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    Thank you Eruraion. That fully answers my question.

    However, I just stumbled upon this Switch Between Versions - Howtogeek

    From the looks of the tutorial, it seems pretty straight forward. He should be able to keep playing his latest version, which I'm sure he has a lot of stuff built that he wants to save.

    And then, create a second profile and signify that it should run the necessary older version. Then, if he wants to play mods for older versions, he just selects that profile.

    If done correctly, I assume the stuff he built, etc... in one version will not show up in a different version? Which is completely fine.

    Thanks again, I really do appreciate all of the help. You guys are going to make an 8 year old exceedingly happy.

    Edit: Will post in appropriate forum next time. Sorry.

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    Quote from AxelzMC»

    There is indeed a problem here, it can be hard to find specific tutorials as you mentioned, so I'll try my best to help you out. Your nephew has Minecraft 1.11.2, but Sync is a little behind (back in 1.7.10). This is because for whatever reason, the developer of the mod, iChun, hasn't updated it yet, and this means you simply cannot use it. There are a few easy ways to get around this though, and you'll never need to pay for anything. One option is to downgrade Minecraft to 1.7.10 to use those mods, another is to use packs of mods like you mentioned, and the last being to wait until the mod gets updated to 1.11.2.

    1. For the first option you'll want to download Forge from their website here Forge for 1.7.10 and click "Installer" on either the Latest (experimental) or Recommended (stable) options. Open that file and it should prompt you with a small box. Make sure "Install Client" is the one checked and hit OK. Now open the Minecraft Launcher, go to the three bars at the top right and click "Launch Options". Click on the little green arrow next to the Game Directory box and create a folder here named "mods" unless it is there already. This is where all the mods you want for 1.7.10 go, and if there is a problem with them Minecraft will tell you when the game starts. You can now go back to the launcher on the main page, click the arrow next to the "Play" button and select the Forge version. That should be it, all done!

    Pros: Can choose what you want, it's now there when you want it any time

    Cons: Confusing to set up on your first time, need to manually move all the mods you want

    2. Modpacks, this one is simpler, but not as selective. You can download whole packs, but most people use a special launcher like Technic, ATLauncher, or the Curse Launcher. If you're interested in any of these, they each have their own website (excluding Curse) where you can download them and browse packs that your nephew might like.

    Pros: Easier to set up and basically installs for you

    Cons: Packs come with a lot of mods and you might not find fun in all of them

    3. Lastly, the waiting game, I'm sure we all know what this means.

    Pros: You might get the mod you want for the new version, you get to keep the new features in 1.8/1.9/1.10/1.11

    Cons: You need patience, the mod may never be updated

    I hope this was thorough enough, I know how much fun I've had playing Minecraft and I hate to see when someone might not have that fun because they're stuck. It get's easier after the first time!

    Awesome! Thank you very much for your write up and help. I genuinely appreciate the detail and time it took. I'm pretty sure I can do it now. And my nephew will honestly be over the moon he is anticipating this so much. He doesn't have any mods right now.

    Also, is it not safe to download mods from sites like niceminecraft.net and minecraftmods.com?

    Thanks again, to the both of you.
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    Sorry for two similar posts, but I am on my way to my nephews house now and just wanted to know if it is possible to install the Sync mod (which says 1.7.10 is the latest supported version) on his 1.11.2 version?

    If not, what happens if you have mods already installed and update your Minecraft version? Do you just lose the mods not supported by the new updated version?

    Thanks again for any help.

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    posted a message on Complete Newb needs help modding for nephew.

    Hi all, and thanks in advance.

    My nephew has Minecraft version 1.11.2, and I believe it is on Windows 8.

    One of the mods he wants is the Sync mod.

    I found some tutorials, but am still a little confused, as I know nothing about Minecraft. There are steps about having Forge API, and downloading iChun Util, etc...

    Are these safe to download (as it's not my computer and I want to be extra safe)?

    Could someone kind of dumb the process down a little for me? I would be very thankful.

    Also, he wants some other mods (something like a dragon hatcher mod or something), is there like a large mod pack I can install - one with a lot of popular mods? I prefer free obviously, but he's a pretty special kid so I would gladly pay if necessary.

    Thank you very much in advance for any and all help.

    Edit: Also, I just noticed that all of the sync mods I am seeing are not for his exact version. Is there a sync mod even available for his 1.11.2 version? If not, what do we have to do, pay for an updated version or something?

    Thanks again.

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