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    Hmm, could you expand more on this leaf harvesting idea? I'm interested.

    Sure. Anyone who's owned or lived in a house that has gutters has probably had to deal with them being clogged by leaves (if there are trees near by, ofc). The leaves blow or fall into the gutter and cannot blow back out because they get stuck inside the gutters since they're weighed down by water. They're too big and too sticky to simply get swept out by rain so they build up over the months. Eventually they start to decompose and saplings can start growing in your gutters, creating a major problem if they get big enough... The leaves can also create problems by becoming too heavy and your gutters will sag.

    Anyways for Minecraft this is way too complicated. Instead, it'd be cool to find a few leaf blocks on your gutters once in a while that you could break and pick up.
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