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    -GamerTube321 (It's a stupid name I know, it's based off an old YouTube account. Probably going to get a new one new)
    -Florida, United States
    -My skype name is a bit personal. If you accept my application, I'll be happy to give it to you.
    -I've played Minecraft since Beta 1.5, I believe, so about a year and a half.
    -Bio: When it comes to minecraft I love doing a lot of things. I usually do things based on what kind of mood I'm in. Sometimes I want to build a castle or build a complex redstone circuit. That's what I love about minecraft. Currently right now I'm making a custom map which has been in the works for about a year. Besides minecraft, I love playing other video games such as TF2 and Skyrim. I'm also a big fan of baseball and play it often.
    -My favorite block would have to be the Sticky Piston.
    -I'm a good redstone building so I could probably bring lot of redstone contraptions to the server, I could be on the server everyday and I'm reasonably nice unless provoked >:-)
    -Building: 7
    -Redstone: 9
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    I have postponed this map indefinitely. I have grown dull of the idea to make a Walking Dead map. Creating structures around a TV Show is very difficult and shows a lack of creativity. I still want to continue to this map but It will definitely take months for it to become a reality. I have however, begun work on another map. It's a zombie-themed map based heavily on The Walking dead. It has it's own custom story, texture pack and all of that jazz. I hope all of you understand.
    Hello everyone! My name is Robert and I'm making a walking dead adventure map. I bet a lot of you guys are fans of the show or comic. I happen to be a fan of both. I have many plans for this adventure map. This map will have everything, parkour, puzzles, exploring, mob fighting and more! When making an adventure map of this size, you'll run into some problems. My problem is that I need a ton of talented people working with me. I have my own server which we can all work on.

    I will need:
    • 2 Good builders
    • 2 Redstone experts
    • 1 Artist (For Texture Packs and Promotional artwork)
    • 1 Musician (Custom Music and sounds)
    If you are interested in helping me with this project, please reply to this post or send me a personal message with the following information:

    Minecraft Name:
    Skype Name:
    Position you are Applying for:

    I hope we as a community can make an awesome adventure map that everyone that is a fan of the show can enjoy! I can't wait to hear back from you guys!
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