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    posted a message on [SSP]Enchanting Plus 1.0b(previously Unofficial Better Enchanting)
    I noticed you have [SMP] in the thread title, yet you have "I will not code for Survival Multiplayer" in the opening post.
    Perhaps it would be best to change that to [SSP]?
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    While exploring for Villages, I came across this.. "Well" I suppose.

    And for all intents and purposes with the seed 3456 at these co-ordinates.
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    posted a message on 12w07/12w08 Seed with Village
    With the seed:

    You spawn in an open grassy plains. Directly infront (to the North/North-East) of you is a Snow/Winter Biome with a few Wolves.
    Behind you to the South are Sheep and Pigs, one of the sheep has Black Wool.
    Further south is a large mountainous region with a simple waterfall which is visible from the spawn location with view set to far.
    Not very far from the spawn (South-East), a little distance before the waterfall you will find a very large open Ravine containing a fairly complex Abandoned Mineshaft.
    Further South-East from here, about 2-3 Drumsticks of running from the spawn you will come across a Desert and a Village containing enough Villagers for an Iron Golum to spawn as well as a Forge containing a chest with an Iron Sword, an Iron Pickaxe and a single Diamond.

    To the West from the Village is some interesting Terrain.

    One thing I haven't found on this one are Cows, could not find a single cow within a full Map-Sized scan of the terrain.
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