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    Brandon Sanderson’s books are full of different magic systems, and there are a few mods out there like Allomancy http://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/allomancy, Feruchemy https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/feruchemy, and the Stormlight Archive Mod.https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/the-stormlight-archive-mod But there are other cool magic systems out there that do not have minecraft mods. White sands’ sand mastery, Aons from Elantris, resealing from the emperors soul, and others. The spooky shadows from Shadows for Silence might also count. Those who have read the books could probably mention a bunch more like the other magic system from the emperors soul.there are cool ideas here waiting form people to make into mods.

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    This idea is for making a mod which adds interactions between fluids from other mods!

    Wonder what would happen if Liquid Starlight from Astral sorcery happened to come into contact with Mana from Wizardry?

    What if you poured Molten Aluminum over Nacre from Wizardry? What would happen if Cryothium came into contact with Astral Sorcery's Starlight?

    What if you plunged a Fluid cow into Witchwater, liquid antimatter from Abyssalcraft, or Liquid EXP? Liquid Mobs adds unlimited possibilities!

    Mostly you would expect something cool to happen, but there isn't any way for things to happen since it hasn't been coded. It would be cool if someone made a mod that could make interesting things happen, or new decoration blocks, or other weird things. Like how water onto lava makes obsidian, but it it comes into the side it can make cobblestone.

    Some things that would be cool would be... new weird decoration blocks, or something from the mods... or summon a mob, or create a new fluid with weird combined effects... The odd things you could do are limitless!

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    posted a message on *Modelers || Coders NEEDED* Minecraft beyblade mod

    This looks like a fun and cool idea! Battle toys like this and others would be fun to play with

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    posted a message on {WIP}SONICRAFT[sonic the hedgehog mod] WITH CHAO!}

    Something like the Chao Garden would be awesome for Minecraft! I hope this ends up being made somehow

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    posted a message on Mine Trading Cards [Open Source] [Updated by Powerthegreat]

    Alright! I remember this from the older version. I am so glad it's being worked on again! Hope all goes well and looking forward to the newer one!

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    posted a message on The inverted world

    It sounds cool.

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    posted a message on Randomized mob skins.

    Extra Skin slots would be really cool. It would work for those that don't need the feature, and those that do!

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    posted a message on Castlevania Mod

    A lot of people have wanted a Castlevania Mod, and a lot of times when they suggest it, it will be different.

    I wanted to make a Castlevania Mod, but I don't know if I can. I made some things, some textures for materials, but they never ended up being used.

    I have attached the materials so that somebody might be able to make use of them.

    I have some ideas for things one could use.

    Some ideas:

    Bomb Skeleton from Castlevania N64. Can use be like a creeper, but explodes on contact instead.

    Blood Skeleton: Falls over when defeated like normal, but then gets back up unless you defeat it with the right kind of weapon/power.


    Sun Card/Moon Card

    Weapons and armor

    Crafting Materials (Mabey more, but I have uploaded some as a photo to this post)

    Furniture (It's a GBA thing)


    Infinite Corridor

    Chaotic realm

    NPCs: The Castlevania series has had a lot of different shops and people selling things.

    Master Librarian: Sells Bestiary pages?

    Hammer: Sells weapons and armor?

    Julia: Allows you to create Innocent Devils, Monsters that act like guardians.

    Wind: Mysterious ghost gives you quests, which you can complete for different things.

    These are just some ideas. I would really like to see something happen Castlevania Related.

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    posted a message on Avaritia Auto-Crafting Table

    I think they have one for refined storage called "Refined Avaritia".

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    posted a message on More Magical Tinkers

    I originally wanted to keep this idea for a mod thingy I was working on, as an alternate world's version of Tinkers, but something about that doesn't seem right.

    With so many magical mods out there, I'm surprised this doesn't exist yet. It's nice to have mods that add in custom spells, those are cool. BUT it would be soo cool to find rare magical ingredients for your super cool magical rod or something.

    The Idea:

    Possibly an addon for tinkers, or a separate mod which adds magical things instead of more physical ones. Tinkers is a great mod, but more magical things would be cool to have for those who want to attack something with fire magic rather than a sword.

    Materials like iron wouldn't be as useful, but gold would be, changing it from tinkers materials.

    Like instead of an axe or cleaver, it adds Wands, Rods, and Staffs as primary weapons.

    Wands would be faster, and staffs would be slower. Maybe they would have a different range of attack? They don't have to be far range to be magical.

    They use more magical materials, or some things that are interesting or rare. Many materials that would be unsuitable for normal Tinkers equipment would be very useful, such as packed ice, lapis, redstone, or even glass. That extra magical wood that's hard to get added by a different mod would make an excellent wand material.

    Other things could be Spellbooks or Scrolls would be interesting.

    They could have different components like Pages, Pigment/ink, Cover, and Binding

    think about wielding a spellbook with Dragons Breath ink, or glowing blaze pigment lettering. Just don't use zombie flesh for your book cover.... it could turn your spellbook evil.

    Maybe a potion, Crystal, or crystal ball type?

    Possibly new multiblock for making other magical materials? Some kind of non attack thingy that does something useful outside of combat? Some kind of summoning mechanic?

    There are TONS of possibilities that can be explored here.

    In summery here are the main reasons form something like this to exist:

    1. It's a cool idea that does something different.

    2. Sometimes tinkers stuff can be fun, but it doesn't let you be a mage class rather than a ranger or a warrior. Some traits added by materials can kind of do that, but it's not the same as crafting your magical wand or rod.

    3. Materials would be different from normal tinkers, making it a different and fun experience. Maybe it would be an interesting way to use materials added by other mods that are often overlooked?

    This sounds really cool to me, but I don't know if I have the ability to make something like this with my limited modding experience.

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    posted a message on Mod Idea: La Mulana Mod

    I;m not really too experienced with modding, so I'm not sure how well I could do this idea justice, that's why I'm posting it here.

    Many modders have created mods based off of other series, but there is one I can think of that nonone has done anything with. LA MULANA

    So what is La-Mulana?

    Well, there are two games (three if you count the steam remake and the original as two different ones). And these games have a lot of things you could make into a mod!

    In La Mulana you explore ancient ruins of La Mulana and find powerful objects to help you face off against an ancient evil! Solving puzzles and finding hidden secrets and stuff.

    But, what would this mod add? Why would you want things from La mulana? Well, here are some examples of things you could make.

    -Cool decorative blocks for ruins and dungeons and stuff.

    - Cool tools and equipment

    - Unique enemies based on ancient lore and legends.


    -Maybe some new way to craft things? Since Minecraft is so based on crafting it could be a nice little addition.



    -Did I mention traps? I think I did.

    … um. at the risk of sounding dumb some other things people might want to look at are Dot Hack and castlevania. Thank you for reading this.

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    posted a message on Extra Stuffs 1.0

    That does sound cool. I tried it out and it is pretty cool. I like your gem texture a lot.

    I suggest adding in pictures anyway cause then it might help other people get more interested in trying out your mod. You may not need a whole lot, just something small might help.

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    posted a message on Tinkers' Construct 2

    I'm not sure if this is a feature you have not added in yet, a bug, or something your not interested in adding, but there is a thing I found with the Vanilla Recipe Book.

    When you craft something from a mod like blank patterns, the recipe will be added to the vanilla recipe book if you use the vanilla crafting table or the little crafting thingy you start out with.

    But when you use a Crafting station it doesn't add the recipe to the recipe book.

    I understand if this isn't a possible thing, I guess I was just wondering if you plan to add this or if your aware of this

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    posted a message on Extra Stuffs 1.0

    Do you have any pictures of the new stuff? If you want to keep something a surprise you don't have to show much, I just want to know more before I consider downloading it.

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    posted a message on Chests with cool adventure map or quest features

    TLDR: Block that can make chests appear with a cool animation or other ideas that are more adventure-y in nature than the usual stuff in mods (not that they are bad, it's just different). For role play or quests or things.

    The idea for this mod is that there are chests that are unique or interesting looking or appear in an interesting way. Useful for adventure maps, mods with questlines, or role play. It is possible some mods have these in them that I didnt know about, but I don't think there is a mod out there like this right now. To illustrate my ideas, I may reference something for another game to describe my ideas.

    Also, since it is just a suggestion, I think the person making it could add whatever wierd or interesting features they would want to see.

    ---Appearing Chests:
    These chests appear with a special animation in different ways when a certain block is activated.
    Maybe the block would indicate where the thing appeats/vanishes from? Having some sort of interface to indicate where the chest goes and how it gets there.

    <Currently Unnamed Chest placing Block>: Kind of like a command block but contains all the mod options for spawning in chests with special animations when they appear. Activated by redstone or by player?

    Falling Chest: Falls from somewhere above until it lands at the spot. Maybe it becomes less transparent as it falls before becoming normal looking when it's in place? (Like some chests From the Zelda 64 games)

    Light chest: Appears in collomb of light similar to how some special chests do In Zelda Wind Waker.

    Illusion Chest: Appears with a wavy effect like some chests in Zelda the Wind Waker. (See the Lighting the Windfall island lighthouse for an example)

    Darkness Chest: Appears out of a pool of shadow (See Paper Mario the Thousand Year Door, Riddle Tower for an example)

    Water Chest: Like above, except it's a pool of water that freezes into an ice chest.

    Fire Chest: Flames rise up, and when they lower a chest is there.

    ---Locked Chests:
    Require specific keys to open, maybe one of them has to be built from different key parts, or by inserting a gemstone into it? I know some mods probably already have this in use.

    ---Problematic Chests: These chests are dangerous and can pose a problem if opened.

    Protected Chest: Won't open if enemies are nearby.

    Trap Chest: Unlike the Vanilla Trapped Chest, This chest itself is a trap. Will it explode into potion effects? Freeze the player in ice for a bit? Explode into monsters? Shoot arrows at the player?

    Hungry Chest: Blocks the way until the proper item is placed inside.

    ---Other ideas:
    Chests that do something when opened? A chest that you open and it plays the animation and disapears, spraying items out of it? Maybe one that shoots out a fireworks. Something covered with vines that needs shears or fire to open?

    Honestly, I have no idea how to pull some of this stuff off. Some of it could be done with Command block trickery, however I think there is some cool stuff some people could do that would only be possible with this mod.

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