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    posted a message on Villager News
    Wow that was amazingly done! Vary impressed am feeling like I am not worthy now! :P
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    posted a message on Minecraft Region Fixer.
    Hey Fenixin nice job on this! I just had stumbled across your Region fixer must say looks and works quite well! I was looking for an update to the Clusterfixer and found yours was recommended!
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    posted a message on 1.4.6 Update is Released!
    Awesome stuff!
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    posted a message on [1.12] Minecraft Minions - evil always finds a way
    Amazing mod!
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    posted a message on CozWorld Gaming Community Server
    Hi would just like to see if anyone is interested in playing on a dedicated server hosted by me for my CozWorld.com Community members? The CozWorld.com domain was created to save time explaining to people to type CoZmicShReddeR.com

    I would prefer to keep it 13+ as I am not wanting to have a ton of screaming kids arguing with each other or talking crap... I would prefer to have more adults then kids but all kids are welcome regardless just know I am not old but wise and lets keep it clean and safe for all!

    I want some people that are deep knowledge of Bukkit and plugins like setting up plugins like Towny for instance as I am not patient enough to mess with it... Towny was just a for instance as I would like not with this server at first but later much later down the road like to have areas people can build on and call their own and still have open land...

    I try keep everything up to date and well am just offering our MC1.cozworld.com server for anyone that wants to build...

    We have basic bukkit plugins, we use the server backup tool...

    Plugins: Backup, ChopTree, ClothColor, ColoredSigns, Essentials,
    EssentialsChat, EssentialsGeoIP, GroupManager, EssentialsProtect, EssentialsSpa
    wn, EssentialsXMPP, HeroicDeath, iConomy, iConomyChestShop, IRCTransport, mcbans
    , NoCheat, WorldEdit, Permissions, VanishNoPickup, AntiBuild, dynmap, LWC

    Am willing to add or remove any plugins if needed...

    I created a sub link to our builders request form:

    Those few images on the builders request form are just things I took screen grabs from our Creative server nothing majorly special as I have been on other servers seen stuff that blew me away...

    You'll still have to register on our website to use that form:

    Mine/Our Basic Rules
    1. Do not PVP anyone unless they agree otherwise you could be temp kicked or banned!
    2. Do not spam the in game chat!
    3. Do not loot from chest without permission!
    4. Do not destroy or try to fix anyones property without their permissions
    5. Do not mark the land with towers to find your way around
    6. Do not burn down trees near other peoples properties

    Rules were made to be broken so just do not abuse things mainly...

    There is really nothing on the server as it was freshly created a few weeks ago after the official Minecraft release...

    There are some small structures already built but am sure everyone knows it's endless building space

    I really have nothing special to offer other then the server for you to build on...

    The Minecraft servers hosted on a Dedicated server box at a Data Center close to my house... I host a lot of half life and Unreal servers off of the same box... It never really gets laggy unless you live really far away from Michigan,USA. or have a really poor connection... We have had players from all over the world on our server and not too many complaints...

    Just a heads up not sure it matters but I did meet Notch at E3Expo in LA, California... It was me and a small group of Community members with me my son and his girlfriend and 3 other community members... I was shocked how nice he was to pose with us but that was way before the mob came in! If you see him in person he is really friendly just make sure you think about what you want to say to him before you say it don't do what I did! :tongue.gif: I didn't really want to tell him that we were more excited about meeting him there then anything else so it was a huge treat! And I wished I made some video footage to post on our YouTube CozTube Page and god was I really fat then!

    If you want to see how small the world is so far here is the dynamic map:

    I would have loved to get all the players back on the server but like I said lots have sort of moved on but I still go on and build stuff along with a few others I hang out with...

    We can host 100 slots max if needed...

    We do have a Creative server but atm I wanted everyone to focus on Survival but am planing on turning the Creative server back on maybe in a month or sooner depends on the way things turn out....

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    posted a message on Who thinks potions will ruin Minecraft?
    I think Minecraft is about creativity and as long as you have to create the potions and the potion crafting table it's going to add more dimensions to the game so I am all for it!
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    posted a message on Remove ENDERMAN!
    WTF! lol Now I will have a great day at work thanks for the laugh! haha
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    posted a message on CozWorld Gaming Community Server C7 Clan Recruitment
    The C7 Clan Recruitment is meant for anyone 18 or older but the Minecraft builders age's are 14 or older... Not just age but maturity is what measures your acceptance into our clan... But the builders rights is all together different!

    Our first server is white listed but our second server mc2.cozworld.com is not white listed but it's not a open build server as you must request builders rights prior to gaining access to build and as a precaution we would prefer you to request build rights on our forums and then use our TeamSpeak while building...

    Request to build is here:

    Website registration process is really simple but anxious builders have to wait for a tiny bit of screening prior to access... We have a lot to offer more then most would believe but what you get out of us depends on how well you appreciate what we have...

    If you are confused about anything please feel free to contact me here in a PM or on our website via forums or PM!
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    posted a message on CozWorld Gaming Community Server C7 Clan Recruitment
    Anyone interested in joining just giving a brief update..

    Servers location: Ann Arbor, Michigan. USA.
    Connection Speed: 100MB up and Down
    Server OS: Microsoft Windows Server 2008 64-bit
    Processor Specs: Dual Intel Quad Core Xeon
    Memory/RAM: 28GB DDR2 and growing.. Maybe.
    RAID 5.0 Array: 3 2TB Hard Drives

    Just a note for the server it's not just for our Minecraft... We host a lot of other games and mods...

    ATM we have had issues with our hardware and I am fixing it with moving from using a standard hard drive system to a RAID 5 Array...

    Not sure if Minecraft itself is murdering our hard drive but being as it is we have been using the same hard drive for about 9 months now running all kinds of servers and it's been un-mounting a lot recently..

    This Friday I am loading the new RAID system where information will be copied between all drives and I will keep extra drives on hand to swap out any drives that fail...

    I am hoping this will keep our uptime back up to 100%

    I am not sure I would recommend other server owners to switch to this just yet but being as it is our one Minecraft server uses more RAM and CPU then any of our Half Life Source servers even when full.. I would say our Minecraft server is almost as resource intensive as our UT3 servers...

    ATM I am the soul person running everything for everyone to enjoy... We have some admins but not many... We do get donations for upgrades which was truly appreciated.. Our Minecraft server is backed up on a separate drive and if there are any issues we can repair our World on the fly..

    I do want to start a fresh server whenever Notch releases the next update and later on if we can we will MCEDIT the old world into the new world...

    knowledgeable people are always needed whether you join our clan or just want to lend a hand or share some knowledge!
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    posted a message on CozWorld Gaming Community Server C7 Clan Recruitment
    Hello everyone, We are a huge gaming community looking for new members to join our Minecraft server... We have a lot to offer and looking for recruitment... ATM we are looking for mature members to join our C7 Clan! Knowing that there are actually adults playing Minecraft we hope this will draw your attention our general ages are 18+ so if that includes you then sign up at our forums or just check us out...

    We do have younger members but atm the majority of our members and staff are older then younger so we prefer to keep things within a certain age group as they will have more in common...

    We are about 200 members total with about 20 highly active members if that sounds good or bad you must know we have more then one community for our clan...

    The CozWorld community was formed around 2002 by some faithful members playing on my dedicated SvenCoop server and many of those members are still the main part/Soul of our community today...

    We have grown a lot since those days of just a few guys and ladies hanging all night chit chatting we have since built our own dedicated server and have it hosted at a data center here in Michigan where I live..

    Recently a bunch of us went to E3 Expo in LA, California and we met Notch who seemed like a really nice guy... And as it was we were geared on meeting him since we first planed our trip...

    What I really want is members who are willing to devote themselves to helping us build our community as we are upgrading our server to some newer hardware and would like to see it get used as well as appreciated..

    So if you want to join, help out with us please visit our forums look through the recruitment page for C7 Clan or if you just want to build check out our Minecraft request to build forums...

    Please read through the requirements as it is I hate having to bug people to fill out the needed requirements unless you have some type of handy cap and cannot understand it ask someone on our TeamSpeak server to help you we have a lot of courteous members.

    If you would like to see preview our members they are listed on our website Roster page...

    Sorry if this page isn't loaded with more information being as it is all the major information is located on our website... So if your even remotely interested please hop on over to http://www.cozworld.com

    Even if you want to just say hi or whatever we are always more then welcome to greet new people...


    C7 Clan Recruitment Link here Age Requirement 18+:

    Minecraft General Request to Build here age Requirement 13+:

    Either group you must have a mic and be in our TeamSpeak whenever building on our Minecraft server as a precaution as we had some people younger brothers abusing their accounts long story but it helps to keep things safe!:smile.gif: We do backups and run logBlock as well...

    I just added this minecraft status today...

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    posted a message on 1.8 Updates: New Mob...Revealed?
    OMG I cannot wait to run from it and lead it to my friends!:P
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    posted a message on Minecraft Monday: Carl Interview at E3
    Hey was there was amazing great interview loved the Xperia version was amazing got my Steve head and T-Shirt! Notch was swarmed by a million people and he was so patient with it all got a ton of pictures on my website of the whole ordeal! Sorry didn't know who Carl was standing right next to him but never wanted to pester anyone of them...
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    posted a message on Cozworld |24/7 Build,Survival,Fun Servers| Server Wrapped!
    We are still around just loaded up a 1.6 test whitelisted server at mc3.cozworld.com

    All of our other servers are still using 1.5 build until 1.6 version of bukkit gets released!

    Our 1.5 servers are :

    These two servers are open for people to look around but no build access until you fill out your request on our forums and all builders must be 13 or older!

    Primary Build for senior members

    Survival/Build server its a starting server for new members
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    posted a message on [Software] SimpleServer Wrapper RC 7.0 [1.2]
    Quote from poeticbulldozer »

    If you download bukkit, it currently has two plugins called MyWarp and MyHome which are flawlessly functional.


    Bukkit wiped huge areas on our server we are waiting for a stable release and I mean we are waiting a week or so see how it ends up but for now I want something that is stable! We decided we can live without warps for a while it's either that or we shut our server down a week.
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    posted a message on [Software] SimpleServer Wrapper RC 7.0 [1.2]
    Quote from GICodeWarrior »
    Quote from CoZmicShReddeR »
    I have all of our users in the member list and their groups access works fine but how do I set this so random people can only visit not build anything?

    Set the default group to -1 in simpleserver.properties.

    Hey thanks for the speedy answer! Any chance you could add warps and homes because I do not think the API has been updated in a good while.
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