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    IP: officialbrotherhood.apexmc.co

    Join us today and start a new minecraft experience with us!

    This server has a ton of different plugins to help make your minecraft experience even better! This sever was started by a couple of friends and are now opening it up have some new people to join our community! We have a friendly community and very helpful staff that will always be there for any questions or support that you need. We hope for you to join and make some new memories and create a great community with us! Feel free to check out the server with the ip provided and also join our discord for any upcoming giveaways for the server!


    Hard difficulty lifesteal sever (kill players to earn more hearts)

    Custom Ranks that gives you new perks and commands to use

    Land claims to help protect your build from and griefers. Full permission to trust players on your land

    Chat Reactions will allow you to earn even more on the server

    Auction house allows you to sell/buy anything someone wants to put in the auction house

    Custom crates allow you to receive exclusive ranks, gear, money, coins and others!

    Custom Biome generator lets you experience beautiful custom biomes that enhance the minecraft experience

    Lottery will allow you to buy lotter tickets for a chance at winning the jackpot!

    Player Shops to spend coin on Tags, Chat color, and also Keys for crates!

    And so much more! Come join us today and start a new minecraft experience you will enjoy!

    👑Also looking for mods currently👑

    We are currently also looking for mods on our server! please be friendly and willing to help people learn the server and help maintain any activity going on. If this interests you, Please join our minecraft discord and message @ColoradoCope your application and why you think you would be a great mod for our server. Thank you!
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    I have started a new server and its still in its early stages and would like to invite people to come onto it and test it and see if there is any bugs/improvements i can do. The server has custom plugins and a custom biome generator that looks amazing. Please feel free to hop in anytime you would like and connect to our discord for any suggestions and upcoming giveaways!

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