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    Quote from asomguy126»

    Not models from Superheroes Unlimited.

    You should consult the author of Superheroes Unlimited to ask for compatibility; Noppes can't make his mod compatible with the billions of mods out there that add armor, that'd take about 63 years.
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    Quote from Noppes»

    1) Yea I found out why it doesnt happen for me. It is because Im on the recommended forge version and Im guessing you are on the latest. One of the versions probable broke something. For now not going to fix unless you want to find out what version of forge it exactly broke so I can find out whats wrong. Otherwise always use the recommended version not the latest.

    2) I... uhm... seem to have forgotten them when I rewrote everything for 1.8, whoops, thanks for mentioning them ^^

    3,4) Not sure why that would happen, seems to work fine for me though. It might be the snow though, does it also happen in a world without all that snow around?

    AutisticsRule mentioned having the same AI issues as me, he said he fixed it by turning off "Sprint" in the movements menu. I tried the same thing, and they work perfectly now. It is odd that sprinting causes that for me though...

    I'll switch to the recommended version, normally I do use recommended and I can't rack my brains hard enough to figure out what made me jump to latest this time around.

    Quote from Noppes»

    As far as I can tell from some digging, I can't reproduce the mini npc bug in the 1.7 version. (It was admittedly pretty light digging, maybe 2-3 blocks of dirt worth.)

    Thank you for the prompt replies (:
    I love seeing this mod still in active development.
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    I've started to get "TickingEntity" crashes on one of my worlds. It happens with several NPCs, I can't find the connection between them (If there is one).

    Here is a crash log of one of the more recent times.

    Does not happen in any of my other worlds. (yet?)

    Also, managed to get a screenshot of the tiny model display bug. Apparently, it not only shows up in the inventory menu, but also sometimes on the texture selection screen. Screenshot is attached.

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    Quote from Autisticsrule»

    Well glad to see im not the only person that shares this shield bug ..thought I was going nuts an had done something wrong.. but now its open we know it can be fixed.

    also as for the dancing an failing to engage I found that the bug remains an is caused by an npc being set to be able to sprint turn the sprint off an the bug should clear.

    plus just to warn people that ..do not set ammunition trail to lighting it will cause your game to crash.. seriously incomplete I think.

    Can confirm that setting NPCs to allow sprinting was the cause of both the AI-related bugs I've been experiencing. After disabling the option, NPCs would grow a pair and attack properly, not just with the "Rush" type, but others as well. On top of that, NPCs with both ranged and non-ranged weapons now use their ranged attack when they're supposed to. Odd that sprinting causes that weird behavior.
    Thank you! That was definitely the most annoying thing I've found.

    Also, to add to the ammunition trail crash. Not only lightning, but it seems like all of the trails are either assigned to the wrong particle, or they do crash the game. Most of them that I've noticed usually cause the explosion effect, some with bigger explosions and some with smaller, but I haven't found one yet that is correct. Probably something that changed in MC 1.8.

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    Quote from daottoad»

    Noppes I think it would be great to have something opposite of avoid water like "stay in water" or "prefer water" to make aquatic NPC's

    I agree with this guy, that sounds like it would be interesting.

    Quote from Autisticsrule»

    Ok I took out every single add-on except the Custom npcs .. yet the bug with the shields persists I even redownloaded the 1.8 beta yet it remains .

    I tested the different model scales an the 64-32 entity but nothing seems to correct my bug.. its getting me down :< ..what can I do?

    I've also had a problem with shields in the latest version (Beta 1.8). Shields are held on the wrong side of their hand. It looks fine in their sword arm (right arm), but on the left it's held closer to them.
    For now I'm just simply making all my NPCs left handed :P
    But a fix would be appreciated, whenever possible.

    I've also had a problem with finding where to change the particles on Enderchibis. In the 1.7 version, there was a spot for it while changing the model, but I don't think there is one in the 1.8 version, there was a lot changed and refined in the model selection menu, so maybe it just hasn't been put back in yet. (Or I could just be blind)

    Also, haven't seen anything about this on the recent forum pages, but I'm having issues with NPCs of different factions attacking each other. I'm not sure if this is a bug, or if I'm just not setting up their AI correctly (as there are a lot of options). I've tried setting them to various attack strategies (Rush, Dodge, Surround, etc) but whenever they "See" each other, they start this sort of "dance"? It's hard to describe, and my PC would probably pass out if I tried recording gameplay while playing Minecraft, it has enough trouble with Minecraft on its own :/...
    They do eventually attack each other, but if they're anything more then probably about 5-8 blocks apart, they do that silly dance, like a "you wanna go?" dance, then eventually one gets brave enough to charge, but this can take 30 seconds or more. They show similar behavior when attacking me.

    Another AI question/bug report/something I noticed, or again I very possibly could just be setting them up wrong, but AIs who use ranged weapons AND non ranged weapons (I.E sword and bow, sword only at close range) via the option for using ranged weapons when enemies are only x blocks away, they don't seem to be... doing it? In more detail:

    -NPC with ranged and non-ranged weapon "Sees" NPC with just a sword.
    -NPCs do silly "you wanna go?" dance
    -NPC with sword finally finds his courage and rushes NPC with both bow and sword (It's always the NPC with just a sword who breaks from the silly dance first)
    -NPC with bow and sword does not fire bow
    -NPC with sword gets in close and hits NPC with both
    -NPC with both has knockback, and pushes other NPC far enough back, THEN uses bow on him
    rinse and repeat

    It's like... The NPC with both bow and sword doesn't use his ranged attack unless he was hit right beforehand.
    Very strange.

    Anyways! I've been gone for awhile, but I'm getting back into MC, and very happy to see all the work you've done to the mod.
    Thanks for that (:


    Also, did some more testing on the shield bug after digging a tiny more on the forums and seeing you say you couldn't replicate the shield bug. I tried changing my graphics settings to all maxed out (In spite of my computers exsessive whining) but to no avail, still there...

    Managed to get a screenshot, it's attached to the post.

    (I just noticed it's hard to see his shield on the guy on the right, but the gray bar is the shield. Bad angle...)

    Also... Was not able to replicate this myself, but once or twice, seemingly randomly, when looking at an NPCs inventory screen, the NPCs scale was messed up, they were very very small in the preview box. However, again was not able to replicate this.

    --EDIT EDIT--

    (Bolded the important stuff, I realized I'd built quite a wall of text)


    Convinced my PC to record those AI bugs.


    Ranged and Nonranged bug - https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3XEHfVSTtQDREZPTzV0Vnl0Z1U/view?usp=sharing

    "You wanna go?" - https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3XEHfVSTtQDUmd1YXlwMTlxRW8/view?usp=sharing

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    I was wondering if someone would be willing to make a plugin that essentially 'syncs' two (or more, configurable?) player's inventories.

    I was hoping to do this to the point that if Player A drops a bucket, it is taken out of Player B's inventory (same inventory)

    But also to the point that if Player A and Player B both use a sword at the same time, it loses durability from both players.

    I think this would add a unique element to survival.

    I am willing to pay, depending on how difficult the plugin would be to create.

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    Quote from robotkoer

    Just noticed: right-side Ctrl and Shift do nothing in shortcuts.

    I've noticed this as well xD
    I happen to be left-handed... So, I use the left shift/ctrl/alt keys almost always...
    And, it can be very inconvenient sometimes to use the left shift to open settings xD
    Is there any way to add a keybinding option for things like this? It would be greatly appreciated.
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    Quote from maaatin

    Attempting to run DiscoCraft on a Forge server will likely result in a crash.

    Likely result in a crash? Are you implying that there's a chance it won't
    crash...? ()_()

    I'm just kidding xD
    The mod looks great, think I'll try it out :P
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    So... the links are broken for your wiki, etc.
    The "..." in the link name transfers over, and my url bar thinks we're trying to go to "www.something....wiki.com" Which isn't an actual address :P
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    I was thinking...
    I'd absolutely LOVE to see a mod about passive-aggressive farm animal mobs (ones you wouldn't think of as a threat like a pig, or a chicken)

    I know this has been looked into before, but not nearly near as seriously as I'd love :)

    Please look into it?
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    This is in the wrong section. You should read forum rules.
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    Quote from chris32

    Any news on updating for 1.5?

    Quote from Davidee

    Sorry, but Forge hasn't updated to 1.5 yet, so it's not possible. :(

    Forge is updated now, but it'll take some time to look through for new bugs, and compile, etc etc for 1.5 (I'm no modding expert, so i can't say exactly how long that takes, or what is involved... But I can tell you that nobody likes to be asked the same question a lot xD
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    Quote from tobbiusness

    -- --
    i was editing the faction points in a new faction, when blam! crashed. heres the report
    Minecraft has crashed!

    Minecraft has stopped running because it encountered a problem; Updating screen events

    A full error report has been saved to C:\Users\acer\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\crash-reports\crash-2013-03-10_11.33.18-client.txt - Please include a copy of that file (Not this screen!) if you report this crash to anyone; without it, they will not be able to help fix the crash :(

    --- BEGIN ERROR REPORT 1318004f --------
    Full report at:
    Please show that file to Mojang, NOT just this screen!
    -- --
    also npcs sometimes sink in the ground again :S

    Don't mean to criticize, I think all the posts about bugs and suggestions you've been up to are a great help to the mod, but I guess I have OCD or something... :P
    The full error report is in your crash-reports folder in %appdata%, etc etc. Sometimes, just giving the screen you gave isn't enough to fix the problem :/

    Also, Noppes, I've noticed that sometimes after killing an enemy, the NPC that killed it will continue shooting (for ranged NPC's) at the spot they were attacking.

    And, when NPCs' are set to attack another NPC (in the process of attacking, or chasing) I can't click on them for editing... Until after they've finished. It's obviously not a major problem, since you've added the ability to edit any NPC from anywhere, just a minor annoyance...

    Thanks for continuing to update and add to this mod; it's always been a favorite, since I like customization so much xD
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    Quote from redekens

    When I am editing an NPC my Too Many Items overlaps the side of the GUI. Anyway to fix it?

    Press "O" by default :P
    TMI has "O" set as it's default "turn on turn off" key.
    I know that's not a permenant soluation, as pressing "O" is needed sometimes in the GUI's on Noppes' mod...
    But, you can change the "O" key to something you wouldn't press otherwise in TMI's settings (config file?)
    Hope I helped :P
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    Quote from Davidee

    No, I meant that if you logged in as one user and then logged in as another user you'd have the same save slots. Or, it can be per-user. What do you think?

    I think it should be non-user-based. That way, like what Darf1337 said, people with multi-accounts don't loose their work. So, similar to TMI style, it gets saved universally to that PC.

    Also, how are you planning on implementing this Davidee? Do you plan to have some type of tool that can spawn in these custom-NBT tagged mobs? Or, just having the actual structure saved in a GUI, that you have to manually put inside a mob that has already been spawned?
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