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    Latest Update!
    • WackyCreepers should work with forge now. I apologize for this issue occurring, but I had no idea that forge changed a method I used with mod loader to spawn my creepers. This should now be fixed. WackyCreepers will work with ModLoader or FML (Forge ModLoader)

    Aqua's Wacky Creepers Mod

    Q: Does this mod have a config file?
    A: Yes, it will be placed in your .minecraft folder as CreeperConfig.ini

    Q: Is this mod compatible with *insert mod here*?
    A: WackyCreepers should be compatible with every mod currently available that uses ModLoader or ForgeModloader. It is a base-clean mod (it doesn't modify any native Minecraft classes). If you find an incompatibility please contact me at [email protected]

    What is it?
    Wacky Creepers is a small mod that adds new mobs to the game. These mobs are wacky and interesting variations on the creeper (hence the name) that will hopefully supplement your minecraft experience. This mod requires modloader, which can be found here. WackyCreepers features a config where you can select which creepers you want to spawn and how common each creeper will be. Keep in mind that this will not be necessarily the most ground breaking of mods as it is my first, but do not hesitate to criticize or (if you care to) give suggestions. You can reach me at [email protected] which is usually checked daily.

    What do the creepers do?

    Images Imgur Album: Wacky Creepers Mod

    Fireworks Creeper
    A red and white banded creeper with its feet on fire. When it takes damage (you punch it in the face for example) it will launch itself into the air at high speeds and then explode in a big bunch of colorful sparks! Every explosion has two colors, randomly selected between white, blue, red, green, and yellow. The Fireworks creeper is the perfect creeper for any celebration that requires high explosives! Be careful though, as its explosion can cause fires if handled improperly! Fireworks creeper spawn on beaches, in the desert, or on frozen ocean.

    Poison Creeper
    Dull purple and sickly green creepers that explode in a cloud of poisonous gas which (predictably) poisons the player. They drop rotten flesh and mushrooms.

    Nature Creeper
    They masquerade as a normal creeper, but are much less harmful. When they explode they spread tall grass and flowers onto any grass (much like bonemeal except a larger affect), and place biome specific fauna (saplings on grass and cacti in deserts) as well as heal the player.

    Magic Creeper
    Bright shiny purple creepers that explode in a puff of magical smoke. They float around in mid air ad when they reach the player cast a magic spell (causing a random potion effect). They spawn anywhere and wear incredibly stylish top hats. When they die they will drop a random potion.

    Flash Creeper
    Bright yellow creepers that explode in a flash of smoke and light, but don't die upon exploding. Also blind the player, reducing vision further. They are incredibly annoying, especially if coupled with other creatures (flash creepers cause no damage on their own).

    Fish Creepers
    Dull blue and green creepers that swim around in oceans, rivers, and lakes. When they explode, their explosion holes fill in with still water, spreading their watery domains further inland. Eventually they will take over all of the land mass, muahahaha! When killed they drop raw fish.

    Party Creeper
    Pink and wildly colorful creepers that love to throw parties wherever they roam (in any biome). They explode into a dazzling cloud of rainbow confetti and leave behind a delicious cake. Yummy!

    Ninja Creeper
    Hooded and mysterious creepers that disguise as other creepers. When they get close enough they throw off their disguise and strike from above with great speed! If you manage to hit them they will teleport away (leaving a log where they were) and attack you from their new location. They are a nasty foe that is hard to trap or escape from, so if you are able to defeat them you are rewarded with some great rewards! However, they are not impenetrable in that they take double damage when not disguised! They spawn in forests (both normal and icy) and in swamps.

    The Mod In Action

    Download Link

    Older Versions
    Full Release 1.2.4
    Full Release 1.2.3
    Full Release 1.1.0
    Full Release 1.0.0


    7/9/12 -- Works with Forge (for real this time!)
    6/5/12 -- Mod now base-clean, config file works on macs, allows customizing spawn rates
    4/7/12 -- Updated to 1.2.5 and added the fireworks creeper
    3/30/12 -- Updated to 1.2.4 and changed the drops of the ninja creeper
    3/14/12 -- Updated to 1.2.3
    2/4/12 -- Retracted new Download link as it unexpectedly caused crashes
    1/14/12 -- Updated mod to 1.1
    1/2/12 -- More bugfixes! Yay...
    1/1/12 -- Added the ninja creeper!
    12/30/11 -- Fixed the 'lag creeper' bug and fixed some spawn rate issues
    12/29/11 -- Bug Fixes Galore!
    12/28/11 -- First Release

    This document is Copyright ©(2011-2012) CodonAqua and is the intellectual property of the author. Only Minecraftforum.net and mcmodcenter.net is able to host any of my material without my (CodonAqua) consent. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. If you mirror this mod page or anything I've (CodonAqua) made on any other site, I (CodonAqua) may express my angst at you in the form of a lawsuit.
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    posted a message on [1.2.5] Wacky Creepers by CodonAqua [FML][Mob] - Now Works With Forge (Really This Time)
    Quote from 15382

    I have the same problem like lolwut13, only fish creepers are spawning. And if i travel a bit, after one minute my game lags horribly.And i have the config in my .minecraft folder. help?

    Quote from mbtester

    @ CodonAqua

    I just tried the Wacky Creepers 1/1/2012 showcase version. I got a whole bunch of bugs compared to the last version.

    - Ninja creeper spawn rate seems 5-6 greater then other creepers. (In the previous version it seemed Party Creepers spawned way too much).

    - Party Creeper model texture no longer renders - basically they are invisible. There is only a circular shadow where they are standing, then boom, then cake. The mob entity shows up on Rei's MM but they are not visible except for the shadow.

    - Magic Creepers roam pathing doesn't seem to work. They just float in a stationary position.

    - Water Creeper roam pathing - ditto.

    - I wandered around for 2 MC days (40 min IRL - all daytime using TMI) and never found a Poison, Nature, or Flash Creeper - i used Rei's MM to quickly spot and noclip_fly straight to every entity on the map (testing jar has only Wacky Creepers + vanilla mobs). I don't know if it's just my bad luck but the spawning balance seems way off to me.

    - My testing ended when I encountered a Party Creeper anomaly. I found a stationary circular shadow. I noclip walked up to it and it blew up and blew up and blew up... constantly without pause. When i moved back, it stopped blowing up, didn't move, and there was a single cake on the ground. When i moved back to it, it repeatedly blew up again. Actually it was pretty funny and made a huge pretty white particle cloud on the ground but it is definitely not normal.

    The previous version seemed A LOT more stable and bug free.
    My testing jar only has: ML, ML MP, GuiAPI, TMI, SPC, AudioM, CJB's, Rei's MM, and PlayerAPI).
    Just FYI.

    Are these bugs or is the problem on my end?

    Quote from StevenLOL000

    No creeper apwn only normal creepers i have modloader and i have all creppers yes only ninjacreeper!

    I am so sorry for this bug! I'm still learning to mod effectively, so many bugs slip through my limited testing. I hope to get a few people to test for this kind of stuff later, but right now its only me so I get so excited about something new I've added that I forget to test everything, leading to stuff like this. In an attempt to make the download smaller I accidentally caused many mobs not to render properly! The new version no longer has this problem. Thank you for your patience!

    Quote from elgrizzlygaer

    One of the most well-made creeper mods I've seen. Great Job!!!

    Quote from xkirbyx10

    Rating: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond:

    Thank you very much!
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    posted a message on [1.2.5] Wacky Creepers by CodonAqua [FML][Mob] - Now Works With Forge (Really This Time)
    Quote from Lightningo

    Also, by the way, do these creepers just drop gunpowder?

    I should update the main post with this information.
    The fish creeper drops raw fish, the party, nature, and flash creepers drop nothing (or gunpowder? I didn't change the default i don't think), the magic creeper drops potions (randomly selected), and the poison creeper drops rotten flesh and mushrooms. Thanks for asking!

    Quote from Iopkluj123

    Quite a decent mod if I do say so myself.
    Though I would recommend Party creepers to be rare :biggrin.gif:
    You just earned yourself a :Diamond: And a download :biggrin.gif:

    Thank you very much! I have party creepers set to be relatively rare, but I don't know how it would actually play in a long survival play-through.
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    posted a message on [1.2.5] Wacky Creepers by CodonAqua [FML][Mob] - Now Works With Forge (Really This Time)

    although this idea is overused, it is pretty good for a newly spawned.
    i wont download it, but it is a great mod it seems.
    +1 and bookmark :smile.gif:

    Thanks for the support! I'm glad to have it completed. I think i'll take on more interesting projects in the future, although this one was very fun as well.

    edit: also, instead of leaving the cake behind, maybe make it leave the ingredients for the cake so there is a little work involved

    I think that its better because this way you can only use it where it is and nowhere else. There is a certain inconvenience to not being able to take it with you like you could with the ingredients. Thank you for the suggestion through. Maybe I could have it drop the ingredients if you kill it? But that way you wouldn't have the wonderful confetti...

    Quote from Lightningo

    Oooh. I love mob mods, and I like these cute little creepers. Is there any way to adjust their spawn numbers?

    Right now you can only change whether or not you want them to spawn. Changing the spawn rates is not currently in the mod, but it wouldn't be too hard to implement I don't think.
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