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    posted a message on [1.6.2] [Forge]Requestcraft Remastered - See your mod ideas become a reality [Download Available][Turn your recourse pack into a
    here is a suggestion a mod in which allows the player to tame and ride a ghast spider and a slime/magma cube and add armour it will be so cool and add textures to the armour equiped onto your mount
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    posted a message on Dragon Mounts r46 [WIP]
    Quote from CoalnicFlame

    This mod is amazing but there is 1 thing i want you to fix... i tried to use the name tag to name my water Dragon, Sea Wing :steve_tearful:

    Never mind it shows only after its trained
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    posted a message on Dragon Mounts r46 [WIP]
    This mod is amazing but there is 1 thing i want you to fix... i tried to use the name tag to name my water Dragon, Sea Wing :steve_tearful:
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    posted a message on Zelda Sword Skills: 1.8.9 v3.4 and 1.7.10 v2.5.1 (03/08/2017)
    when i talk to the blacksmith to fix my broken kokori or ordon sword it requires 64 brokens ... is... that normal and he tells me to "come back when your stronger" to fix my broken giants knife. And why can't i transform my tempered blade to the golden blade plz tell me how btw this mod is awsome i might make a mod review as my FIRST VIDEO!! keep up the good work :steve_lol:
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    posted a message on ChickenBones Mods
    i have switched to NEI from TMI and i have to say NEI is alot better than TMI the only thung i miss is the Favorite will you please fix the download link and maybe add in Favorites
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    posted a message on [Aesthetic] Animated Player - Compatibility and Flying! [v1.5.1]
    Quote from thehippomaster21

    Thanks guys :) Please give me any feedback or any part that could be improved

    i hate that hats go over helemts bu keep hats going over creeper heads and skulls
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    posted a message on Zelda Sword Skills: 1.8.9 v3.4 and 1.7.10 v2.5.1 (03/08/2017)
    how do i fix a brokon hilt i treid clicking on blacksmith with it in hand
    Quote from Boltman686

    If you want You can potentially use this. Its a Loftwing Model im working on and it make a great addition as we already have horses and this would mesh well this other mods as most flyable mobs tend to be dragons! Tell me if you want the model once its done, id love to make an addition to the mod.

    how do you make custom models like that
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    posted a message on MachineMuse's Modular Powersuits - Finally updated again!
    Quote from MachineMuse

    We (royal We) at Inspiration™ Inc. LLC believe that the user is and should be treated as the architect of their own destiny. That is why we have created a Complete Idiot's Guide to powersuit creation.

    First, you must verify that the laws of physics in your particular corner of the galaxy will support the use of your creativity. You can check this by temporarily removing the fourth wall and installing the following mod to your minecraft folder:
    It's compatible with IC2 and Universal Electricity, and in fact at least one of those is recommended so you can recharge the darn things. (Note that UE or IC2 will make the component costs roughly 8.74x more difficult to acquire. GregTech recipes are estimated to be 376x harder.)

    Once you have performed the necessary applications of metaphysics, it's time to get down to the physics.

    Recipes are now hosted on a separate page because all the views were sucking my bandwidth really fast O_O



    IRC: #mps on EsperNet
    1) Since people can't seem to be bothered with reading the todo list or even the modules that are already in the game: if you post a suggestion, please be willing to implement it yourself. The todo list is long enough as it is and if your ideas aren't on there already it's probably because they are already available as client mods, or they are not that different from functionality that is already there. It's probably not because your ideas are totally original and mind-blowing.
    2) Don't post bugs; first double-check here to see if they haven't already been fixed in the latest build, and if not, put them here
    3) Don't post questions that are answered in the FAQ (and especially don't post them to the bug tracker)
    4) Don't post 'OP!' or ask for cheaper/more expensive recipes.
    5) No I will not teach you Java or OpenGL, and don't PM me asking me to debug your code. If you're learning Java, post in ##Java on Freenode irc. If you already know Java and are learning about Forge, post in #minecraftforge on Espernet. I love teaching but programming isn't a simple thing that I can just explain off the top of my head for free to someone I've never even met before. It takes a lot of time and effort on your part and there are tons of good tutorials and guides out there.
    6) Yes you can use this in your own modpack, don't PM me just to ask permission.

    please update to 1.6.4
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    posted a message on Mutant Creatures - Spider Pig, Spider Pig [v1.4.9]
    if and when you make a mutant spider...

    MUTANT SPIDER JOCKEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE
    Quote from bee7932

    I really Cant Wait Till Mutant Iron Golem Gets Added :D it would bee so... AWESOME!!!!

    i wonder what it will throw ... maybe iron ingot chunks
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    posted a message on Zelda Sword Skills: 1.8.9 v3.4 and 1.7.10 v2.5.1 (03/08/2017)
    Quote from coolAlias

    The latest version is here!!! Beta 0.5.2 features many famous swords:

    New features at a glance:

    +1 new block: the Sword Pedestal!
    +1 new skill: Super Spin Attack!
    +7 new skill synergy bonuses
    +8 new swords, including 4 versions of the Master Sword
    +9 new items: all 3 Pendants of Virtue, Master Ore, Pegasus Boots, 3 types of Broken Sword, and the new Skill Orb
    + some other stuff, including secrets, many changes and bug fixes; be sure to read the full change log for details

    Full Change Log

    + SKILLS
    - Super Spin Attack! Only available from a secret orb, it allows you to spin an extra full circle per level, as well as striking enemies at twice the normal range, but only when at full health
    - Particle effects during Spin Attack, including flames if your sword has Fire Aspect
    - Lots of cool synergy bonuses have been added, check the skill descriptions

    + SWORDS
    - Kokiri Sword: +5 damage, made of iron, the default starting sword can also be purchased from blacksmiths
    - Ordon Sword: +7 damage, made of iron, it can be repaired on an anvil or by a blacksmith; found as loot
    - Giant's Knife: +12 damage, made of iron but breaks easily; can only be acquired by getting the broken giant's knife repaired, which can be found where giants roam (mountains and cold areas)
    - Biggoron's Sword: +12 damage, unbreakable yet enchantable; received after a series of trades (not yet available)
    - Broken swords: +2 damage, so still better than simply punching. When a Zelda sword breaks, you will get the broken version of it, but note that it will lose any enchantments so it's best to keep it repaired. A blacksmith can restore the blade, but not any enchantments that may have been lost.
    - Master Sword: +9 damage and completely unbreakable and unenchantable; retrieved from a pedestal
    - Tempered Master Sword: +11 damage, unbreakable, unenchantable; requires re-forging the Master Sword
    - Golden Master Sword: +13 damage, unbreakable, unenchantable; this one is a secret similar to Zelda
    - True Master Sword: +15 damage, unbreakable, unenchantable; not yet available outside creative mode

    + Sword Pedestals! Place all three Pendants of Virtue in a pedestal to unlock the sword; afterward, take the block home
    and freely place any sword you want. These are very rare to find.

    + ITEMS
    - Pendants of Virtue: each is found in a different biome, similar to where they were found in Zelda;
    all three pendants will be needed to get the Master Sword
    - Master Ore: this is not a new block, but a rare drop found while mining for other ores
    - Pegasus Boots: these are great for running and jumping

    + OTHER
    - Sell your unwanted gear by clicking a few times with it on the right kind of villager
    (Boots, Bomb Bags, Hookshots, Hookshot Upgrades, Magic Mirrors, and Skill Orbs may all be sold)
    - Config option to enable the chat message when striking secret blocks; disabled by default
    - Config option to always pick up small hearts, regardless of current health

    - Config descriptions for drop and loot chances now include zero: [0-100]
    - Config option for max bonus hearts now ranges from 0-100
    - Kokiri Sword tool material is now iron instead of wood to be more in line with original version
    - Parry and Dodge are both affected more by timing, gaining up to a 20% bonus for perfect timing
    - Due to the timing bonus, Parry is now capable of disarming even equally skilled opponents
    - Dashing or Dodging while wearing Pegasus Boots is very effective
    - Dashing or Dodging while wearing Heavy Boots is highly ineffective
    - Can no longer Dash enemies right next to you; must get a good running start (2 blocks - 0.2 per level)
    - Armor Break requires 5 less ticks to charge when wielding any of the Master Swords
    - Leaping Blow will inflict extra damage and cause weakness for longer when wielding a Master Sword at full health
    - Sword Beam will penetrate multiple targets when wielding any of the Master Swords

    Fixed Bugs:
    - Dash impact collision was very derpy
    - Combo damage sometimes carrying over to next Combo when using Leaping Blow
    - Leaping Blow and Sword Beam only accounting for sword material, not full damge bonus
    - Kokiri Sword inflicting same damage as normal wooden sword rather than listed amount
    - Possible class cast exception when removing DungeonCore tile entity on block break

    ok mastersword, flame particles preety good but any umm mobs, orcarina songs more villagers such as gorons and zoras, mask from majoras mask, oooo boomerang
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    posted a message on Zelda Sword Skills: 1.8.9 v3.4 and 1.7.10 v2.5.1 (03/08/2017)
    how about ...

    magic boomerang: which can push away mobs and bring back items
    r=redstone block i=iron $=gold ingot
    R I R
    I I I
    $ I $

    master sword: deals 9 damage can be enchanted
    w=wood sword s= stone sword i = iron sword $= gold sword D= diamond sword G= gold ingot / = stick

    G W G
    S D $
    G / G

    please the "Picori sword" from minish cap(my fav game)(couldnt come up with crafting recepie

    swords enchanted with fire aspect can make flame particles came during spin attack and...

    Continuis spin attack
    hold up arrow during spin attck to continue the spin
    drops from creeper

    mask from majora's mask
    orcarina of time
    songs on paper
    AND A GUIDE TO BEING FREINDS WITH A VILLAGER(i tried lots of times and he couldnt figure out the claw)

    this could be THE Ledgend Of Zelda modoh and some more mobs from zelda games like gorons etc
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