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    posted a message on Need a friend to play Minecraft with? Click here!
    Quote from Niko302»

    • Minecraft Username: Niko302
    • Platform you play on (PC/XBox/Etc.): PC
    • Age: 17
    • Gender: Male
    • Country/Timezone: Slovenia/GMT+2
    • How someone should contact you? Niko302#1087
    • How long you've been playing Minecraft: 5 years
    • Some things that you like to do on the game: Grind on survival servers while also having time to build things here and there and not having to worry about my builds getting destroyed by new players.
    • Any additional things you want to say: Looking for new people where we could form a community and have fun while talking in discord and laughing about silly things.

    I added you. I don't have a server, but I like survival indeed. Looking forward to playin' MC with you.

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    Quote from worhtgowery»

    Minecraft Username: worhtgowery
    Platform you play on: java
    Age: 13
    Gender: female
    Country/Timezone: usa est
    How someone should contact you: discord - ѕумρнαиум#7024
    How long you've been playing Minecraft: feels like a couple years
    Some things that you like to do on the game: play on hypixel, creative mode just talk i guess lol
    Any additional things you want to say: im not super into minecraft i just want to play it with someone my age

    I added you on Discord. I'm 15 I'm close to your age. I do survival, if you're willing to, you can too!

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    posted a message on Need a friend to play Minecraft with? Click here!
    • Minecraft Username: Micragoo
    • Platform you play on (PC/XBox/Etc.) I play on PC Java Edition 1.13.1
    • Age: 15, I look like 20 lol.
    • Gender: Male
    • Country/Timezone: Pacific Time
    • How someone should contact you: Discord - Micah H. Dragoo#8902
    • How long you've been playing Minecraft: Since 1.7.10
    • Some things that you like to do on the game: I don't like temporary friendships. I prefer long term ones. I love survival, I play it a lot. I never use realms. Vanilla is my preference all in all.
    • Any additional things you want to say: I dislike PvP and cheating.
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    You're accepted! Sorry about the wait. Thank you for your patience.

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    posted a message on Why won't people join my Realm server?

    I have this realm on Normal mode, it has 2 active players.

    We have 6 players. But None of them ever show up.

    I made a thread on the realm category.

    I know it's not because of my spawn point, because my players built a really great spawn.

    I am excellent with grammar. All my words are organized neatly.

    I don't add too much information.

    I have a Discord channel.

    I make this realm for the public, and no one ever joins. I didn't pay for the realm just for it to be abandoned. I'd like some reasonable answers so I can better myself and get actually active players.

    I'd love some feedback, thanks!

    The pictures of my spawn, just in case:

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    posted a message on New Realm - Recruiting...


    My other needed to be shut down for MCForum regulation purposes.

    I had to get a new one. We got the old spawn point set up just like my old server. It's survival and has an amplified world just like our other server.

    We're inviting players of all ages to join.

    One thing we ask is that you become an active member on this new realm we offer, I don't pay for the server just to be abandoned.

    - We've got two active players already.

    - Our Realm Rules are found on our Discord.

    - PvP is turned off.

    - Normal mode is on

    - We expect intermediate Experienced Minecrafters.

    - Edit: We appreciate good builders!

    - The realm is Java Edition NOT Bedrock Edition. KNOW THE DIFFERENCE.

    You can apply here or on our Discord:




    Country or Timezone:

    Minecraft Purchase Date:

    Banned Servers:

    Joined Private Servers:

    Can you be active: (After a 30 day absence, you will be kicked.)

    Some Basic Talents/Interests you have:

    Edit: Spawn Screenshots:

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    posted a message on The Not Natural Realm - NEW!

    I'm inviting all players of all ages from every nation to join our realm.

    There is, of course, one requirement. You must speak English fluently. All I ask is you speak English.

    Some basic information:

    This realm is not on Bedrock Edition, it is on MC:PC!

    Our "Server" Realm is Survival

    Our world is amplified, always.

    The difficulty is set to Easy for now, until we get a minimum of 5 active Naturals, we will set it to Normal.

    Then, it will move on to Hard mode, the ultimate difficulty.

    The world is completely new, so that means there are absolutely no builds yet.

    PvP is off
    We're not hiring Server Operators. Not Even Discord Admins. I'm the Admin and Owner, no need!

    Our Discord (Not Required): https://discord.gg/76YQk5K

    ", sans-serif">You must follow our rules! If anyone breaks any of my set rules, I will not hesitate to take action:

    ", sans-serif">No hacking - No Xray either

    ", sans-serif">No griefing - You will be banned forever for sure

    ", sans-serif">Bobby Traps, pranks, is unacceptable

    ", sans-serif">Profanity is okay, just don't use it excessively

    ", sans-serif">Racial slurs, sexism, harassment is imprudent. Big no...
    Be mature, you will be in a community of respect.


    (Not Everyone will be accepted, so be mature!)



    Country or Timezone:

    When did you purchase Minecraft:

    Have you ever been banned from a server before: (If you say that the server went down you will be denied right away)

    Have you ever played on a private server before: (How many if so)

    How active will you be: (Not can be, but will be)

    Any interests/talents you have: (Building strategies, accommodations, stuff like that)

    See you soon!

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    posted a message on Should I buy a Minecraft "PC" Realm

    I don't really understand man. Do you mind to explain yourself? Thanks.

    Quote from alioyunda263»

    I think in Bedrock , Realms are better. If you want it not like a server not minigames purchase Bedrock Realms

    Quote from webrosc»

    This is a java minecraft discussion, buying realms for bedrock when using java would be a total waste of money as they couldn't use the realm

    I mean I don't mind actually, I have Bedrock version too. On MC:PE and Windows. Although I don't use it I'm sure I could get started when the time comes. :)
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    Quote from Romaq»

    You can't /op yourself on a Realms server without turning on cheats. Don't turn on cheats.

    I really can't recommend you getting a server or a realm UNLESS YOU find a hole that only YOU can fill, and filling it requires YOU get a server or Realm. If you can't find that hole that needs filling, don't bother. Or get one for a month, play with it, let it lapse as a toy you played with and got bored of. And "getting bored of a toy" is perfectly acceptable. That's what "toys" are for: entertainment. I have a Java server and a Bedrock realm because I'm keeping them small and cheap, and they are for my wife and I as well as a very few close friends to play on. My wife and I are the "star" attractions. Granted, we only attract a VERY small audience, mostly my wife and myself, but that's just fine.

    If you are looking for something beyond that, you are going to have to focus on what specific need isn't being filled and what *YOU* are going to do to fill that need... or whatever you plan to do has to compete with everyone else doing pretty much exactly the same thing, and going pretty much exactly the same place: nowhere.

    Life's like this.

    Yeah, but Life is not the same thing. It depends on what direction you choose to go. Even if you do fall back in life, you're not exactly going nowhere, you just got to get back up. But thanks for your information it really helped a lot.

    ~ Micah :/

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    Quote from Romaq»

    @ScotsMiser is spot-on. It will be far easier to make a server for a bunch of friends who all more-or-less have the same wants and expectations of a server, and just want to hang out as friends as a core group.

    If you just "start a server, everyone invited" you'll get a ton of people, nobody wanting or expecting the same thing out of it, then leaving after a day or so. Getting that core group of people as a seed is REALLY FREAKIN' HARD unless you start with an already cohesive play-group.

    I agree, sadly. Would you recommend me getting a server? Or getting a realm rather? I mean, it's just, I feel like on a server I'd start cheating because I'd be an operator. But I suppose it can be a stereotype because you could op yourself in a realm server too.

    Any suggestions? :/

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    Quote from ScotsMiser»

    As noted Realms have limits that dont' exist with other options; so long as you ar aware of and fine with these, it isn't at issue for you.

    My experience has been that what makes SMP interesting (more so than SSP) is the people on the server.

    A server where everyone runs off and does their own thing feels [IMO] like SSP but requires maintaining a connection [several other computers/etc in house likely to be active so bandwidth is a consideration] and doesn't have an ESC-key equivalent [current situation makes nearly all of my playing time subject to interruptions].

    What SMP offers that SSP does not is interaction with people. My preference is for cooperative to friendly competition (eg in a gift economy), but the same would be true in PvP [Another human offers far more interesting interaction than can any mob(s).]

    Find the right people [waves hand], and a bog-standard vanila survival will work swimmingly.

    Determining the wants of the group with which you wish to play and building the server/Realm to spec may well be easier than the reverse.

    I agree. Thank you. :)

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    posted a message on Should I buy a Minecraft "PC" Realm

    Yes, I am totally okay with manually adding "every" player, excuse my attitude (As if it takes an arm and a leg to add them anyway.) and also I'm aware that I cannot install plugins. Afterall it does ruin the game and makes you just want to quit Minecraft Vanilla. At least, that's what it did to me. I will take your suggestion, "Creativity" though. I agree every long-term player wants something new in their home realm. I don't like minigames though, I'd rather do vanilla survival and add players who also like survival as much as I do onto my realm. I could possibly, add a trading post if I were to make a spawn "for newcomers" by the beach. Just so players could come back and forth with goods for others like Diamonds and other trades etc.

    I know Realm servers don't get currency like servers can but, I can improvise by making Iron ingots or golden nuggets currency. Or, if the players want to make there own currency then, I'm okay with that. Do you think you'd agree with my idea of an item shop or trade post? Even so, some realms don't even have a spawn and that's very satisfying for one to have a spawn point full of decorations am I right?

    Also, if I may, I have to ask if you know how other realm owners know when a hacker is hacking? I've seen them take action before they're able to acquire diamonds with X-ray vision.

    Thank you for your suggestion by the way.

    ~ Micragoo

    Quote from flanigomik»

    in the case of a realm you must invite every player manually and can't use plugins. if you want to keep players intrested you will need to find something creative to do. you can regularly cycle through adventure maps or minigames or if you want to do a survival build you would have to provide some kind of incentive such as free items or the like

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    posted a message on Should I buy a Minecraft "PC" Realm

    I do not have a realm yet, I just would like to know how I could keep players interested and stay for a long period of time without getting bored of the realm. My main question is, how can I keep players active on a realm you own?

    Nah, I am not looking for a dedicated server. I've noticed that on some threads, they seem to like referring the poster to a server or they suggest buying a server from a hosting company. I'm not interested in statistics, or "why you shouldn't get a Minecraft realm," etc. I got my mind set on a realm. :/

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    posted a message on Should I buy a Minecraft "PC" Realm
    Yeah, I hosted a realm before. It didn't get too far. But I'm back again, I'm older and much wiser, and hopefully, I get my question answered right

    Since my other realm didn't get too far in fascination and didn't have much of a player-base, I would want to answer my question with an audience's opinion; You guys!

    Should I host a Minecraft "PC" Realm?

    I have experience, it's just that, what do I do to make it more interesting and, you know.. fun to Minecraft players?

    I have been researching about hackers and stupid griefers on Realm servers, and I know how to deal with them if I ever get a new realm, but what do I do to make the players stay? I noticed that on some realms, they're very unsuccessful and have to shut it down Because Players just leave and never come back. I'm sure that it's on every realm server, but for the realms that have to shut down??? That's a waste of money and time!!

    My other question, as you can probably tell is, how do I keep the players satisfied so I, myself don't run into this kind of trouble?

    Well, hopefully, my main question and all of my other questions are answered right. I trust you people because some have experience in all of this.
    (I apologize if this Thread is in the wrong category, there was no other place to jog all this down.)

    If any if not, all could leave some bonus features like suggestions or ideas, etc on how people get custom features on their realm. Maybe even leave some about how to run a successful Realm even. (Every time I look up "How to run a successful Realm," it tells me "How to host a Minecraft Server on your cheap windows laptop." So I can never get proper help.)

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    posted a message on Permanent! - Players STILL wanted! Vanilla survival protected! [1.13.2]

    This realm is ridiculous. No Application here anymore. Forget I ever signed up.

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