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    I have been playing Minecraft for a very long time but now the minecraft launcher just decided to fail on me. I tried reinstalling it and tried to log in online but it didn't work. Anyone have some advice???
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    Quote from MCDigItUp

    Sounds pretty cool, so your thinking of like a rock climbing ability? Or is it just for clinging to a block?

    it would be cool if you could do both :tongue.gif:
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    Quote from AlgaeMan

    Hello, I just purchased Minecraft and want to play it off of my hard drive. I have Windows 7. First of all, I am having trouble downloading the whole file. It goes to about 50% and then locks up. The one time it did work, I downloaded the file and when I tried to open it up, Windows asked for the correct program to run it. Where is the launcher or platform software that the game runs on? I read somewhere that the link would be in my email when I bought it. The link only goes to the home page of the game. I cannot find the correct link on the webpage to download a workable version of the game. I think I want my money back or some support. thanks

    I do not understand you. Did you get to the log in screen on the application? (Not the website)
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