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    Quote from TimberCool»

    IGN: ColderPlayz

    Country: India/America

    Age: 13

    Discord: ColderPlayz#7543

    What are you good at in Minecraft: I am good at Minecraft because I love building, mining, having fun with red stone and mostly speed running . (25 Min 34 secs). I love Bedwars and I am really good at it. I play for hours and hours with my friends tryna beat the game everytime.

    Why you would like to join: I would like to join because I want to make new friends, go in servers where people don’t grief and I want to explore wath y’all made.

    How long have you been playing: Since 2012.

    What Style you build in: I build in Rustic Style.

    Link to Previous Builds: I don’t have links but in most of my worlds I build those types of ones.

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