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    Quote from UnDeadEd2011

    why cant i see the car but still drive it. I can only see to dots on the floor please help

    Quote from MadMatty57

    I cant see the car when I spawn it, what do I do now!?! :steve_rage: :steve_rage: :steve_rage: :steve_rage: :steve_rage: :steve_rage: :DSWORD:

    Have you both tried my post just above yours? If so, have any other errors surfaced in the console?
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    Alright, I fixed the invisible bug for myself. In short, just rename the .zip folder to:
    and make sure it's in the mod folder in your install.
    This is the error that came up when initially starting up Minecraft:
    2013-02-02 16:19:49 [INFO] [STDOUT] Error:Zip file C:\Users\Cody\AppData\Roaming\.multimc\instances\CrazyBMW\minecraft\mods/[CrazyMod]BMW_Car.zip
    and then I would get the
    2013-02-02 16:21:33 [INFO] [STDOUT] ########## GL ERROR ##########
    2013-02-02 16:21:33 [INFO] [STDOUT] @ Post render
    2013-02-02 16:21:33 [INFO] [STDOUT] 1281: Invalid value
    spam to console when it is attempting to render the car.
    So, for all of you getting the "GL ERROR", this will probably help.
    Have fun with this in-game.
    And for the record, I'm running on a AMD Athlon II 455 x3 w/ 8GB of DDR3 1333 RAM and GeForce 210 1GB card; It seems to run fine for me.

    EDIT: Here, I went and uploaded it over to MEGA (hope you don't mind, I'll remove it if you want). Here's the link: [CrazyMod]BMW_Car.zip Download
    Go ahead and link it on the main page if you want, I don't really have a use for that account, anyways. :)
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    I apparently got in the beta somehow, but due to me not having time lately I've played a whole .1 hours according to steam. xD
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    Hmm, this is just a suggestion, not sure how hard it would be..but, I like this in conjunction with "Dawn of the Modern World" to make a bunch of nicely run facilities, but...Planes aren't always easy and sometimes ridiculously slow to move on ground. Could we get some sort of towing machine? Like:

    Or hey, even just add a towing feature to the little jeeps:
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    Quote from Yehp

    So why can't we have .gif's as a desktop background?

    I think that would be really cool, we would see some amazing high resolution .gif's begin to emerge and have some really cool stuff. I want that.

    Also easily customisable cursor colours. I'd like that.

    Hmm, IIRC (If you're talking about Windows) Explorer does not support .gif files...It even just opens them up in IE by default. If you really wanted to I'm sure you could just rip out all the layers on a .gif and then set the time between background accordingly with Win 7 or 8.
    Customisable Cursor colors? Well, you can already get like 100K different cursors without spending any time at all..
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    Quote from fm87

    I'm not sure since I didn't watch it and I chose to run around Win 8 like a toddler lost in a store, but I'm pretty sure there was a video or two when you go to download the Consumer Preview to help get you started.
    What everybody seems to be complaining about is just different. I would actually think the corner ones would be annoying on a tablet that has the sunken screen, probably won't be bad on the ones that have the screen flush with the front so you can easily touch the corners.
    I lastly just want to note that you all seem to not be wanting to move forward. Seriously, it's a nice interface. I find it much easier to switch between windows and the Metro UI makes things quite clean.
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    Missing a Gfx card at the moment, but for only spending $300 I think I did good:
    Case: NZXT Source 210
    MoBo: BIOSTAR A880G+
    CPU: AMD Athlon II x3 455 core unlocked to an AMD Phenom II x4 B55 @ 3.3GHz
    RAM: G.Skill Ripjaws DDR3 1333 8GB Dual-Channel Kit (2x4GB)
    HDD 1: Western Digital Blue 500GB SATA III @ 7200 RPM
    HDD 2: Western Digital 200GB SATA II @ 7200 RPM (Took it from an old comp, only used to back-up files when I wipe my drive)
    PSU: An old Cooler Master 430W PSU I had laying around
    Graphics: Integrated AMD Radeon HD 3200 (Will get a proper GFx card when I can with a quality PSU) [Used Biostar's GameBoost to get the core clock from 560 MHz to 700 MHz]
    Optical: An old DVD-RW drive I had laying around that runs off SATA.
    OS: Currently on Windows 8 Consumer Preview (Will head back to Win 7 if Win 8 proves to be a dud) While I also do usually have various Linux distros on a separate partition.
    Display: Dell SE198WFP (19" Widescreen @ 1440x900)
    ^ [Recited it all from memory, but I believe I got it all correct]

    It's all nicely wired (Well, as nice it could possibly be) and runs quite cool I think at 35c CPU temp or such most of the time..
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    Although it was only released earlier today, has anybody else tried it out yet? Once I got home I loaded the ISO onto a DVD and performed a clean install. Only had a bare Win 7 install anyways, so worst case scenario I just load Win 7 back. Anyways, I'm kind of liking Win 8 so far. Although, of course it is a bit weird. Firstly, it does seem to be more designed for touch interfaces, but I'm starting to prefer it to all the old Win 7 interfaces. The only thing I miss so far is the good old start menu, I can't seem to find an all programs list yet..
    Although I've always been a PlayStation fan, I like how it's being integrated heavier with the online cloud, Xbox, and such. One of my favorite features of the Linux distros I use is the store and features they have to sync and such. Glad Microsoft finally took up on the idea, Hopefully the Microsoft Store becomes widely used. I don't know about you, but it gets mighty annoying to have to have Steam for this, Origin for this, and such.
    I don't know, maybe I'm just being all "fanboi" over here.. I would like to see somebody else's thoughts on this. :)
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    Quote from Logicx

    Looks good. Some things I think you should add:

    - Add some shadowing on the blocks behind the ladder to make it look like it is one block in.
    - Maybe add a gradient to the sky color to make it look less solid.

    Aye, thanks for the input.

    Put up a second version with the wood as a content box. Not sure if I like it or not. :sad.gif:
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    Alright, as I'm no good at the whole creative thing, I came here to get some input. :smile.gif:
    Here is my sad progress so far: (All made in GIMP)
    Version 1

    Version 2

    It's actually much larger, the cursor is an Iron Pickaxe (URL hover is a diamond pickaxe), and I will eventually spread some ores through the rock while making sure it coincides with Minecraft's actual distribution of ore.

    I have no clue on how to do the content boxes. I was thinking using wood as a border (same size as rest of the blocks, which are 32px) then using wood panels as a backing. Of course, using the Minecraft font! The blue is suppose to be the sky, but I don't know the exact color of the skies, so I just picked a random blue. xD

    Lastly, I will add shadowing and toy with the look of 3D, but this is an early mock-up, so I'm waiting to do any of that. :smile.gif:
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    Before everybody goes

    Can ye help me choose a computer best suitable for games?
    Yes, I'm getting a computer from Wally World.. If you want to know why, 1: Ever heard of the 10% discount? Yea, well, it's nice. 2: All of the computers listed below cost the same as a CPU, Windows 7, and a Hard Drive alone.. (All of these systems are ~$300 at the local Wally World..
    I do have an ATX-sized PSU (500W I believe, and no it's not a stock PSU. It's Cooler Master IIRC) and a GeForce 210 I can stick in the actual desktops..

    Alright, on to the models:
    Actual Desktops
    - HP Pavilion p6-2003wb (Oh, according to a quick google search it's really an E2-3200..Although, I'm still clueless xD)
    - eMachines ET1352G-03w
    - HP Pavilion p2-1013wb
    - eMachines EL1358G-51w
    - EL1852G-52w
    (I don't know, with that card I got the internals on the slimlines might be better *shrug*)

    Yes, I know that with these computers I shouldn't be expecting much, but it's better than the current SR5130NX with that GeForce 210 previously mentioned..
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    Well, I was looking at this site called PassMark, but I started looking at it and seen that one of the APUs, the E2-3200 ranks just a tad higher than AMD Phenom x4 9100e. So, unless I got this whole APU thing wrong, I don't see how that's correct, at least in a gaming environment.

    So, as the title states, what is the best way to differentiate between the performance (gaming-wise) for processors? Is PassMark really a good site? Or is there a better one? Yea, I know there is also Tom's Hardware's CPU Chart, but I don't see APUs being included, since it does state only CPUs..
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    Quote from timmy360

    I think they use CyberPower

    Ah, they use both :wink.gif:
    Wally World - iBuyPower
    Wally World - CyberPower
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    Have you tried uninstalling the driver and re-installing it (From the Device Manager)? Also, you plugged in a pic? The only pic I'm aware of is a Picture, don't think it would harm an audio port to insert a picture into it, lol. Also, are your back ports still working? Not sure if your saying just your front audio ports are dead or the ones in the rear too..
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