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    posted a message on Item Sorters Impossible to be Reliable in latest Snapshot (13w02b) [Fixed]
    I had also heard of the filters but I haven't seen a reliable source for this. It would be nice though

    There's been some back and forth on this. Last I have personally heard, Docm somehow convinced them not to do it, because the hopper worked for sorting. Personally, I don't think that argument is really all that valid (IMO odd but useful behaviors should be re-implemented as official features), but that's the last I heard about it.

    The allocator sends items through only when a signal hits it, instead of how the hopper always sends items through except when a signal is hitting it.

    The reason for the hopper's seemingly inverted redstone behavior is because they want it to work normally without requiring any redstone.

    I don't get why they didn't just implement the mod itself into Minecraft.

    Copyright, most likely. The functionality of a mod can't be copyrighted, but the code is, so they have to write their own implementation if they don't want copyright issues.
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    posted a message on do you think the new texture pack thing is needed?
    There's some short term pain, but I think in the long run it's a good decision.
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    posted a message on Hopper Tubes? 0-Tick Repeaters?
    Back on topic: I wouldn't count on instant wire being officially supported any time soon.

    The biggest reason being that it's hard to control lag when circuitry can be arbitrarily complex, not to mention the possibility of a complete lockup or crash if you were to create a loop that just inverts itself (basically an "instant" infinite loop).

    The torch delay is not just there as some game play thing. I'm sure it's there to reduce lag. Instead of computing everything all at once, it allows computing a circuit to happen over a period of time, so that it's not hitting your (or your server's) CPU so hard.
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    posted a message on Please Just Use Pipes.
    I think enough has been said already, but I don't think this guy gets it yet..

    There's nothing really to "get" about any of this. Balance in a sandbox game is all very subjective. There's no magical balance formula for a sandbox game.

    You're making a machine to help make items to make machines to help make items that make machines that make items to make items for machines that make items that have no use because there's nothing there to challenge the items made.

    That's about at good as mining to make the tools to mine more items to make better tools to mine better minerals ;).

    It's a sandbox game. If you think hard enough, anything you do is pretty much pointless at one level or another - heck, you're just playing a game, period. It's entertainment, so the real point is to keep you entertained.

    I will say that adding more machines and stuff does make the game more fun for myself - I like my "mad scientists's lab" and will likely continue to use addons that supply that theme.
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    posted a message on Please Just Use Pipes.
    This doesn't mean that BuildCraft or redpower pipes are necessarily cheaper by any stretch; you do, after all, need to power most of them with engines for each output, which varies in cost depending on the specific engine you've chosen.

    In the case of Buildcraft, you only need to power the wooden pipes when you're pulling items from certain things like chests. I understand there used to be a lot more power requirements for other types of pipes in earlier versions, but those seem to be gone.

    And yes, pipes are considerably cheaper than minecarts in buildcraft. You can usually get by with cobblestone pipes, which are dirt cheap considering that 99% of the average Minecraft world is basically stone.

    Then you have to consider that in order to truly match the speed of a minecart, the entire system pretty much has to be made of gold pipe, which costs 2 gold for 8 pipes, if memory serves.

    It's not really like hauling items fast has a real advantage during large scale operations (ie using a quarry). The biggest advantage that pipes have over rail is that you don't need to micromanage minecarts.

    but I still hate mining... because my inventory fills up with garbage so fast.

    Well, FTB includes barrels (factorization mod) and the Iron Chests mod. I spawned next to a jungle, so I have more wood than I'll ever need. I've also been keeping things as raw materials (or refined to bars in the case of metals) as much as possible so I'm not overflowing with intermediate products (gears, circuit boards, wires, etc). There's also void pipes if you just don't want to permanently store some things anymore (like cobblestone) while mining.

    All that being said, I don't think they're strictly needed for vanilla. I'm very interested in what people will do with the new hoppers in the latest snapshots.
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    posted a message on Please Just Use Pipes.
    What particular new stuff?

    My house looks like a mad scientist's lab ;). Machines and pipes all over the place. No, I'm not really including rails right now, although I may take a look at the railcraft stuff sometime. The outside of my house has a rather lengthy pipe to the quarry.

    Before the quarry, I was using the miner. You have to keep setting it up at new locations every few minutes, so it's a bit less boring to use than the quarry.

    I'm hoping the quarry may give me a few more diamonds, however. For some inexplicable reason the miner wasn't giving me very many diamonds. For the most part, nearly all of my diamonds have come from branch mining.

    I'm mostly using the buildcraft, industrialcraft, and forestry stuff at the moment.

    This is a fairly new game - I haven't actually made it to the end yet. I've been to the nether, and haven't had the need to go further yet. I still have a few goals to reach in the overworld first. I don't actually own any ender chests yet.

    Do you feel you could realistically set it up in a new location?

    A lot of my current setup consists of storing a lot of raw materials. I'd have to use really long pipes to transport everything. It would take a while. I could certainly not fit everything into an ender chest.

    (Did all the rails already exist, did you use creative or not.)

    No cheating here! Other than disabling GregTech to build my diamond drills for the miner, I've done nothing other than use FTB as-is. I'm still undecided on whether GregTech is really improving the balance, or just making it a pain.
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    posted a message on Please Just Use Pipes.
    Quote from The_Fool76

    Eh, rails aren't that expensive. Iron is fairly common and you can farm all the gold you can eat in the Nether for your booster tracks.

    That said, I've found automated transport methods really only shine when playing multi-player. Not having to dedicate a group of people to walking back and forth between the mine and the foundry is a pretty nice thing to have. With this latest stuff, we could even largely eliminate the need for people at the foundry except occasionally to check if the output chests are full.

    Course none of this really matters as they have said repeatedly that they aren't doing pipes as they want people to use carts for transport of goods. You will just have to keep using your mods if you want to have pipes.

    Well, with rails you're using iron as you mine it, making mining for iron much less efficient because you're using it as you mine it. When all is said and done, it's not really worth it to use tracks in a mine.

    That said, I've found automated transport methods really only shine when playing multi-player.

    I disagree. I'm playing Feed the Beast (FTB) single player and I'm having a blast. Heck, if it weren't for FTB, I probably wouldn't be playing Minecraft anymore, as I stopped playing Minecraft for a while until I started seeing FTB videos.

    I do think that Minecraft should avoid something like the quarry from Buildcraft. I built one of those, and that actually turned out to be boring. You just sit there and watch as it does all of the mining for you. Mining should still take some effort. Making it easier as you progress is one thing, but trivializing it to the point where a machine does everything for you is quite another.
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    posted a message on Please Just Use Pipes.
    It looks like Hoppers can actually be directly chained together to make functional pipes. Supposedly works in every direction except up.

    Yes, however it's recently been made more costly to do so - requiring iron instead of stone. It's more expensive than rail now.

    Being as you can put things into minecarts and take things out, you can actually replicate most of the functionality of pipes, although it will be slower and more clumsy.

    Personally, I've been playing FTB, and I actually like all of the new stuff. Makes mining, often the most boring and tedious part of the game, a lot easier.
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    posted a message on Minecraft 1.3 Myths
    Someday I'd like to see a "Mythbusters" series that actually acts like, well, the actual Mythbusters show.

    You know, including explanations, experiments, discussions, etc. An actual show rather than a short demo between an opening and closing sequence.

    I've seen this style of "mythbusters" many times, it seems rather unoriginal, and it was never really well executed by anybody to begin with.
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    posted a message on Xray is being blocked by Mojang in 1.3 right?
    Quote from Quanni123X

    One: I cheat on servers if an owner/admin is abusive ONLY.
    Two: While I am Xraying for some virtual diamonds, things IRL, wars, people being killed, is all going on.

    One: Two wrongs don't make a right.
    Two: Examples of real life problems don't mean there aren't problems in games as well.
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    posted a message on Who are your favorite YouTubers?
    Ethos, Paulsoares mostly.

    Watched a bit of Yogscast when they first came out, but got a bit tired of their juvenile behavior and antics.

    Some Kurt as well.

    I've actually cut way back on what I used to watch. Takes too much time to watch a lot.
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    posted a message on Please do NOT make leather needed for new book recipe!!
    Think gravel. If gravel were given a decent use, fewer people would make a point to throw away all their gravel or groan when they hit a load of it when mining.

    Right. These are the same people that never seem to have enough arrows. Why? Because gravel has a legit use that most people ignore <_< . If people kept a stack of gravel in a chest, they'd always have enough arrows.

    But yes, I agree that for the most part it's useless. Unless you're always running out of arrows.
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    posted a message on 12w27a Thoughts?
    Does anybody know what the debug command means?

    Try it. See what happens.
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    posted a message on 12w28a predictions
    As far as spelling and grammar goes - some spelling and grammar needs to be maintained in order to communicate, but for the most part we are intelligent enough to know the gist without being super sensitive to being so precise with "the rules."

    There are times when you do need to be super sensitive to the rules, however: On a résumé, a grammar or spelling mistake can cost you a job! Thus, you want to have the "grammar police" when making a résumé.

    And oh, yeah, just to throw another loop: The lady under the floor in the YouTube clip mentioned the Chicago manual of style - yes, it is the case that many things are different depending on the style guide you follow. Different style guides have different recommendations. There's no one single universal source of good grammar rules.

    In the case of these forums, it's okay to be pretty lax, as long as there's no confusion as a result of the mistake. I'd only really correct the mistake if it's a potential source of confusion.

    As far as predictions go?

    More bug fixes. You HAVE to be literal with computers, as they are very nitpicky about their own rules.
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    posted a message on Singleplayer is Destroyed
    Since we live in a universe where things cannot move infinitely fast, SMP has latency and disconnects between client and server.

    In the case of SSP, the packets should never leave the machine unless the player hits the "Open to LAN" button. The latency shouldn't be noticeable at all, since the packet isn't leaving the machine. Disconnects should be impossible since there's nothing to disconnect.

    If they do it right, it should be unnoticeable unless you hit the "Open to LAN" button.
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