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    posted a message on Deep Space Lockup [Space-Themed Prison] [1.6.2] [40 Slots] [24/7]
    Deep Space Lockup

    IP: mc.DeepSpaceLockup.beastnode.net
    Forums: DeepSpaceLockup.beastnode.net

    1. Guards will attack players who PvP
    2. Camping (staying in a no-pvp zone and moving out only long enough to hit a person before going back) is not allowed
    3. Harrassing (not killing) players is not allowed
    4. Excessive caps is not allowed
    5. Swearing and other "bad" language is not allowed
    6. Listen to guards, they have juristiction in the prison
    7. Don't make factions that can be mistaken for a staff faction
    8. Do not use bugs/glitches
    9. Do not use a hacked/modded client (optifine does not count)
    10. Do not use X-ray or x-ray like texture packs
    11. Bows, arrows, swords and potions are controband. Guards will take them if they see you have them but you cannot be banned for having them.
    12. Do not make shops/private signs in the mines/tree farms
    13. Do not make shops in cells
    14. Do not spam
    15. Do not make real-life threats to players
    16. Do not attempt to reveal any personal info about players


    This is the first rank you will obtain here. Read the rules to progress to Delta Security Clearance and explore new parts of the prison!

    Now that you have read the rules and gotten situated here, you can explore the Bio-Dome, shop, cells, and the Delta Clearance mine and tree farm!

    Congratulations! You've managed to save enough money to access Charlie Clearance areas of the prison! Explore a brand new mine with iron and more diamonds and prepare for the next level of Clearance!

    Whoa there! You're pretty high up right now! You will be able to access a brand new cell block, mine and tree farm in the future! By the time you've amassed enough money to access Bravo Clearance, these items should be added! Stock up on diamonds and get into the PvP action!

    Alpha Security Clearance offers you better asteroids to mine in. Mine netherrack in the Nether asteroid or hoard diamonds for yourself! You're one step away from being free of the prison with Skyhook Certification!

    SkyHook Certification: $1,450,000
    You finally made it to the top! Skyhook Certification rewards you with access to the outside world! Run your faction from the outside and find items that are impossibly to find within the prison!

    Current VIP perks are listed below, please contact a server admin if you are having any permissions problems. Tracking has been implemented up to level 10, this means that you can upgrade your VIP up to that level and will receive perks for that level if and when they come out.

    Level 1 ($10):
    -Access to VIP Farms
    -Access to a VIP Mine
    -5% discount on buy-only items in Admin Shop
    -Access to a VIP-only chest in mob arena
    -Access to a no-bookshelf enchanting table
    -A VIP tag (partially implemented yet)

    Level 2 ($20):
    -Access to /home and /sethome
    -Access to /spawn
    -Access to a second VIP-only chest in mob arena

    Level 3 ($30):
    -Access to a third VIP-only chest in mob arena
    -Access to /hat
    *Work in Progress*

    Level 4 ($40):
    -Access to another VIP Mine
    -Access to a fourth VIP-only chest in mob arena

    Level 5 ($50):
    *Work in Progress*

    Level 6 ($60):
    *Work in Progress*

    Level 7 ($70):
    *Work in Progress*

    Level 8 ($80):
    *Work in Progress*

    Level 9 ($90):
    *Work in Progress*

    Level 10 ($100):
    *Work in Progress*

    Voting isn't implemented yet. We aren't going to post an incomplete server on voting websites, so you'll have to wait until we're all done!

    To ensure your safety here, we have Guards who will dutifully answer any questions you may have and protect you from those who aim to kill. Guard applications are not open yet, but we plan to open them during or after the Closed Beta. Upon joining you may find some Guards who haven't applied. These are close friends whom we trust and who have been helping us with the server when it was still in the Alpha stage. Here's a list of the current Staff ranks:

    Trainees are Guards-in-training. Upon being accepted onto the Guard team, you will receive this rank and be evaluated on whether you deserve the title or not. Trainees can mute and kick inappropriate players, and should answer any questions a prisoner may ask.

    Guards maintain the server's order and will protect you from anyone who aims to kill you. They also jail players who break the rules, ban those who deserve it, and perform the same tasks as Trainees as well.

    SrGuards are Guards who excel at what they do. They are chosen by the Owners/SrWardens. SrGuards are great candidates for the promotion Head-Guard.

    Head-Guards are in charge of all of the server's Guarding staff. They make the decisions that Guards must execute, such as if they should all report to the Bio-Dome to contain a fight.

    1. Do not attack without being provoked durring your current lifespan
    2. Help players who ask for it
    3. Be proactive, help players that you see could use some help
    4. Do not accept payments to "escourt" players, you can help people through PvP zones but do not attack anyone without cause
    5. Do not double dip, don't accept payments for doing things you should already be doing as a guard
    6. Take all controband you see
    7. Stay in the staff faction
    8. Do not take people to areas that they cant get to without you
    9. Keep any arguments with other staff in faction chat
    10. Don't abuse your powers...
    11. Don't give away, sell or distribute guard items
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    posted a message on The Great Red vs. Blue War!
    Let's make this short and sweet so you guys can start playing immediately: There are 2 teams. The red the and the blue team. The red team posts in red. The blue team posts in blue. Now, depending on which team you are (You can choose either one), you have to post in that color. If the poster above you is on the opposite team, then you post a description of how you attempt to kill them. If the poster above you is on the same team as you, then you post a description of how you attempt to assist them.

    The red team uses steam-powered tools, vehicles, and weapons.

    The blue team uses compressed-plant-energy-powered tools, vehicles, and weapons.

    Stick to your theme!

    BEGIN! Also, I may or may not participate in this. I may also announce new events which will affect the gameplay.

    This isn't technically Forum Roleplaying because it's one of those games where you regard the person above you and shtuff. :P
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    A brief summary to help you understand what this challenge is about: This challenge is for people looking to play a challenge without too little or too much effort, while having fun.

    In this challenge, you will briefly be in what I will call the "Stone Age". But only briefly. Once, after that, you're there. In the Industrial Age.

    The Industrial Age will require you to do certain things just to have a bedroom, or smelt an ore. Once you master the Industrial Age, you will finally advance to the Modern Age. At this point, you're practically playing with no goal besides, if you want, some mini-goals that I'll set for more hardcore players. Let's start now, shall we?

    Note: Sorry if my rules are out of order or something. I made this up as I went along. :P

    Starting Rules
    1. These rules you are meant to follow until you advance to the next age. Once you do, I will add some rules and remove some rules.
    2. You are only allowed to use up to stone tools.
    3. You can not create ANYTHING besides planks, crafting tables, sticks, signs, tools, chests, and doors. NOTHING else.
    4. You must play on Easy or higher.
    5. You must eat food raw.
    6. You must enjoy yourself while playing this challenge. :P

    Advancing to the Industrial Age
    To advance to the Industrial Age, all you have to do is mine your first iron ore. That's it. You don't even have to smelt it.

    1. You can now create iron tools (But be sure to check the restrictions about this)
    2. You can now craft anything non-redstone related.
    3. You can now smelt or cook anything.

    1. To smelt or cook anything, your furnace must be surrounded by 8 furnaces, each with at least one coal in them. You can only cook with coal, though. No cooking with wood, saplings, or creating charcoal. Save your saplings, though! ;)
    2. For every 2 rooms you have in your house, you need to make a chimney (A tower with a 1x1 hole in it that empties into your house).
    3. When crafting iron tools, you need to use double the iron. For the extra iron used, just throw it down a deep hole or in a nearby lake. Lava is preferred if you have an incinerator.

    Example: Jimmy wants to make an iron pickaxe. He crafts one, then throws 3 iron ingots down his garbage pit.
    This ONLY APPLIES to IRON TOOLS. Nothing else. Anything else involving iron doesn't need to be doubled, either, such as compasses, iron bars, or iron doors.

    4. You must have a generator room (A room with at least 1 furnace that is especially made for this purpose) and smelt 1 coal per room per day.
    5. From your generator room, cables must extend from the generator (furnace) to each of your rooms. Cables can be fences, glass panes, or iron bars.
    6. You must have a ventilation system. Each room must have a 1x1 hole somewhere in their ceiling leading to the generator room or connecting to others that lead to the generator room.
    7. If you do not have a generator room, coal to power the generator, cables, or ventilation systems, you can not use the rooms that aren't connected.

    Example: Jimmy wants to go to sleep in his bedroom. His bedroom has a vent and cables leading to his generator room, so he can sleep there. Now Jimmy wants to store his items in his storage room. His storage room does not have cables leading to it or a ventilation system, so he can not use you. Now Jimmy wants to smelt something in his smelting room. His smelting room is connected with cables, but doesn't have a ventilation system. Jimmy can not use his smelting room.

    8. IMPORTANT: You must have one room for every need, such as a crafting room for crafting, a smelting room for smelting, a bedroom for sleeping, etc, etc.
    9. Your outside walls must be 2 thick with stone, glass, or stone bricks on the outside and anything for the inside layer.
    10. DO NOT use redstone or dig redstone ore AT ALL. If you accidentally obtain some redstone, please dispose of it into your garbage pit/incinerator.
    11. Every single door of your's must be iron with a pressure plate or button. No levers. If you can't make one quite yet, then don't make a door.
    12. You can not eat or store raw food. If you obtain raw food during the day, cook it before night. If you obtain it during the night, cook it during the day. You can not eat or store spider eyes or rotten flesh, either.

    Advancing to the Modern Age
    To advance to the modern age, you must follow the rules for the Industrial Age completely, which means that you have a room for each of your needs, you have the right amount of chimneys, all of your rooms have a ventilation system and cables connecting to it, and you double your iron when creating iron tools. You are not required to advance to this age if you wish to complete some mini-goals for the Industrial Age first.

    1. You no longer have to double your iron for iron tools.
    2. You can now obtain and craft with redstone.
    3. You now only have to burn 1 coal per 2 rooms in your house.
    4. You no longer need chimneys (In case you think they look ugly)
    5. You can store raw food, spider eyes, and rotten flesh as long as it is surrounded by saplings in a chest. You still can't eat it raw, though.
    6. You can now cook with anything, and create charcoal! Yay!

    None. :D

    Mini Goals!

    Industrial Age Goals
    1. Create a realistic generator. To do this, make a nether portal in your generator room. Then surround it in stone and put your generator (furnace) in front of the stone-encased portal. You now have a generator that makes generator sounds!
    2. Create a refrigeration room. To do this, you must create a room with chests on a frozen lake of ice. The floor must be the ice. This room requires no cables or ventilation systems.
    3. Create an underground bunker. Just in case. To do this, just make a second generator room underground along with all of the other rooms you have. You'll need your ventilation system going to the SURFACE, though, and your cables MUST be iron bars. Also, be sure to make an underground tree farm and stock up on food. Just in case.

    Modern Age Goals
    1. Make every door in your house an automatic piston door with pressure plates. Yup.
    2. Replace every torch in your house with either a redstone lamp or a redstone torch.

    Extra Challenge: Apocalypse!
    Basically, you must complete the Industrial Age goal to create an underground bunker. Once that is done, you must immediately move into it and wait for a real life week before seeing the Minecraft outside world again. You don't have to actually play for a week, though. :P

    Feel free to leave suggestions or friendly feedback. Also, if you could, post screenshots of your progress if you have chosen to try this challenge out.
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    posted a message on [CHALLENGE] The Industrial Age
    I may keep track of my progress on this challenge. I may not. Any thoughts on this?
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    posted a message on How to make same forum
    This forum was created with Curse, which isn't free. Free forum websites are Enjin or Weebly, but they aren't as professional as this.
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    posted a message on Survival Diary: Creeper Greens Jungle
    I love how you used the Shaders mod for the picture. The shade goes good with that type of wood, in my opinion. :)
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    posted a message on Closed Map Experiment
    Phycozz, this isn't fake.

    Quote from Tenron

    Well, at first when I saw the huge wall of text I was going to only look at the pictures and move on. I saw the first reply where the guy said he read it all, so I decided to do the same. I will tell you, it was well worth my time. I don't know why and I can't think of what to say right now other than the fact that I am extremely fascinated by this experiment that you set up. You should try more, however I don't know what they should be.

    I was reluctant about the huge wall of text as well, but, like you, I read it all and enjoyed it very much. :)
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    posted a message on What are some stupid ban/kick/jail reasons you have seen or experienced?
    I accidentally burned my friend's pixel art down. The next day I was banned for "pie".

    I've been unbanned after we talked at school, though. :D
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    Translation of JoelHergon's words:

    These are the Minecraft Forums. The owner of these forums isn't the owner of Minecraft.

    Try checking minecraft.net out instead.
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    Softer Obsidian and Breakable Bedrock!

    Hi there, everyone. Titanic here! I just wanted to share my first Minecraft mod that I made, in case anyone wants this. If this is copying someone else's mod, I apologize. When I searched for this, I only found outdated mods. So I took it upon myself to make this mod for Minecraft 1.2.4! Here goes:

    Description: This mod makes obsidian softer. This means that obsidian takes less time to be destroyed. You must still use a diamond pick, though. This mod also makes bedrock destroy-able. You must use a diamond pick to get the bedrock.


    Requirements: This mod requires Risugami's modloader, found here: http://www.minecraft...ything-updated/

    Installation: (Windows)

    1. Search %appdata% in your start menu and hit enter.

    2. Open your .minecraft folder.

    3. Open your bin folder.

    4. Use WinRAR or 7Zip to open your minecraft.jar.

    5. Open the SofterObsidianAndBedrock file.

    6. Drag the class file(s) from the SofterObsidianAndBedrock file into your minecraft.jar.

    7. Open Minecraft, and have fun!

    Liability: I am not responsible for any damage done to your Minecraft, even though I don't know what damage this small mod could even do.
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