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Hey guys, I am the Collin9476!

Thanks for stopping by to read! Unfortunately, I am no longer actively involved in the MCPE community, as it has gotten a bit boring and I can no longer play with my friends due to school wifi issues. Yup, no longer bothering to port any more maps. However, I have moved on to greater places within the PC community.

I now mainly play on a server called RedWarfare owned by our wonderful developer libraryaddict! We host a wonderful, creative, and wacky gamemode called Search & Destroy! The gameplay itself is awesome, and the community is wonderful! We've had Youtubers stop by such as ASFJerome and AntVenom. We have awesome PvPers such as Tragik_Ending! Come join the fun!

Server IP (PC Minecraft only):

Server Website:

Once again, thanks for reading!


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