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    My name is ColonialDagger and I want to know how you can make MineCraft run faster and without lag. I have seen how many people can run many mods and still have amazing FPS, on fancy and far.

    I have a computer with 4 gigs of RAM (2.8 available), which is the max. To play MineCraft kind of smoothly, I need to use OptiFine and set my graphics fast and far. I usually have MineCraft set to realtime in the task manager, and have GameBooster running. I also close other things that use a lot of CPU, like Skype and TeamSpeak. This always sets it to around 20-30 FPS.

    I have tried to allocate more memory to Java, but I could only allocate 1024mb (1g). There has recently been an update for Java which I installed. I tried to run MineCraft again, but it came out with the same results, and now I forgot how to allocate more memory to Java (lol), but I'm sure it won't work any better. How do you get MineCraft to run less laggy and achieve more FPS, and if you can, without OptiFine?

    Thank you so so much!

    Without OptiFine, I have around 8-10 FPS, playing on the same graphics I have when I use OptiFine.
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    I also have a youtube account, so we can upload
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    Yay! First comment!

    I've been waiting for a mod like this :biggrin.gif:
    Three Notches and Diamonds for you! :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :iapprove: :iapprove: :iapprove:
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    I'm trying to record myself on the same computer with two Minecraft windows on at the same time. I have one guy at an angle looking down and another on the floor building. (This is a time lapse video) Any way to exit a Minecraft window without pausing and enter another?

    Wanna help? Read this!

    Wanna help? We have a maximum of 20 people! Here are the requirements:

    • Minecraft (Duh)
    • Hamachi
    • Lots and Lots of Time and Effort

    Wanna join? Just reply to the post!
    I will check the post hourly for new submissions, so just be patient!

    What are we building?

    Eventually, I would like to make a realistic entire New York Skyline

    I need MANY people to help!
    Spread this to friends and all over the forums so that we can get as many people possible!
    I will message you with and I will message you if you can join.
    I would like to finish on sometime on Sunday, which is the 10th Anniversary of 9/11. If we can't, thats fine. :smile.gif:
    With enough people, we can get this to DIGITAL DIAMONDS!
    This post will become edited in many ways. Once we have finished recruiting, I will post progress every once in a while here. After we have finished this project, I will post updates on the skyline and what we are doing at that moment, etc.
    If one person leaves, then whoever messages me first will get in! (This will be in the future, I will post for openings then.)


    If I am unable to play Minecraft in one window and record in another window of Minecraft, I will need someone to volunteer and record with HD Fraps or Camtasia. I ask that you are always online tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday.

    Update 9/9/2011
    We won't start until we have at least 10 people. So gather your friends up!
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