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    So the second error is caused because you don't have java or a jdk installed. It's possible that you have it installed, but eclipse can't find it because your path isn't set. Try looking up some info about setting your java path, and take a look at this https://stackoverflow.com/questions/4419983/a-jre-or-jdk-must-be-available-in-order-to-run-eclipse-no-jvm-was-found-after-s

    What folder are you pointing eclipse to? It should be the eclipse folder, so

    ...somepath...\Eclipse Projects\Grand Chase Mod\eclipse
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    posted a message on Help Preventing Milk from Removing Potion Effect

    I'm not really sure why this is happening, and I haven't modded with 1.14 yet and it looks like stuff has changed...

    Somewhere a list is getting modified while iterating through it. Line 48 in RadiationEffect is adding an effect, and it looks like the method is called when an effect is removed. Maybe this is causing the exception.

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    If you have a reference to the


    you could use the


    method to find out what the biome is.

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    posted a message on Exploding Mobs Mod- A death effect for vanilla mobs
    New Version Released, 1.4!

    Version 1.4 fixes a bug where some modded entities cause a crash.

    Exploding Mobs will give your game a new little twist, without changing the balance or mechanics of your world. The old death animation (if it even was one) in Minecraft was boring, the monster flashes red and falls over. Exploding Mobs makes them explode into tiny pieces, what's not to love?


    There's no commitment either, uninstall and reinstall at any time! Exploding Mobs doesn't add in new blocks, items or other elements that will corrupt your world when uninstalled. So why not give it a try?

    Perfect for...

    • A hack 'n Slash Adventure Map
    • Zombies or Mob Arena
    • Spicing up an Old Survival World

    Still not convinced? Exploding Mobs uses an advanced system to disassemble the Entity's model at run time to provide you with an explosion, no hard coded effects! What's that all mean? It means that Exploding Mobs will work with other mods Entity's as well, without any user configuration. But don't fret if that's not what you want, simply disable non-vanilla mobs from exploding via the config file.

    By default, the explosion effect for players is disabled in the config file. Right now it is still a bit buggy (Minecraft handles player rendering in a strange way) and for the player pieces to render properly, you must switch you camera with F3 briefly, or open you inventory, that way Minecraft "sees" the player model before the explosion effect.

    Exploding Mobs is for Forge 1.12.2



    Outdated Version:



    Exploding Mobs-1.12.2-1.1.jar

    Known Bugs:

    The mod might not work on a dedicated server (in lan games it will work just fine :D ) This is because Minecraft only loads information about the entity models when a client is running. Not much I can do but looking for a fix...

    Don't hesitate to report any bugs and I'll fix them as a fast as I can for you. When reporting a bug, include a crash log, list of installed mods if possible and what you did to cause the crash.

    If you're looking for a different version let me know and I could compile one for you.

    (Minecraft is changing to rapidly to port this back to older versions)

    You're free to use this mod in Modpacks and just about anything, as long as you agree to the following:

    Do NOT claim to have created or contributed to any part of this mod.
    Do NOT rehost this mod on another website. If you wish to provide a direct download link use the provided one that links to Media Fire found on this page.
    Do include a link to this page


    Important! I need You!
    What Mod doesn't need a sweet showcase? Feel free to post a link to a video of you either showcasing
    or playing a map with this Mod and if it's nice I'll add it to the post as the official showcase. The more showcases the better, so get going!
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    posted a message on Amazing Stands, an add on for vanilla Armor Stands! For Forge 1.12.2!
    Amazing Stands is a Mod that gives the player survival access to some of the creative only Armor Stand features, like adding arms, along with a few more things including customizable bases and mob statues.

    There is no commitment either, you can uninstall the mod at any time without damage to your world. Amazing Stands uses the built in Armor Stands, so you won't lose them either! Unfortunately your statues will transform back to normal Armor Stands...
    Check out the showcase from the one and only Buckwheat Productions!

    Features: When using items, make sure you both sneak and the attack key (defaults to left click). Don't worry, as long as you're sneaking, you won't break anything.
    Empty Hand:
    Switch the items in the Armor Stands hands, flipping the one from the right hand, to the left hand, and then back again. Great for making your Armor Stand duel wield.
    Remove base.
    Toggle the Armor Stand between big (normal) and small.
    With two sticks you can add arms to your Armor Stand. Click again to remove them.
    Click to make the slab into the new base.
    Transform the Armor Stand into a statue. Player, Creeper and Zombie heads and Skeleton and Wither Skeleton skulls work, transforming the Armor Stand into the respective mob type. Creepers sadly can't have armor.
    Slime Ball:
    Remove gravity, so the Armor Stand will float.
    Invisibility Potion:
    Make the Armor Stand invisible. Armor and held items will still show up.
    Milk Bucket:
    Remove both the no gravity and invisibility effect.

    Download: AmazingStands-1.12.2-1.0.jar Remember, requires Forge!
    Feel free to use in any mod pack you like, just provide a link back to this page and don't claim credit or ownership of this mod.
    Known Bugs: None
    If you find any bugs, be sure to report them and I'll make a fix as soon as possible! Remember, when reporting bugs, be sure to include a crash report if there is one, a list of the installed mods, if possible, and steps to replicate the bug or crash. Thanks!
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    posted a message on Exploding Mobs Mod- A death effect for vanilla mobs

    Great showcase B

    Hmm a nice mod you have there, I'll be keeping hold of this thread in my favourites if I ever do make a mod pack. I even made a showcase for you (sorry if its not that great, I tried to add some 'story' to my showcase this time)

    Great showcase Buckwheat Paektu, I'll add it to the main post! If you have any suggestions for this mod let me know!
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