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    posted a message on [gamemode=!2] ???

    Hey, I was trying to build a map where you have to be in adventure mode but I don't want chat spamming with 'Your gamemode was updated to blah blah blah'

    I thought maybe there would be an extension of the [<Specification>=<Variable>] etc for game mode but I haven't been able to find one.

    What i want to happen:

    /gamemode 2 @a[name=!<My name>,r=30,gamemode=!2] 2

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    posted a message on I need ideas for building a server hub.

    1.) Easily recognisable video game characters like Super Mario or Sonic the Hedgehog

    2.) Castle / Fantasy, use bright colours and magic is always implied.

    3.) Jungle themed?

    4.) Nether themed with corresponding colour pallet. Use blocks like nether wart block, magma and nether brick. Use nether portals, you could use them as portals to the minigames.

    I just threw a bunch of ideas together, so I'm not expecting for any of them to be ideal.

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    posted a message on How do I use fill keep command?

    Do "stone" instead of 0, I think that's your problem.

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    posted a message on help wanted with replace item

    It's easy. Unless you have other written books in your inventory where that becomes complicated but this is the simpler way. Try this.

    /clear [Player Name] written_book

    That should clear all written books out of the player's inventory. It works with all the other items although beware it doesn't go by names but by ID's so if you have two sticks, one named Potato and one named Stick it will clear both of them.

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    posted a message on /testfor HELP!

    Hey guys. I've been experimenting with commands and I want to use a test for command to teleport myself to a place when I hold an Ender Pearl in one of my slots. The problem is, it always says:

    [19:56:58] HonestJelly did not match the required data structure

    BTW HonestJelly is my in game name. The command I use is:

    /testfor HonestJelly {Inventory:[{Slot: slot.hotbar.4,tag:{display:{Name:”Ender Pearl”}}}]}

    But it never seems to work. Any help at all?

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