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    Diz was happily chomping into some bacon and pancakes, gulping down on a glass of water every now and then. "Glad to make your acquaintance, Kylar," Diz cooly replied as food continued to vanish into the void that was his stomach. In the space of a few minutes in which Diz was more inhaling food than actually eating it, it appears that he has switched from the former to a different combination, now consisting of oats and various fruits, many of which he had already peeled, sliced, or set aside. As he was busy popping grapes into his mouth, he turned around, sizing the newcomer up and down, wondering where he remembered him. "......Oh! You were that bundle in that other bed in the room. You missed absolutely everything!" Diz exclaimed, seemingly far too happy about the not truly terrible news. Must be the good food.

    "Man, Iliad would never let me get away with eating this much," Diz noted, as eggs and bacon once more lined his plate, and he somehow got his hands on some orange juice this time. "Anyway, hi again, late roomie. Let me sum up the everything that you missed." At this, Diz set down his glass of milk, and began nibbling on an apple slice. With a grave tone and a serious face, he finally brought the newcomer up to speed. "We need to grab some red armbands, stat." After a brief pause, Diz began eating once more. He was starting to get stares from his classmates, but deep inside he knew that he was slowly becoming acknowledged as the alpha due to his skills in eating and not gaining weight. A sinister laugh could be heard softly from him, though it's hard to tell if it was actually him, since he was too busy scarfing down some oats.

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    Welp, better get a move on before we get ourselves pierced by spears and countless earthen spikes.

    Concerning those who are staying here, I hope that you enjoy your time in the crumbling ruins that is the MCF Roleplaying section.
    As I said before the page got nuked, it is the nature of kingdoms to rise and fall, so maybe sooner or later(I'm betting heavily on the latter), we shall see some good come out of the ashes here.

    Make do with what relics have been left behind(The Workshop is a great place to visit) and we can one day achieve what has been done by our predecessors.

    TL;DR: Cut the drama and get to work. Hope for the best that people improve in quality over time.
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    Name: Casey Von Weißer
    Age: 17
    Gender: Go figure.
    Casey tends to be happy most of the time, most often found smiling or just staring at things with a happy face on. Casey is very amicable, caring person, looking out for everyone, even absolute strangers. Strangely, however, this also applies to anyone and anything s/he has a quarrel with, making for a strange sight as s/he concerns him/herself with the state of his/her opponents, often remarking at how their deaths were "Such a waste."
    Casey manipulates the energy within him/herself in a variety of functions, both offensive and defensive purposes. This energy generated by his/her own body, and regeneration can be accelerated by eating food or by donation.
    • Asteroid - The most destructive of all, Casey shapes energy into high velocity bullets, flying in a straight line much like an actual bullet.
    • Meteor - While less powerful than Asteroid, these bullets explode, thus covering a larger area and causing more collateral damage. Perfect for larger targets that need to be riddled with larger holes than usual.
    • Viper - Special bullets in that their trajectory can be altered in any manner, often used for chasing down agile opponents and trapping them with maneuvers impossible for the first two types.
    • Scorpion - When low on energy, Casey instead uses energy to form blades on any point of his/her body.
    Bullets can change in shape depending on the amount of energy contained. As an example, the Asteroid can take the form of something akin to a lance, while the Meteor may look more like a, well, a meteor. Round balls of explosions are fun.
    • Barrier - Casey shapes energy into a barrier, each point of energy taking a hexagonal shape. Each hexagon can strongly block a specific type of attack, and when put together, can ease the strain on other bits of the shield by shouldering the impact of the attack and spreading it out. The simplest example of a compound barrier would be of four hexagons attached to each other, two of each blocking blunt force and heat energy. This type of barrier would be effective in blocking incendiary grenades.
    • Platform - While they essentially serve the same function as a barrier does, this version is lighter on energy consumption and can be moved around, thus is often used to traverse areas that cannot easily be accessed.
    Weapons: A non-descript silver sword bought from the school shop, simply because Cas felt like wasting points and needs an actual weapon in case s/he does go berserk.
    Equipment: An adorable bunny hoodie, boxed lunch from his/her caring sister, and a silver pocketwatch bearing the family crest.

    History: Both my parents died when I was young. It was hella tragic, and everyone was sad as hell.

    There exists in a glade settled near a mountain a mostly peaceful town called Nord. Mostly peaceful, in that there was a gate in the mountains where demons often came out, stealing livestock and razing crops. Mostly peaceful in that, most of the villagers have just learned to deal with it, usually by bashing their damned heads in and sending them back to whatever hell they came from with their tail/s between their leg/s/arm/s.

    If it wasn't yet obvious, almost all the people in this town were, more or less, hunters. Not everyone had the official title, but pretty much everyone past the age of twelve have been taught to hunt demons as a past time. That said, however, the Weißer family were pretty much a bunch of retired hunters, having settled down into the glade a long time ago to keep the demons from the mountains at bay, passing down their art to their descendants. Over time, the town grew, forming trade relations, population rising, people coming and staying for its relative safety, and living their peaceful lives in the area.

    While the mountain in itself was a cesspit of all things vile and evil from a world beyond, many of the larger ones are contained by equally fearsome fauna and flora living within and without it. The bunches that are zippy enough not to die on the way out often find themselves dead at the villagers hands, ending up mostly as food on the table. Basic traps and anti-demon weaponry have been produced, blessed, prepared, and created, rendering demons unable to walk past the glade without sustaining much injury, thus protecting all towns beyond Nord.

    In this mostly peaceful town of Nord grew a child. This child was of the Weißer family, a young child with a bright smile and an eager mind and a more than mildly confusing countenance. This child was not really talented, neither was this child a prodigy of any sort, and most certainly not a genius. This child, however, was inanely diligent, or otherwise subservient to a fault. With these characteristics, s/he got way too good for what s/he does, and s/he was soon on hunting trips along with his/her father and siblings at the young age of 7.

    His/her first meeting with a demon was quite a hilarious sight, as s/he walked right past his/her guardians, all who paled as s/he neared the demon nibbling on the dead rabbit which was used as bait. The demon turned to Casey and snarled, to which Cas responded with a laugh and blew its leg off by accident, charging a bolt and releasing it due to habit. With a look of surprise, s/he gasped and ran to the demon, and knelt down with concern on his/her face. At this point, the guardians ran towards their charge, shouting at him/her to get back, but his/her father shouted to kill it. Cas looked back and nodded, promptly extending a hand and opening his/her palm, a blade forming and piercing the demon, ending its life. It was then remarked that this demon was good eating.

    As he improved day by day in his/her practice, his/her teachers soon had not much else to teach him/her, and life started to get boring. That all changed when the fire nation attacked mountain shook, and a larger hole was opened. A swarm of once trapped demons rushed out, preying on anything in sight. The sky darkened momentarily as they came out, their dramatic exit a sight to behold. That was until his/her father released a Meteor-type at them and knocked most of them out of the sky. The rest that fell that day were quickly culled by the grateful farmers whose crops weren't doing too well at that time.

    Soon it was decided that it might be better for Casey to just go to a hunter academy and learn how to properly kill demons and earn from it, since s/he is pretty proficient with his/her powers and the family could use one less mouth to feed. As the day to leave dawned, his/her sister packed him/her a boxed lunch, patted Cas on the head, and bid farewell, the whole family sending him/her off into the world.

    Other: Weißer is pronounced as wey-ser. Pronounce it as wey-ber and Cas will bop your head.
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    "Well," Derek said, ducking his head, and crawling under the table. "I'll just be here underneath. I can't touch this train. It's rejecting me, just like Mr. Metal Limb's arms did." The hell bats merely screeched, a few coming down and facing Derek. "Oh, bother." Grabbing his chair, he swatted a few in the face, doing his best to rid of them. He managed to spike one of them in the mouth with a leg, but was as far as he got.

    Then, he had the brilliant idea of absorbing the wood. Grinning, he held his hand on the table, and with a slow sinking feeling, the wood melded with his arms, his fingers sharpening themselves. "This is more like it." He grabbed and slashed at those nearby, tossing them out of the window as he killed them. "There's too many, however. We need to shut the windows!" Derek charged onwards, only to be pushed back by the swarm as a few impaled themselves on his fingers. "Oh. Bother."
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    Quote from Mage_of_Cats

    ((Are we talkin' 'bout the God? Does Tea have A GOD AS A BOND PET?!?!? That's... I'm probably waaaay incorrect. Back to RPing!))

    [[Yes kitty mage. FEAR TEA FOR SHE HAS HIM AS A BOND PET]]

    Mike sat in his room, drowning his sorrows in sarsaparilla. Cyrus, being a major ****, went up and ahead and asked Kate on a date. No more swooping in like a big douchebag and knocking a girl off her feet right in front of Mark's boss. Oh well. What's more amusing is how Mike procured so much sarsaparilla, or even how he is getting drunk off of them. Then again, Sol and Pocky. As his thoughts drifted to Sol, he was already worried at what would happen to the Sun Dorm. He'd probably set up a ton of pocky stands everywhere. Might be for the better, but then again, school budgets.

    Mark, however, was in a whole other situation. His physical body was missing. No trace of him anywhere. As such, Ysengrin searched around the forest, warping from tree to tree, though avoiding the Oracle ones. Renard meanwhile, merely watched over Mike, guarding the door. Mark, finally waking up, looks around. He sees a city. He senses people. Or, what could possibly be people. They feel strange. Quite, but not quite. As he looked around, he finally felt a familiar presence.

    Turning around, he smiled as a shining being ran up to him and tackle hugged him. "Hey there!" Mark chuckled as he got up, hugging her. "Nice to see you too, Tea. Coyote gave you time off?" Tea scoffed, then laughed. "More like I gave him time off. So, I've been keeping up. Another dance. I don't know but, I think I can stay the night. Just one night. You have to hide me in your room though." Mark smiled, "Sure. Might enjoy it too. 12 is with us. So is Mike, though. Think you can play nice?" Tea dropped a bag of luggage on Mark's head at that moment, grinning. Mark, however, was unfazed. "Well, I'll be honest Tea. You can't."

    Tea's smile dropped. She felt her heart break. Dramatic music came up. The faceless started a choir. Coyote was laughing his ass off in the background. Tears were starting to form. Mark's blind eyes widened in fear, mentally screaming Oh­ohshtshthsth over and over in his head. "No, Tea, not like that, I promise, please, don't cry!" Mark was panicking at the moment, words just tumbling out of his mouth. "I promise, I'll stay with you instead. Just please, stop, dont cry oh no not in this place Tea get a hold of yourself I'm staying okay I'm staying." Tea sniffled a bit, then looked up, "Really?" Mark sighed, hugged her, and said, "Yep."

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    Mark, facepalming at the idea, and Renard, who simply laughed and offhandedly commented that Mike knows how to party and he should just play along, had been dragged along into Mike's plan. As it stands, the Sun Dorm was already partying on return to classes. Not many really came, maybe a crowd of two dozen only or so. Of course, this meant that Mark had to make their room a TARDIS, so that everyone would fit in. A DJ with electric blue hair, red eyes, and blue shades(which when put together makes them look purple), was playing awesome tracks and being a generally awesome DJ all around.

    This would really be a problem, except they took precautions to soundproof the walls, which involved a lot of carton egg trays. Someone named GacMyver shouted something about hurray for jury rigging, but no one paid attention to him. With a ridiculous amounts of rolling, Mike managed to make a fountain of eternal sarsaparilla to fuel the party. Some girl with pink hair(which according to Mark, violated the very laws of physics), brought various confectioneries, basically making the party a sugar high party.

    The wubs flowed through the whole sun dorm, lulling even more people to come in, and soon it was a crowd of fifty strong. Gaming shenanigans had occured, such as twister, darts, blackjack, craps, spin the sarsaparilla bottle and hope it doesn't break, pass the message, and various others had been played. Mike was officially banned from all games and instead settled to being a referee, which he somehow managed by wearing a big coat. He could have sworn someone said that it was a cold ass honky.

    While some few who arrived late and were too tired simply slept without partying, the pink haired pony baker decided to give them all cupcakes and a glass of sarsaparilla when they woke. As the party died down, many a person who were drunk on sugar started crashing, and thus were helped to their rooms. Few people still managed to hang around in M&M's room after the party was over, most notably the DJ who decided to sleep on her turntable, to which both brothers would attest, that they don't know how it got in there in the first place. Being absolute gentlemen, they simply piled all the girls on their beds and couches, settling for sleeping on the floor. Ysengrin was kind enough to grow some cotton on the carpet to make them more comfortable, though both could tell that every now and then a thorn would come up and poke them.
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    [[Every single argument that stems between you and krazaz, you have always been the instigator.
    Your solution for most problems you don't wish to solve is 'Lolnope I'm mod I'm going to Godmode here now'.
    We try to make you see reason, but in your eyes, we are all heathens, and your word is absolute.

    Give and take, GG. Not just take and take and take.
    You've given us positions of power, respect them. Give us a damn say in things.

    You say you've been doing nothing wrong. That you've merely been sending Andrew through portals.
    Well that's exactly what you're doing wrong. You are forcefully removing him from the scene through portal shenanigans.

    The canonity of the act is not the issue, nor is the lore, nor how things work, its the act itself.
    We've set rules.
    We've set standards.

    Respect them, as it is your duty to.

    I have yet to meet one more stubborn than you GG. But I put up with it, as it is my nature to.
    Do not cross the lines you made yourself. Makes you a hypocrite.]]
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    But everything changed, when the casuals attacked.
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    Harems are unavoidable, Robby. Especially if you are the OP, because it's your task to drive the story onwards and upwards.
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    Quote from Ramiro26


    I was watching.

    Goddamn you're intense.
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