak it to add adjustments. I will then add the updates to the index, and remove anyone who doesn't post an update. People can always be re-added later on, or ask to be removed early if they are anticipating inactivity.

    Having this section will allow roleplay creators to gauge the interests of the forum, as a whole, at a glance. It will also allow roleplay creators to contact individual members based on their interests, and specifically invite them to a roleplay. Alternatively, if several people post an interest in one genre, they could find each other, contact each other, and create a roleplay in that genre which will fulfill their desires. In essence, this makes it easier for the interests of the community at the moment to be learned, interpreted, and acted upon, which should facilitate more successful roleplays.

    Active Roleplays

    This portion of the index will be managed very similarly to the Active Roleplayers section. Roleplayers, or GMs, will submit short descriptions of their roleplays, to be added to a list of such roleplays. Depending on what the community would prefer, this list could be heavily sorted based on genre, average writing level, average activity, or simply accepting vs. not accepting (or a combination of them all).

    The preferred form for these applications would be as follows:

    Roleplay Name:

    Description: (Preferably no more than three lines)

    Start Date:

    Genre: (Best guess)

    Status: (Accepting or Not Accepting)

    Activity Level: (Multiple posts per day, one-two posts per day, one-two posts per week, one-two posts per month)

    Writing Level: (Advanced, High, Medium, Minimal, and Required or Optional)

    These would also need to be updated, once every two months. However, simply confirming that, "(insert-roleplay-name) is still alive," would be enough; you needn't resubmit the entire form.

    This would provide one easy-to-access resource for finding the active roleplays amidst the swarm of inactive ones which have accidentally been brought back to the front page. It would also allow people who are planning to create a roleplay to know, at a glance, what types of roleplays there are already a variety of, and what types are successful.

    So, if you want to see a forum ripe with active roleplays and engaged roleplayers, I encourage you to support this index by submitting your own information. If you have any questions or suggestions, please post them; this is still in a stage of great growth and adaptation, trying to find the best way to serve the Minecraft Forums Roleplaying Community.

    If people are interested in using this index, I'll ask the mods to pin it at the top of the forums page, so it doesn't get lost in the clutter down below.

    Credit to an ancient one, which has long since been deleted, but which seemed like a good enough idea: http://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/off-topic/forum-games/forum-roleplaying/440284-official-rp-player-index-nuked-as-of-9-14-13-and

    I'll see you around.

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    Due to a lack of activity, I think I'll give us some closure and suggest that this is now a dead roleplay. Sorry we couldn't get it off the ground, everyone - I was really looking forward to it.

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    Finally back. Apologies for my absence, though it seems I didn't miss all too much.

    If what we're seeing is a lack of interest this soon out of the gate, then for those of you who are still around in some capacity, please let us know that you're not interested in continuing. If it's just unexpected absences, no problem. We can pick up as soon as people have time.

    In the meantime, anyone is free to respond whenever they so choose.

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    A rather young man with a very blended skin tone approached the two men. His gait wavered a little; he was not used to these shoes. Awkwardly, he stuck out his hand.

    "Hello. Abel Parks, sir. Engineering. I'm looking forward to being on the crew," he said. His voice had an accent, stiff and proper, clearly from one of the colonies. His hair was thin, black, and cut as close to regulation as it could be.

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    Reserved for essential information.

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    CREW BOARDING - 18:00 - 16/01/2423

    MISSION LAUNCH - 00:30 - 17/01/2423

    Captain Odiche Ejiofor stood at the base of the Divinity Space Elevator, staring up through the glass ceiling of the complex into the infinitude beyond. The elevator stretched and stretched, far beyond the reach of human eyes. It was 5:30 in the afternoon.

    17:30, he reminded himself. It had been too long since he had been in space. Soon, the time would have no meaning except the meaning they gave it by their schedules. Their world would be their own in all manners of the world. It would be an empty, beautiful peace. It had bee too long.

    The captain turned to his crew. This was, for most of them, their first meeting.

    The soldiers, a young blonde and an older man with a shaved head seemed to have gravitated together, somewhat in the centre of the group. Neither of them had the form of an earth-native.

    Odiche recognized Dr. Tsutena from photographs and dossiers. A talented scientist, she was here for her involvement in the creation of the munitions they were transporting. He could hardly imagine the weight which must be on her shoulders.

    The rest of the crew, he would come to know soon. Their time together would be lengthy, but hopefully mundane. Captain Ejiofor had not been out of the war for so long that he was wishing for excitement of an unexpected kind. Routine would be fine for him.

    Out Of Character Thread: http://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/off-topic/forum-games/forum-roleplaying/2848813-mission-ooc-accepting-limited-roles-available


    • Members will be required to maintain communication at least once a week, to provide forewarning of preconceivable absences, and to allow their characters to act as NPCs if they have a prolonged absence.
    • Writing skill will be important, in so far as posts must be easily coherent to encourage a clean and welcoming environment.
    • Roleplay in the third person, past-tense.
    • Minimize the use of one-liners.
    • Bullying or blatantly hostile OOC behaviour will not be tolerated.
    • Godmoding (metagaming, powerplaying, godmodding, and unreasonable retconning) will not be tolerated.
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    Apologies that the IC thread has not yet been posted. Again, expect tomorrow.

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    Quote from AstralMaria»

    Name: Autumn Grace Green


    Quote from IAmKnight»


    Also on a random thought directed to commando, would Albatross have the same calendar? Yknow being a different planet and al

    There would be an independent calendar, but it would be rather unused. Most people would refer to the more common earth-derived calendar, just for the sake of compatibility with the rest of the empire. Some groups, opting for more independence, would make use of the Albatrossian calendar (the same would apply to any other worlds).

    To everyone: expect the IC thread to be up by tomorrow.
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    This is not dead, but we're still awaiting at least one more member. I hope no one has disappeared, but if you have changed your mind about participating, please let me know.

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