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Cookie flavored ice cream rocks! Don't deny it :P

Oh and America!!!! Because America.... Oh!!! And I won't compromise my faith ever so don't try to get me to!!! I don't care if you're offended or not so have a nice day :D
#1 God is first in my life so church is interesting to me.

#2 Music, I'm a drummer/guitarist (working on the latter)

#3 Gaming. I LOVE video games, I own every call of Duty game ever made.

#4 Minecraft I have successfully built 8 megastructures (Noahs Ark, Solomons Temple x2, two cities, a floating zoo, military base (as one connecting unit) and two underground cities, oh! and the City of Rome.)
Location Louisiana

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Minecraft Colt17752 Xbox SgtGrit2065